1. DavidMahler

    Is Audiophile level sound an acquired taste?

    I invited 3 friends over to my house to finally try out some of my gear that I've been raving about for months. This gear consisted of..... Sennheiser HD650 Sennheiser HD600 AKG K701 Beyers DT880 Pro Beyers DT770 (250 ohm) 2005 Denon D5000 Ultrasone Proline 750 Audio Technica W5000...
  2. Insatiable One

    Quick question about AKG K701

    I've read a lot about the AKG K701 vs the AKG K702 and the AKG Q701 and I've gotten a lot of mixed answers. I ended up being equally split among the three.   My initial choice was the 701 then I read that the 702 was everything about the 701 but better. Then I read that the Q701 bested both...
  3. Scooterboy

    AKG K340 vs AKG K701

    Hi Eveybody, I need your help I have a set of AKG K701 and K340 cans which I drive with a WOO Audio WA6 with a Sophia Princess 274B rectifier tube. I listen to mostly Classical using both Vinyl and Digital sources. Which of the these phones whould you recommend as being the better...
  4. thegen

    Looking for a new pair of headphones!

    I've been a happy owner of the Sennheiser Momentums (over-ear) for a while now. But I'd like something new. I mostly use them for Spotify and games, so I need something with accurate bass, nothing boomy but then again nothing cold. I've had the AKG K240, K271, K701, Audio-Technica ATH-M50 along...
  5. Jocas

    AKG-Q701 vs SoundMagic HP200 vs Fidelio X1

    Hi Everyone,   I listen to all kind of music. I am about to decide whether to get a pair of AKG-Q701 or SoundMagic HP200 or Fidelio X1. I really appreciate if you can share your experience with any of these headphones. Thank you.   KR, Jocas
  6. chrismckay

    Please recommend me some headphones and an amplifier...

    Hello Guys,   I am not knowledgeable in the world of headphones, so would appreciate advise from anyone who would like to offer.   I am looking for possible combinations for a set of over the ear open backed headphones and amplifier to use at home, hooked up to Roksan Caspian cd player...
  7. Izzot

    AKG K701

    Selling my headphones because I am in love with my Oppo PM-1s and haven't used these cans as much anymore     - around 400 hours of use post-burn in - fantastic condition, no noticeable marks of use - does not come with box/packaging, which is why I'm selling it for so cheap     Thanks!
  8. Boffy

    AKG K701 vs MDR 7550 vs XBA H3?

    I have recently got into the world of audio, and I am thinking of buying myself a new pair of headphones. I am currently using Sony MDR 1R with Sony Walkman F806. I listen to a wide variety of genres, but mainly female vocals. AKG K701, MDR 7550, and XBA H3 all look very appealing to me, so I...
  9. Rayz

    Fixing my old and beloved K701 :( Help!

    Hey 'fies! it's been a long time. I've been working hard but never forgot my biggest love: good sound. AKA- my K701. Problem is, my K701 which I've got nearly 2009 got broken a bit. just physiclly. i'll spare my words for a proper pictures: http://i61.tinypic.com/2cdvqwx.jpg...
  10. josh3

    Amp/DAC for AKG-K712

    I was wondering if anyone here could recommend an amp for a pair of AKG-K712's, I was thinking about getting the schiit audio valhalla-2 and the bifrost dac or the magni/modi combo but wasn't sure which to get or if there is something that would be better for the headphones.
  11. Boffy

    How Revealing is AKG K701?

