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food and a roof over my head: Medical Schtuff. breathing:Horse farming and Art Photography

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    food and a roof over my head: Medical Schtuff. breathing:Horse farming and Art Photography
    I think most of that's already down in the other Interests,(non headfi), section.
    I do art photography.
    I do taekwondo and yoga and long distance road bicycling.
    I have a horse farm, specializing in training, dressage and jumping, mostly.
    I earn cash by selling photos and practicing some kind of Medical Schtuff on the side.
    At a State University Hospital.
    I thought I was going to go into music but then my Dad told me to go into something that I'd get paid for....
    I have a blog that's pretty odd and semi-hostile called DogMeat:The Video.
    I have this reeeDICULOUS hearing that has me spending shameful amounts on ear-gear....
    I think my dogs don't hear much better than I do, sometimes. They certainly don't care as much about how Joshua Bell sounds as I do....

    I don't care much about video games, I suck at playing them for any length of time, and the ones that you drive around in really fast make me dizzy and vertiginous and head-achey-nauseous for about an hour.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Currently living inside a pair of Beyerdynamic T1 Teslas ,(both versions 1 and 2), now that I have them coupled with Woo's WA2...and the Senn 600's,(I actually like them better than the 650's- I feel that they justify classical better for me), the Stax SRX Mk 3's...2 pair of Grado SR 325's,one woodied and one still original metal, Grado RS2's with the wooden Grado amp...and yes. An ORIGINAL Grado RS1. The REVERED RS1.....My closed cans are the BeyrD 770's......Just SERIOUSLY exploring ie's for the first time, (I've had Etymotic r6i's for a while and I'm considering Sennheiser ie8's vs the Sleek sa6'ers.) Klipsch x5's,(before regular people knew what they were), and a get around pair of s4s.Now have a set of Westone 3's ,(removable)...recently picked up a Shure 425 and a Shure 535, more exploration there to be done before I spring for customs, that's for SHURE! LOL! The vintage Stax SRX Mk 3's with the SRD7 are my very first Stax's. Maybe I'll go a little deeper into Stax, now that I have some and I LOVE how even the early versions sound! Yes, my 'phones inventory is all OVER the place, but I think that's because I have rather eclectic tastes in music, and I like to use the 'phones that work best for each genre and/or whichever way my mood is swinging at the time. And it's also about exploring what will become MY personal PERFECT. Just not there yet, still in the Grand Experiment phase.(While trying to pay off school...)
    Recently modded 1 pair Grado 325i's with a wood job; FABULOUS! I was worried the sig would change adversely, NOT SO! Just better, yet retained that sparkling clarity at the high end the 325i is famed for. I highly recommend doing this. And they LOOK so pretty now.....
    Had the Audeze LCD2.2....didn't listen to them enough. Too heavy for me, and I re-fell in love with BD T1's. FAB SWAP fodder for an immaculate trade with a great trader on here for his unused WOO. ;)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Got a beyerdynamic A1 and a headamp pico for my portable. A WONDERFUL JDS Labs C421, my absolute GO TO portable, nowadays. A few of iBassos,(Anaconda,Mamba and Boa), the very nice little Qinpu A6000 mk3,(very surprizing, you MUST try it!).
    Not so headphone, but my desktop amp for my computer rig is an old Carver TFM35 in gorgeous condition- that's between my ILTW DAC and my Celestion SL6si's. I run my Stax out of here from time to time.

    Have the Schiit Lyr/BiFrost combo for the Audezers, snagged theMagni/Modi set for the computer desk,(love'm!).
    Also a Schiit Valhalla. That's my tubie for the bedroom...mostly running a set of woodied Grado 325i's off it..aEsomEAND a JDS Labs Element. SCHWEEET! Awesome amp with almost any cans...and a JDS Labs Element... elegant and NICE.... AND NOW........ Woo Audio's WA7 Fireflies; SCHWEET!!! WA2....SCHWEEEET- CUBED!!! Can't get away from my desktop now, because I just can't stop listening to the T1's on this beauty Woo WA2 amp! LOL!

