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how much money it will cost a high end headphoens

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by track28, Mar 21, 2013.
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  1. track28
    i already have HD25 
    i want to expand my headphoens and i'm short on money 
    so i want to know how much it will cost a high end headphoens such as HD600 OR HD650 or HIFI or ULTRASTONE with a good amp or DAC what ever i need for them
    i want the headphoens that cost not a lot of money like HD800 or LCD 3 
    thanks for the help
  2. NA Blur
    Well the HD-600 and HD-650 are great sounding headphones.  Paired with a decent and musical amp they can really shine.  I like them through a WA3, WA6, or WA6-SE amplifier.
  3. track28
    i would like to know how much it will cost me?
  4. KingStyles Contributor
    Headphones, amp, and dac will set you back around a grand. Maybe a shiit amp and dac with the hd600/650.
  5. track28
    and how mush it's going to but just open headphoens such as Q701
    or SRH1440?
    and what is the Difference between the Q710 and the K702?
  6. Flisker
    You should specify what type of headphones are you looking for and for what kind of music. K702 and HD650 are very different headphones.
    As for HD650 you need decent amp, as for me these sound nice with Schiit Magni and Modi which is 2x99$ only. Also in few days I can let you know how big of difference is switching Magni for Schiit Lyr if you are interested :wink:
  7. track28
    the K702 will work good with FIIO E10 fo know, until i will have money for a good amp?
  8. Flisker
    Well I tried K701 which is pretty much same with FiiO E11 and it was "fine" so I guess yea it will be ok. But K701/2 isn't my cup of tea anymore, soundstage is too large.
  9. barid
    If you are willing to buy used (forums here or elsewhere) there are a lot of good deals on HD650's I see regularly.  You could probably snag a nice pair for $300 maybe less.
    The Amp / DAC question is a toss up. sky is the limit.  There are many recommended pairings that can be had for relatively cheap (under 1k).  I do not have much experience other than to say the 650's sounded great out of my burson 160 and my fiio e9.
  10. simple flow
    With the high end headphone you need some good amp. I've head the HD650 off my friend's basic amp/dac combo and it sounded good but when I auditioned it with a bifrost/lyr, I was like WOW are these the same phones? Be ready to get a good amp/dac to really make the HD650 but you can probably run it from any amp, it just won't give you that WOW factor but personally I prefer the HE500 overs the HD650.
  11. track28
    dam this will cost me some money, that i don't have right now 
    and i don't have a job so when i will have money i will be back 
  12. simple flow
    That cause you want to go high end. From what I've experienced, the more expensive phones scales well with dac and amp and the mid / low end aren't affected as much.
  13. underwoodken123
    I am new to this. I got a pair of Hifiman HE 400 and an Matrix M Stage amp with a Fiio 11. I use both amps at once and they sound amazing. Hp-$400 Amp-$225 and fiio 11-$60. MY EARS ARE HAVING GOODTIME. With a Nexus 7 supplying the music- $250
  14. macrocheesium

    A grand? That's ridiculous. Obviously it depends on HOW much better of a rig OP wants, but you could get a pair of K701 or Q701 for ~$180 and a good DAC/amp combo for less than 200.
  15. KingStyles Contributor
    A $1000 would be low for high end. It would only get him mid fi. Based on what he said, I gave an estimate that was not in the clouds or too low to be considered entry level. Both the k701 and the hd600/650 like better quality amps and they both scale to better source/amp. While he doesnt need to spend a $1000, $250 for can, $350 for dac and $350 for an amp isnt unreasonable or unheard of on headfi.:D
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