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best positional audio for hard core fps gamer (headphone + soundcard)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by kashim, Jan 8, 2015.
  1. kashim
    hi guys i m italian fps player,i m played for many years with siberia frost blue v2 usb headset with good result,but now i wanna spend more for great soundcard + headphone combo...i m looking for a 3d soundcard emulation  5.1 and a great stereo headphone open back with awesome positional audio...i m looking this headphone(tell me if they are good or have someone better then them)
    superlux evo 681  (someone say is a best value/performance headphone anmd sound like 150$ headphones)
    akg k612 
    akg k701
    i need
    1) soundstage
    2) positional audio accuracy
    3) comfort
    phoebus solo
    soundblaster z
    i need
    1)best positional audio and 3d accuracy 5.1 (for headphone and my speakers logitech z506 5,1)
    2) audio accuracy
    3) audio amplification for headphone
    i use the headphone only for gaming 100% competitive player fps for single player or other kind of games i use logitech z506 5.1 system,my budget is 300 euro for headphone + soundcard combo,i can add more money only if is worth,if i can spend less is fine :)
    please help me a lot i need to buy best headphone possible with this money...i have read a lot of guide like mle headphone guide..thanks all for the help and sorry for my really bad english ^^
  2. feilb
    I have the K612s and am running them straight off of a Xonar Essence STX headphone out w/ Dolby Headphone turned on.
    Positional audio is great with these. Soundstage is nice and open and imaging is excellent. Bass is a tad shy with them, but still very present. Many people complain that the AD700X completely lacks in the base department. The K612s stand up fine here. Highs are just fine, not to sparkly, and I can play for hours w/o sound fatigue. Unlike the K701/2, they do not have the evil headband bumps of doom. They are also very light and flexible. As a result, they are fantastically comfortable, even for very long play sessions. 
    I play a ton of BF4 and there are examples each match where a slight audio cue left or right, up or down has kept me alive and my enemies dead. Highly recommended. You should be able to find a used pair of K612 + a Xonar STX (not STX 2) within your price range.
  3. kashim
    Io have read a lot of positive review on this headphone ^^,one question...if an enemy coming from one corner u can ear esactly when him peak from the corner for prefire him? i need a gbreat soundstage e positional audio ^^(like a wallhaker :p)
  4. feilb
    Wow, i didn't know i spoke Italian!
    I can tell you that any enemy walking or running in BF4, the audio is accurate enough for you to predict when he'll be visible through the door. Make sure you've got the game set for surround output and that you have Dolby Headphone setup. Before DH and a good soundstage can, the audio is very very flat in BF4, like wide but very short ellipse side to side. After i upgraded, you not only get a nice circular soundstage, but also vertical cues, which were nowhere to be found before. 
  5. kashim
    lol..i really like the k612 and thank you for your impression,i really interessed at the k612 but wanna know if someone have tryed other for comparision ^^ how much k612 is better then the other for gaming?can own the ad700x for soundstage and accuracy?or k701?wanna compare all for doing a best buy for fps competitive games ^^ ty again for your impression
  6. kashim
    someone say soundblaster z sbx is better then dolby for gaming because sound is more accurated in 3d emulation but lose in music listening...is right?
  7. feilb
    I think its all down to a matter of preference. I found that DH was preferable, but others like SBX. I'd highly recommend you check out this video which compares the options, including SBX and DH:
    As far as music, DH and SBX are not recommended. My experience is that while it tends to move the performance of the music out in front of you, you get a bunch of very noticeable artifacting that sounds like overly compressed music. You will certainly get a much better experience with these off.
  8. kashim
    ok then i need sbx or dh only for gaming and stereo for music ^^
  9. Sundown
    I've had the HD558 for 3 years and played lots of FPS games. They were great! Angled drivers, light, nice color scheme, deep ear pockets, clarity was just as good as my HD600's but with more bass. I say go for them. However, once I bought the Fidelio X2's, OHHHHH BOYYYYY it's very much cheating now. :) You know when you buy a new mouse and it fits like a glove or it's second nature? Yeah, headphones can do that too and the X2's do that for me. 
    Why simulation though? I just use stereo and the X2's are phenomenal in fps' regard.
  10. kashim
    i have read a lot and ad700x akg k612 akg k701 own the hd558 =/
  11. Sundown
    I had the Q701, sure it sounds like you're in a room with a large space of sound. I found it to be too much and overlapped the footsteps in an area like they'd easily be in both speakers if he's at my 4'o clock. I just wasn't a fan of that. I find the HD558 to be nice, but the X2 to pinpoint precisely without overlapping into the other speakers if that makes sense.
  12. kashim
    x2 is out of my budget ^^ k701 is expensive too and i don t know if is worth buy a k701 for 200 euro or take a cheap k612 for 130 euro,for all option which is better?
    positional audio?
    money i have found
    k701 200 euro
    k612 136 euro
    hd558 135 euro
    ad700x 150 euro
  13. kashim
  14. Sundown
    My vote goes to the HD558's. Comfort is a big factor at the end of the day too. I can toss my hoodie over my head with these on as well unlike the dual headband headphones lol.
  15. rage3324
    My vote is HD558 or AD700. Both are very comfortable and non-fatiguing. I would give the AD700 the edge in terms of soundstage, especially positioning. Tough to beat the AD700 in those categories. It comes at expense of bass.

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