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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by magicman74, Feb 21, 2013.
  1. Magicman74
    Factory Refub HD558
    Got here not 10 mins ago.
    Total shipped to my door $105.42
    Not digging the Paper Package ( A box too much?)
    Everything is in order tho: Soundstage GALORE!!!
  2. Magicman74
    Man these pair Extremely well with the M-Stage.  A perfect match.  I was on the fence these or the HD598.  I'm glad I went with these I think the 598 would have been too bright after all the reviews.  These things sound fantastic!!  And right at $100, Damn I'm really blown away.
    I've never owned the HD600 or  650 but have used them before. And honestly I think these sound better.
    For me, no need to go any higher with Senns!!!  I think this is the " Sweet Spot".
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  3. HarlemRules
    Hey Now - Congrats!  Have you any other Sennheiser to which you could compare these?  I have HD 238 - 439 and PX 100.  I have been drooling over the HD 598 - but wondering if the 558 might be a better fit.  I can get the 558 - in store  (BB)- but they are not on display, so I cannot have a listen, and just yesterday BB just put the 598 back up on line only.
  4. DrKrFfXx
    Congrats for your buy, it's really a good price for something that looks shiny as new.

    I'm really curious about having a good pair of open cans myself, althought I'm always on the go and have a great pair of headphones for that duty (Sennheiser Momentum).

    I recently auditioned the 598 on a noisy mall, and I wasn't impressed, because well of all background noise.

    Curisioty for tasting that open sound us tempting me so badly.
  5. Magicman74

    Yeah check my sig[​IMG]
    Big Senn fan, My wife has the 598 so I can talk on those too.
    The 558 are a step up from all I own.
    past owned PX100/202/203 555/595
    The 419/sounds exactly like the PX100 but a full size set.
    I did a small take on the 400 series
    I read your post about the 439's.  It seems you want a little more Bass.  The 558 isn't going to do it for you.
    But, it does everything much better. I LOVE the 439 personally, but you REALLY need to do that mod I posted above your post in that other thread.  The 558 on the other hand have a more Hi-Fi sound. More detail, soundstage etc..
    For me I like both, they have a different flavor.  I'd say keep the 439, and REALLY try the 558 out, if at all possible.
    For my Music taste the 558 are fantastic.  BUT the 439 can be made to be fantastic as well.
    I recommend doing the Bass mod to the 439's. It's simple.  I can walk you over it, it takes 10 mins tops. Once done, You'll get that hard hitting Bass you're missing.
    Also they like a little EQ as well.  I use 3g Touch with Accudio Pro, With the Pioneer SE 591 settings, configured this way:
    SB8 B6 V0 S0 T2 or 3
    Or you can just return the 439, grab the 558 for $95 (A steal) and pick up a Refurb 439 (Under $50) later on.
    The only reason I say get both is because they really complement each other nicely. The 558 is more relaxing( Chilling out) set and once you Mod the 439 (More Fun) feet tapping!!
  6. HarlemRules
    Hey Now -
    Thanks  for the quick reply. Re: the 439s,  I do not know what all physics - burning in - placebo - and/or just adjusting to a particular sound have to do with any of it, but I cannot justify taking these back!  After two more days of burn in,  I put these on this morning (paired with my Macbook) - and have hardly taken them off over the past 4 hours!  There are still some of those exceptionally loud bright spots that make me wince in pain- but it happens less frequently than it did when I originally bought these. 
    I have been going on a budget headphone buying spree - and by the recommendations I have read here and anythingbutipod.  In the past 3 weeks I have purchased -
    Sennheiser 439 
    Cortex 2500 - Which I will be sending back because they came in white - I have not listened much to them.
    Panasonic RP - HTF 6000 - I paid about $18 for these
     I learned a few things over the past few days about the 439s and 6000s- 
    1. They both seem to be getting better over time - or I am getting used to them - depending on one's perspective, I guess. 
    2. The 6000s sound much better paired with a receiver  and laptop than with my mp3 players. 
    3. The 439s pair better with my  mp3 players and mostly does well on the Macbook - that is until there is a brass section emphasis and it feel like someone i poking my eardrum with a pen.
    This is the first I have felt this from a Sennheiser headphone, and I own 4 other pairs, closed and open.  Originally, I wrote this response and said that I would keep the 439, but  if my ears are so sensitive that I experience pain listening to them,  I guess I should take them back.
    I am looking for the hd 238 with clearer / better lows separation - a little less punch bass - and a more laid back sound  in an over-the-ear form. So,  like you said, the 558 might be the way to go for me - especially if they are balanced and handle both base and treble in an even way that my ears do not feel periodically under attack.

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