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Jan 13, 2013
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Headphoneus Supremus, Male, from .

Still active on Head-fi - mostly reading these days.. Mar 16, 2019

  • About

    Producing Denon/Fostex headphone wood cups/leather comfort accessories in my spare time...(funds my mid-fi gear buying adventures)

    You can contact me at - lohb777@gmail.com
    Headphone Inventory:
    Love to find underdog audio equipment good for electronic music that punches above its weight/price class.

    Signature I'm seeking -

    solid slice of micro-detail, but not too clinical
    rich/slightly darker tonality
    controlled textured bottomless full & tight low-end
    lush/liquid balanced mids
    smooth marathon listening session non-fatiguing treble.

    A balance of musicality and technicalities basically.....


    Monoprice M1060C...seeing if it can replace 2C/2CB and free up cash for IEM gear...

    Audeze Mobius..curious how it does with Netflix + cinema projector/ LDAC untethered.

    SONY XBA-N1 hybrid IEMs....'speaker-like presentation'


    ****SOLD*** AUDEZE LCD-2CB (sacrificial lamb for funds to try out new FoTM hybrid IEMs/BA IEMs/new planar IEMs/planar cans)....

    ****SOLD*** AUDEZE LCD-2C (sold to try 2CB)...prefer mellower 2C...

    ****SOLD*** AUDEZE SINE ...glass ceiling and floor on these..kind of held back/safe tuning on them = boring and bad ergonomics courtersy of BMW Design....

    ****SOLD*** THIEAUDIO PHANTOM Planar Cans...nice first attempt, just not to my taste and need beyond basic gear to get them alive....

    ****SOLD*** SONY MDR-Z7 - Very very nice cans, but only want to hold 1 closed-back can...

    ****SOLD*** FOSTEX Tx0-RP Mk3 - Exotic wood DIY custom modification.
    Tuning style - bass enhanced from stock tuning, mids neither forward or back with HM5 pads, treble spike (10-11Khz or so) tamed a bit

    ****SOLD*** DENON D2k - torn down/disassembled for ages.

    ****SOLD*** MODIFIED HiFiMAN HE-400


    ****SOLD*** AUDEZE LCD-2.1 (all-time fav. !!)

    ****SOLD*** SONY XBA-N1/N3 Owned 6 sets of each. (Will buy N1 again...smoother treble with bitey sabre DACs)

    ****SOLD*** Many many many hybrid IEMs..30+
    Found cheap and solid design Sony XBA-N1 best for my taste so far....
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    1) E1DA 9038S balanced DAC/AMP

    Neco Soundlab -easily as good as Vorzug Pure II for IEMs

    CAYIN C5 - excellent budget level bass boost feature portable amp.
    Organic tubey presentation....bit wooly with imaging though.

    ***SOLD*** iBasso PB2.
    Transportable, but 5 watts desktop class amp. Great opamp rollers dream amp. LME49990/high current buffers best for my planars.
    PLUS LPS 16 volt battery-powered clean linear discharge power solution.

    ***SOLD*** LIGHT HARMONIC GO1000 - transparent and dynamic, but lacking soul.Too cold and analytic.
    Source Inventory:

    1) MACBOOK AIR (Internal Cirrus Logic 4208-CRZ DAC/amp)
    with Audirvana Plus 3.x.x + E1DA 9038S balanced DAC/AMP

    2) Hiby App + E1DA 9038S balanced DAC/AMP


    HFM SuperMini - suuuuuperb transparency and dynamics. Annoying basic GUI and various design issues. But sound way waaaaaay beyond its price.

    4) iFi iPurifier 2 - liked what it was doing.
    Blacker background/tighter timing/better imaging/resolution and 3D layering. This thing is not hype.

    5) HRT microStreamer - (PCM1793 segemented current dac) lovely balance of naturalness/detail....really underrated.

    6) CHORD MOJO - nice to try while I owned it. HRT microStreamer comes pretty close in SQ, like 95% close (last 5% is resolution/3D placement. Internal peak power I view separately from the DAC itself). Battery life short for the MOJO price....= power management/inefficient code issues or something....

    7) ***TRADED*** BERESFORD BUSHMASTER MKII DAC/AMP - amazing little DAC/amp.Treble slightly ragged with some mastering.

    8) AQ Jitterbug - did not work well with my audio chain ultimately. Bright/brittle metallic edginess was added to upper end which was shown with transparent opamps down the chain.
    Cable Inventory:
    "Cable cautious" rather than "all out cable improvements believer".
    I buy high quality DIY parts built for close to standard cable prices.

    DIY 3-line 24AWG UP-OCC USB Cable (Data LINE-Only Modification)
    TERADAK USB Data+Power Y-Merger Cable

    8-line balanced Sterling Silver IEM cable
    Power-Related Components:
    1) Power strip with built-in noise suppression.

    2) Ferrite clip-on barrels here-and-there
    My custom baloon tyre mountain bike converted for single-speed city road thrashing loops madness.


    Simplicity-Fi : Audirvana 3.2.16/Hiby App→ E1DA 9038S V2 balanced DAC/AMP→ M1060C Planars Open-back
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