1. Tgtr0660

    Asgard 2 with both T5p and Hd650

    I've been researching around for an unexpensive (below 500$) but good amplifier that could work as well with my low-impedance T5ps and my HD650s, which I use less frequently. Main music is classical music. I looked into Woo's Wa3 but it seems it only works to its fullest with high impedance...
  2. theseaminer

    Need help: Bifrost & Asgard 2 just came in... and I'm not getting any sound.

    First of all, here's my chain: Foobar > Focusrite 18i20 (optical out) > Optical Monster cable > Bifrost > RCA cables > Asgard 2 > HD600's Basically i'm using the 18i20 as a glorified sound card while I'm not recording, but the problem is that I'm not getting any sound. Both the Bifrost and...
  3. jeremy205100

    Schiit Magni vs. Asgard 2

    Hey guys,   So I recently got my first real DAC (the TEAC-UDH01). Right now I'm using it's built in headphone amplifier but before I go off to school next year I want to get a standalone amp for it. I'm expecting this amp to last for at least 6-7 years and drive everything I have now. I...
  4. Tach

    Asgard 2 query, will this work?

    Hi folks, just wondering if someone could clear this up for me. I currently have an integrated amp which has starting acting up and was going to replace it with a Schitt Asgard 2 for use with HE-400's. With my current amp I run a 3.5mm to RCA into the back of the amp from my PC  soundcard and...
  5. HPiper

    Versatile amp at around $600?

    I have looked at a lot of amps and think I have narrowed it down pretty close to what I want. I need a good all-around amp that will do well with both high and low impedance phones. I tend to like tube amps better than solid state, but that could be just because I haven't heard the 'right' solid...
  6. scntfc

    DAC/Amp suggestion for Fidelio X1

    Hey guys,   So I just purchased the Fidelio's (pretty stoked!) but I need some advice on which amp/dac combo to get. Headfonia stated that the ALO Pan Am sounded the best with these cans out of their tests, but I'm not sure I want to spend that much just yet. In fact, I'm not even sure where I...
  7. russfoul

    Amp selection for fostex th600

    I've recently purchased  fostex th600 headphones and am seeking advice on an amp to go with it.  I presently use TubeDAC-11 and am considering Asgard-2, soloist SL, A100. your thoughts/experiences  are appreciated
  8. catspaw

    AMP for focal chorus 714

    Hi guys, Im going to upgrade my home speakers (from logitech Z-5500), going with th focal chorus 714 (due to price).   I need an amp for it and so far ive been looking at things like marantz PM6004 and Harman and Kardon 3490.   As my headphones  i Own Hifiman HE-400 with Schiit asgard as...
  9. hydrans5

    Asgard 2 + Modi + Adam Audio F5 problems

    I just received a brand new Asgard 2, Modi and Adam Audio F5s. For some strange reason, the left channel speaker cuts out intermittently.... Is this normal for burn in or a common issue? Does anyone know whats going on here?
  10. Simo123

    Schiit Stack vs Woo Audio 7

    Which would pair better with a set of Sennheiser HD 700's? Bifrost/Lyr     vs     Bifrost/Valhalla      vs      Bifrost/Asgrad 2     vs Woo Audio 7
  11. doublekbang

    Schitt company no help, 1 month after purchase still no product

    About a month.. well I guess in November I ordered the Schiit Asgard 2.   One time it gets backordered when it was supposed to be sent, fine   Then it gets backordered a 2nd time when it was supposed to be sent after the 1st backdoor, ok. Fine.   Then 18/12/13 shipping was meant to...
  12. keanex

    [Review] Schiit Asgard 2, comparison with the Schiit Magni

    Pros: Beautiful aesthetics, great build quality, multi-gain settings, large volume potentiometer, clean sound, RCA output, clean output. Cons: Comes off a bit bassy and not as lively compared to the Schiit Magni at times Headphones Used: JAYS a-JAYS Five, TDK BA200, Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs...
  13. BDM-Fi

    Asgard 2 / Bifrost vs M-DAC

    After harvesting this forum for a week (so much info on here ;) ), I currently narrowed my choice to two options for driving my DT880s (Manufaktur 250 Ohm): - shiit bifrost + asgard 2 - Audiolab M-DAC I already auditioned the m-dac and liked what I heared, although I would still characterize...
  14. saer

    HE-500 what amp(maybe dac) for $250-350 ?