    Fave Amp: Woo WA6. Or maybe the WA2, now that I own one. LOVE THEM. LOTS AND LOTS. I own 2 of WA6'ers. BIG on tube rolling, using the Modi for the DAC with the WA6, The WA7 DAC runs my computer feed to the WA2. Thinking about acquiring the WA22, since I now LOVE WOO so very much. But the WA6 and WA2 be BOMB. Until I go balanced... the WA2 is it.

    Can you tell I be lovin' the Good Ol' Days?
    Source Inventory:
    Old school Bang and O,(including the turntable), set with a Teac 4000 series open reel tape deck. Denon SACD, a Sony SACD, ummm.... oh yeah, 2 iMacs and a Macbook pro with much of their HDs being gobbled up by massive ALAC/hi-rez OggVorbis,(always >192k) music files.
    My portable stuff is all Apple. iPad, iPod touches, a nano or two, the old 80G Classic, and the horses have the nano biscuit in the barn on a cheap-oh iHome dealie playing relaxing stuff and the occaisional Ry Cooder.
    Cable Inventory:
    Shamefully, a bunch of snarly,(but FAT!), stuff behind the stereo rig. Much of it is Legendary 11g.
    Less shamefully, a fair amount of Monster, as much DH labs as I could do, and some massively low-impedance hand made monitor cable that this sound engineer I know used to make for a jazz group's gear. He's like my personal cable maker, just built me a set of balanced cables for my Senns and for the BeyerD closed cans. Several sets of Plussound Audio upgrades.
    ALO, Moon, Dragon, Plussound Audio for LODs and interconnects. And, again, some LOVELY fat custom built LODs to get my iPad and Pods to my various ampages.
    Power-Related Components:
    all electric here, mon....
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Got Harmon Kardon in the truck and on the computer,(as the standard "noise out" stuff). Polk Audio Monitor series 7s,(matched sequentials) Several sets of Celestions, Carver TFM35 amp and an ILTW DAC with the SL6si's replacing the HK on my iMac except for when I watch ratty crap on Hulu.... Playing with a Yaquin MC- 100B tubie as an inexpensive way to enter the big-rig speaker tube amp world and learn what you can do with tube rolling. It's impressive what excellent tubes can do for a "cheap" Chinese amp.
    That little Qinpu can push the Celstion 3b's quite nicely, BTW...... Went with the Carver for my SL6si's because they really are demanding when it comes to what can drive them. So worthy, though!
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Playing with moding the 770 BeyerD's right now. We're up to taking the foam screens out, getting ready to do wooden cups. Am NOT moding the T1s!
    Music Preferences:
    Classical Classical Classical, then Jazz,(eclectic tastes as far as what kind,) several varieties of "New Age", (but not that twinkly crystal gazer Celtic godesswiccansacrifice trat), almost any acoustic string/guitar stuff that's often involving collaborations between artists like Fleck and Ma, and members of the Kronos Quartet. Have loved Leo Kottke for years and appreciate head-gear that allows me to clearly hear what he's REALLY doing with all that keyshift/chordthump Chewing Pine and his live stuff.

    Oh. And Glenn Gould's Goldberg...the humming in the background one.
    Let's me do my photography and it JUST FRAKIN' WORKS.
    iPad,iPods, THE Dual monitor bestest shiniest iMac w/ 256G SD front drive and the 2 TB HD back drive.
    Excuse me, but, IT'S STINKIN' SCHWEEET!
    My camera gear is medium format film Mamiya 645, vintage 35mm Minolta, and my digi is Konica Minolta and Sony,new camera is the ridiculous 24.6 megapickle a900 keeping all my nice Minolta lenses firmly employed. I do a LOT of B&W work.
    Ummm, let's see, what else?
    oh, yah, I pretty much like my Panasonic 50 inch VieraPlasma, the V line, not the G.
    And my bicycle is THE Cinelli Super Corsa with the Carve carbon forks and Bontrager crank, with matched Shimano Ultegra gearing and brakes,headset and bars is carbon fiber Ritchey, Mavic carbon rims, got some Vittoria Zaffiros on there right now.Seat is a Selle SMP Strike Evolution. But I still prefer toe-clips and straps, huh.
    I drive a beat up old 97 Chevy pick up with like, a million miles on it and my cell phone isn't particularly fancy, it's just durable enough to drive a pickup truck over it..
    Go figger.
    retired band & science monitor photo-club geek Canadian with a thing about staying physically busy.
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