Asgard 2 query, will this work?
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Jun 15, 2006
Hi folks, just wondering if someone could clear this up for me. I currently have an integrated amp which has starting acting up and was going to replace it with a Schitt Asgard 2 for use with HE-400's. With my current amp I run a 3.5mm to RCA into the back of the amp from my PC  soundcard and also have a CD player connected as well.
Can't afford a DAC with multiple inputs just yet, was thinking Bifrost in the future, so is it possible to use RCA splitters on the Asgard 2 inputs so that I can have CD player and PC soundcard connected at once? Ideally a DAC with 2 inputs would be the solution so that I could switch between sources but just wondering if there would be a problem with the Asgard and RCA splitters? Either that or hold off for a bit and get something like a NAD D1050 which would be an all in one DAC/amp with multiple inputs.

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