    Hello,   Just purchased the HiFi Man HE-500 and looking to pair it with a amp that would compliment mainly r&b, jazz, downtempo, lounge & acoustic types of music.   Would the Schiit Asgard or Valhalla be a good pairing ?     Also, I am currently using a Titanium HD sound card in my...
  15. Chawanwit


    Hi guys, I just got double charged for the payment of Asgard 2 from Schiit Audio Has this ever happened to anyone? I live in Bangkok, Thailand and my brother used my debit card to order the Asgard 2 on 16 of May. I got charged once that day. Then I got charged again on 31 of May (in...
  16. unrlmth

    Options For Solid State Preamp and Heaphone Amp

    I'm looking for a combination Preamp/Headphone amp.  It will be used with DT990s (600 Ohm) and a few IEMs and easy to drive headphones.  I'm also hoping to replace the Preamp in my speaker setup.  Budget is flexible, cheaper is better, but lets say $500 for now.  Also I want something that looks...
  17. jamesino

    Upgrade amp or DAC?

    I purchased a Magni/Modi stack for my Senn HD 650 and am not as impressed as I hope to be. I would like a more pronounced emphasis on vocals.    I'm thinking of upgrading either the Magni or the Modi to either the Asgard 2 (amp) or Loki (DAC), respectively.   Which one would you guys...
  18. InternetSandman

    Is it worth saving up for a balanced amp?

    I currently use a Xonar STX to drive my Sennheiser HD 650's from my computer, but I'm considering upgrading to a dedicated amp and DAC setup, and the Schiit products in particular caught my eye. I'm trying to decide if I want the Bifrost/Asgard 2 combo, or if I should wait a few months and save...
  19. Eugguy

    LCD2 + Lyr, Asgard2, O2 or Another Amp...

    Hello All,   I've done myself in and purchased an LCD2 from Audeze this Black Friday. For the past 3 days I've been searching on HF and Google regarding what is the best pairing for the LCD2 and an amplifier. I want to choose an amp that will give me the most optimal bass quality, quantity...
  20. TwelveTrains

    Dual amps

    I currently have a Schiit Asgard 2/Bifrost combo being run from the optical out of my computer's soundcard.   Will adding a second amplifier from the soundcard's 3.5 mm jack (soundcard------>3.5mm to RCA cable -------->Schiit Magni) have any negative affect (i.e. signal drop) if they are both...
  21. Braveheart

    Why does my Asgard 2 sound so bad?

    I play wav files from Windows 7 computer with a Vantec UGT-S110 soundcard. I'm using Toslink to a Yamaha RX-V800 AV receiver. The receiver is setup in 2 channel stereo mode and sounded fantastic playing on my speakers, until the cops came. After that I figured I had better get some headphones...
  22. Cobaltius

    Sennheiser HD 598 with Schiit Asgard 2?

    How will they sound? I have the FiiO E07K right now and there just not enough for me. I know the HD 598 are low impedance headphones meaning they don't need to be driven and are easily. I'm looking for very Clear Highs and powerful (Not earbleeding), and Some pretty warm and detailed Mids. I'd...
  23. takato14

    SOLD: Excellent condition Schiit Asgard v1

    I love my Asgard, but I think my rig could do better with a different amp.   The unit is cosmetically perfect, no scratches or scuffs, and everything is in working order. I am the second owner, between us there's probably about 1-200 hours on it? I'm not sure, my friend listened a lot more...
  24. farfly

    Schiit Asgard2, Matrix M-stage or ifi iCan?

    Hi, i just want upgrade my portable amp(arrow 4g) to a desktop amp, i have tohugh about these three. -Schiit Asgard2 -Matrix M-stage -Ifi iCan I wan a warm amp, neutral but the bass needs to be present. The headphones im going to use it are Denon D2000 and Fidelio x1, and Sony mdr1r, but this...
  25. CrimsonTowers

    Would a Schiit Asgard + Modi make sense? Or would it be a waste?

    Would it make sense to pair the higher end Asgard with the Modi? I don't have the budget to go any higher than the Modi but I am able to go one tier above the Magni. I'm just wondering if the Modi would "degrade" the chain making the Asgard pointless.    I'm currently using a Fiio E7. Would...