1. Lipitaur

    Headphones for Playing Guitar at Home

    I have a little conundrum with my current living situation and my ability to play my electric guitar through my amplifier in that I live in a townhouse and during the week only have time to play at night.  I have been looking for a solid set of closed can headphones to plug into the line out of...
  2. Flisker

    Best Headphones for HardRock / Metal around 500$ +-

    Hi Head-Fiers,   I am looking for some good headphones particulary on Rock/Metal kind of music (Five Finger Death Punch,In Flames,Rammstein etc...)   Which one do you think are best and why ?   Btw I already own, Koss Porta Pro, CAL!, AKG K701, Sennheiser HD650.    Thanks in advance 
  3. Loqi-Fi

    [ignore thread]

    Hello everyone!   I realise this has been answered a million times but there are just so many different opinions, some outdated, that I've decided to open up a new thread.   As many others I'm looking for over ear headphones around 300$ -- i won't mind if they're cheaper as long as it...
  4. MrPhilicorda

    Comparison HD540/DT880/K701/DT880 (quest for the best mixing HP's)

    I have been buying a few new headphones recently as I want to upgrade from my K240's that I've used for mixing for about 10 years now. The new aquisitions consists of a pair of AKG K701, Sennheiser DT880 Pro 250 ohm and a pair of vintage Sennheiser HD540 Reference II. It has been a very...
  5. kashim

    best positional audio for hard core fps gamer (headphone + soundcard)

    hi guys i m italian fps player,i m played for many years with siberia frost blue v2 usb headset with good result,but now i wanna spend more for great soundcard + headphone combo...i m looking for a 3d soundcard emulation  5.1 and a great stereo headphone open back with awesome positional...
  6. JIGF

    Headphiles Anonymous

    Quote: Quote: <http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/508817/i-m-a-believer#post_6876491>     After reading that and laughing (not out loud) it just clicked to me. What if there was a thread just for this purpose? Concordantly, here it is, Headphiles Anonymous; I thought of...
  7. KElyas

    What does slow/fast bass describe?

    I've heard it a few times before but can't find a definition.
  8. cotdt

    Guide to the Balanced AKG K701 recabling

    People say that the AKG K701 headphone lacks bass, but the reason is because they are not using the right amp. This headphone needs a lot of power, and will impress you with her might when you make her happy. Many people who have heard a balanced amp never go back to the single-ended version...
  9. Rayz

    AKG K701 - The best amp money can buy?

    Hey there. It's been 4 years with my K701, and I really love those headphones. I had to listen to vary selection of headphones but something always brings me back to my beloved K701 sound. All this time I've been driving my K701 from Xonar STX amp input (stock op-amps, extra-high gain, hi-fi...
  10. Scarfaace

    Need help with finalising my headphone purchase

    So it has come down to GradoLabs  SR325i VS Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium VS Sennheiser HD650 (I'm getting HD800 later this year so I wanna avoid these for now) VS Hifiman 400 VS Sony MDR-7520 VS AKG A-701  They are all in my budget which is under 400. Could someone point me to ones you think...
  11. boomana

    Disturbing Trend

    Every time I check into this forum, I find more and more threads recommending portable amps for headphones like the K701 and the HD650. What? I have not heard every portable amp out there, but I've owned and heard quite a few and currently own a LaRocco PRII, an SR-71 and a Rockhopper mini^3...
  12. TheGhostWhoWalks

    Headphones For My Mom

    Here's the criteria:   -$100-$200 -Soft/Lightweight and very comfortable (my mom has headaches, so "clamping" headphones are out) -Closed (little sound leakage as possible that can also block out external sound) -Mostly for TV/Movie watching -Small "back" (she sits in a rocking chair and...
  13. hotfever

    Need advise on CIEM

    I was very eager to pick up my um miracle this morning...........but after a few hrs testing it out i realized i picked the wrong sound-signature,it doesnt do me any satisfaction like my beloved ety er4s im going to put it on sale to fund another CIEM,i really dont wanna make the same...
  14. dcstep

    AKG K701 vs. Audio Technica ATH-W5000 vs. Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro vs. Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Baby Grands

    This review compares three great headphones with an excellent 3-way, floor standing speaker system. During all of the review the headphones were driven by my stock Woo Audio WA6 that has between 200 and 300 hours on it. The speakers were driven by a 300 watt (into 4 ohms) Conrad Johnson CA200...
  15. jon08192

    Open backed headphones recommendation - Would prefer no amp.

    I'm looking to buy a pair of open backed cans probably around 150 with a bit of leeway for price.  I'd like to be able to use them on a laptop so preferably no amp necessary.  I also would like them to be pretty comfortable ( I have the Brainwavz HM5 and I can wear them for hours).  Any...
  16. rgs9200m

    Why would anyone want just one headphone?

    I often hear people here say that they prefer to just have one headphone as their ultimate choice. I just could never relate to this idea. All phones bring different things to the table sonically (and even comfort-wise). All phones have their strengths and weaknesses, and the flagship phones...
  17. JaZZ

    Some more frequency-response graphs

    I will add a few more frequency-response graphs published some time ago in the German magazine «Stereoplay» (1/07). As expressed in several post, they match my own sonic impressions better than the HeadRoom graphs (which show a uniform «distortion» throughout the product palette)...
  18. HiAudio

    Which AKG to have to complement a hypothetical portfolio of headphones?

    Recently I have become more and more interested in the AKG lines. One thing that bugs me is that many of their products are very close to each other, K501, K601, K701, Q701, K702, K202 anni and you name it. If budget is not an issue the K812 is clear choice. I have about $200-300 for the AKG and...
  19. klb2122

    RAL no communication... is this standard?

    I sent my K701s down to fl. over two weeks ago for a rewire I was told would take 2 or 3 days... my last email was never answered and they never pickup the phone. has anyone else had this experience? is this standard? will my headphones return to me?
  20. LogicalDisconnect

    Cheaper headphones that do what high-end headphones don't

    Hi everyone. I've had a variety of fairly high-end headphones, including the Beyerdynamic T1, AT W3000ANV, Alessandro MS-Pro, HifiMan HE500, AKG K701 and Unique Melody Miracle. All of them have good points. Some have great detail, others great energy and dynamic response, others in theory a very...
  21. tigim101

    Headband mod for those sensitive to weight on top of head?

    On my search for comfortable headphones, it seems that the pressure of the headband is much more bothersome than clamping pressure or anything like that. As long as the cups are soft and somewhat circamaural im ok, but almost any headphone, no matter how light (even the CAL!), I feel pressure...
  22. Jazic

    Are the AKG K701 and K712 cables the same?

    Looking to grab a shorter K712 cable but was wondering if I could just look at the K701.
  23. kerwin

    Does anybody have any info on these cans? Vintage Sony DR-22

    I bought these today because ... well because it was cheap ... But now, i can't seem to find any information on it, nothing.   The only thing i found was a dodgy spanish ebay that sold one for $700, and it's definitely not worth that much money.   It has 2 drivers, and the specs on the side...
  24. timind

    Looking for comfort/deep over ear phones

    I enjoy listening with headphones and in my house at night it's the best way to go. Here's my dilemma; the cartilage in my right ear sticks out from from my head and makes contact with the headphone. Of course after 30 minutes or so this becomes irritating to the point where the phones must come...
  25. Hamodakillah

    Need help on a predicament!

    Hi im starting university at the end of this month and im looking for a pair of headphones that can do it all for me, i would like to use them at home and out and about, however i kinda came to conclusion that there inst really a headphone that can do that (based on my research) so id even...