    I only listen to 320kbps MP3, and I am wondering how that is going to affect my listening experience with AKG K701. I am planning to buy K701 in the near future, but I heard that these are very revealing headphones. I do want to point out, on top of listening to lossy files, I listen to a lot of...
  12. pr0ggy

    FS/FT: AKG K701 (8-Bump Version) w/Original Hardbox

    Excellent-condition pair of K701's with original hardbox.  The box has a few scuffs but is in otherwise great shape and the 701's are virtually flawless.  Still have the plastic covering on the earcups.  This is the second pair I've owned and while I still absolutely love them, I recently...
  13. radmanhs

    AKG 701 vs Sennheiser hd 600/650

    I listen to classic rock like acdc, black sabbath, nirvana ect   which ones would you use for these types of music?
  14. iamWinner

    Best Full size headphone for Gaming/Music (Rock, Heavy Metal, Grunge, etc)/Soundstage/Comfort

    Hey guys, first post here! So, i'm shopping for a new set of headphones, as my main cans, Sennheiser HD 555 broke a couple hours ago. I found them quite good with gaming, but with music they sounded too laid back and boring, due to my main music genre being Rock/Metal.    I would like to have...
  15. Lucas Bezerra

    Which one do you consider the best for rock/ hard rock listening yet with good FPS gaming abilities?

    Hi mates, well, the title is self explanatory. Before someone ask, I've been reading the Mad Lust Envy's Gaming Guide thread and lots of reviews from here and out, but still can't have my mind done as I don't know personally any high end headphone to make a comparison. I can get them for...
  16. terry parr

    re: akg 701 and akg 65th anniversary models (are the pads inter-changeable between these two models?)

    i own a pair of 701's, and wouldn't mind getting a pair of the pads that ship with the k702 anniversary model, just to compare the differences in the sound presentation, and to see if i like the difference.   and if the answer is "yes, the pads can be switched between these two models"...
  17. linziyi

    Newbie's review of his first headphone sampling run

    Greetings!   Prelude So I found myself mysteriously drawn into the headphone business a couple months ago, and got myself a first pair of "decent" fullsize headphone according to a head-fi-er's advice --- the fischer fa-003 --- it was praised for its unmatched neutrality and soundstage at its...
  18. ggilman

    Best Soundstage for under $200

    Looking at the Sennheiser HD 598's. Are there any other headphones at that price point, or below, that you'd recommend for great soundstage and imaging?
  19. Joedotcom

    2A3 tube amp - Grant Fidelity MS-2a3

    So I am finally dipping my toe in the world of head-fi. After much research and some advice from local head-lebrity Skylab, I picked up a pair of Beyerdymnamic DT990 (250Ω) headphones. I am running them on the headphone output of my beautiful and rare Grant Fidelity MS-2a3 amplifier. The amp...
  20. DavidG58

    Headphone Mods?

    Does anybody know of a website for headphone modifications. Or does anybody have ideas on modifying AKG 701's or Beyer dynamics Dt990s.
  21. manufelices

    Best amp+DAC usb for a laptop?

    Hi! What do you think is the best portable amp+DAC usb for a laptop? Currently I have the Fiio E 10 and I´d like to improve it. My headphones are AKG K500 (soon AKG 702)
  22. ztuner

    Portable heaphone amp - help with the spec

    Hi,   I'll get a headphone amp for free next week from my friend and he sent me the spec of his headphone amp but I'm not sure if it is any good. Could anyone help with these numbers and let me know if this amp is any good and if it can drive AKG 701 and AKG 550 headphones? I know it is a gift...
  23. kenshinhimura

    For people that have heard HD 700 and older K701, which would you prefer?

    I have the K701 right now, but was impressed with the HD700 when i heard it at a meet a few months ago. Is it worth getting the HD 700 over the K701 if the price difference is only about $200-300? What sound differences do you hear between them? Thanks.
  24. MickyPlays

    Choosing a headset for a new audiophile freak

    Hey guys, so I recently started becoming an audiophile, but I got a problem. I don't own a proper pair of headphones. So obviously I need some help My past experiences with headsets are only a few which I use regularly now. I own a pair of Motorola S11-HD for outdoor use and a Logitech G930...
  25. technobarbie

    HR Desktop USB DAC Skips

    I just received a HR Desktop AMP/DAC. About every 25 seconds it skips. I get the same results in Rhapsody and J. River Media Center. I have increased the buffer size to the max setting. I have increased the priority of the App. I have disabled AMD Quit and Cool. This is a newly staged machine...