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Sennheiser HD 598 with Schiit Asgard 2?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by cobaltius, Nov 15, 2013.
  1. Cobaltius
    How will they sound? I have the FiiO E07K right now and there just not enough for me. I know the HD 598 are low impedance headphones meaning they don't need to be driven and are easily.
    I'm looking for very Clear Highs and powerful (Not earbleeding), and Some pretty warm and detailed Mids. I'd also like alittle bit bigger sound stage
    I don't want to buy new headphones.
  2. davidvanderbilt
    You should try posting this under the headphone amps section instead of dedicated source components. What DAC are you using?
  3. Cobaltius
    Right Now I'm currently using the FiiO Andes E07K USB DAC
  4. mubasil
    I've tried the 598 with the E07K as well as a few higher end amps, and I found that although it sounded a lot better with the E7 vs unamped, it didn't scale too well with the higher end stuff, with only minute differences between the E7 and the E9, Nuforce HDP, and Bottlehead Crack. While the Asgard would improve the sound a bit, especially in the intensity of the treble, it would ultimately be a pretty small upgrade for the price you'd be paying.
  5. Cobaltius
    Will it at least give warmth to the sound sig because for some reason my music sounds really bright and tinny even with EQ disabled.
  6. Mechans1
    Is the warmth a function of the HD 598s or the Schiit?
    Sorry threadjack below-
    I have noticed that several threads have noted the "musicality" and the even  Sennheiser  description of their HD series up to the 700 (I think) have a statement that I find peculiar for such high end products saying these are not for the audiophile looking for the "last Nuance" ....
    Is that rue given the love of many HD products less costly than the HD800s?
  7. davidvanderbilt
    Sorry, I forgot that was a DAC too!
    I definitely agree here. I was using the 598s with my D4 mamba combo and when I purchased the original Asgard I was disappointed, especially for the money, so I returned it. I also tried the hifiman ef5 and the bellari ha 540 and both were equally disappointing. I have seen around other threads that the E7 would be all that you need. However, there was a noticeable difference when I upgraded my d4 dac to the ODAC (still using the D4 as the amp) which was definitely worth the price ($149). 
    It sounds like something is wrong. I have never though the 598s were really bright. Are you using a usb hub to power and operate your E07K? Or how do you have it hooked up and what program are you using?
  8. Cobaltius
    Yeah, Im using it through the USB Hub because the 3.5mm Output is not functioning properly :frowning2:
  9. davidvanderbilt
    So your laptop is on a powered usb hub and you are using that going into the E07k? If this is the case, reconnect it plugged in directly to your laptop usb out and see if that makes a difference. It did for me, quite noticeable in fact.
  10. Cobaltius
    Okay you know whats weird. My music sounds fine right now. But when I come back to it later on in the day it sounds terrible, it sounds tinny, and just not full. But then sometimes It sounds warm (ish) and full. I don't know if that's me or what. lol

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