1. No Deal

    K701 Help!

    Unfortunately I started reading about these headphones yesterday. That is usually how it starts. First the reading and then the lusting after. Before you tell me, I know about the bass. I am willing to do some risk taking and hope that it all works out. I listen to jazz. I need a headphone...
  2. minsei

    Is my K701 fake? :(

    Hi. I bought a pair of brand new K701 headphones from the internet (a US ebay seller) and after I opened the box I noticed that the headphones look a little different from the pictures on its box (and the ones on AKG website). First of all, the biggest difference I noticed was the AKG logos...
  3. eightbitpotion

    K701 replacement...

    So I want more. MORE AND MORE. I have gone crazy with my K701s and did a recable.... 8 times using different geometries, metals, and gauges... tried single entry and dual entry. I tested out the Sony field-speakers at a Fry's and loved the soundstage, but the bass fell a little short and wasn't...
  4. AP3X

    AKG K701 Amplification

    So I am a pretty much a nub to high end headphones and was origionally looking for something to use without an amp and with the help of you guys and trying out several headphones I landed on the AKG K701. The headphone litterally gave me an adrenaline rush when I listened to it after returning...
  5. goforthepod

    DAC/AMP for K701.... newbie's indecision

    I got a pair of AKG K701, with furutech fp704 6.5mm jack already modded.  I am looking for a good amp that does it justice.   I have heard the Matrix M-stage works wonders with the K701, however in one of the other threads I read that if I can get a really powerful amp (1+W @ 62ohm) I can...
  6. sling5s

    List/Rank Headphones That Have Forward Midrange

    It took me awhile to figure out I prefer headphones with prominent or forward MIDRANGE: especially ones with upper midrange/lower treble spike/peak. I guess that would make me a "midrangehead". So if you would: List and Rank headphones that have very forward midranges (especially ones with...
  7. justAsking

    Suggest a price-range sweet spot for someone who likes the sound of HD600

    Hi!   I am in the market for a canalphone for when I am on the move. I have spent some time reading the reviews here (particularly those of ClieOS and Joker, but from many others too) and I have come up with a selection of alternatives, representing what is probably the best options for my...
  8. brat

    k701 bass problem

    After about 150 hours burn-in the bass of my k701... disappeared! I mean... untill now I didn't noticed any lack of bass but for 3-4 days I feel the overall sounding very, very "thin" and the mid-bass (50-200Hz maybe) is parceptibly missing. Has anyone noticed similar problem??
  9. stephancho

    Headphone "Sweet Spot"?

    What headphone is the "sweet spot" for you in the balance between audio quality and price?              I'll start. My sweet spot would be the Shure SE215 for $100. It's very good at a price that suits my wallet.
  10. dickmaster

    Headphones less then $400 Please help

    Hi, I was wondering what are some good headphones. I was thinking to buy AKG K701 but since I have no way to test them I dont want to buy it since its alot of money. If you were in my shoes what headphones would you get or your dream headphones? IF your happy with you headphones which ones do...
  11. Bob in OKC

    How important is the power rating with headphone amps?

    Greeetings, all.  First post.  Starting it off with a question.  I'm looking for a headphone amp on a budget of around $350.  The headphones are AKG K702.  And my question is, how important is the power rating of the headphone amp going to be?  I don't crank it up.  I just want my headphones to...
  12. greg788

    Five Headphone Amplifiers Compared

    I recently decided to upgrade my Schitt Asgard. Following is a brief summary of several amplifiers for future reference.   The Asgard was purchased along with HD650 about a year ago. I chose it after an extended comparison against a Channel Island Audio VHP-2 + VAC-1, Elekit Tu-880 (with NOS...
  13. texasred

    akg k701 differences

     Is there a difference between certain models of AKG k701 (excluding the Quincy Jones model) I have seen extremely varying prices on ebay and if I could get them for the 240$ they are shown for that would be a lot better than the 320$ reference price, here are the two different prices:  ...
  14. jreme

    Cheaper AKG's decent?

    Hey so I was recently looking at the AKG K514 as an option for some new cans. So far my best headphones are $20 JVC Flats (still great value), and I was looking for a slight step up. The AKG K514's have pretty good reviews and for the price they seem like the best option.. The other option was a...
  15. lawonga

    AKG 702/701/etc

      So I'm looking to buy a pair of full sized headphones, and right now the AKG K701/K702 have caught my eye. I am currently coming from Westone 2, which I believe is a bit neutral, especially compared with cheaper phones such as the portapros or the hd202 that I used to own (I do not like bass...
  16. Kagelou

    Hanging the K701

    Hey guys~ So, I've been looking though every page of the DIY Headphone Stand thread and was wondering what kind of hanger would work best for my future K701. At first, I was planning to make something like this(second post tutorial) so that I could hang both my K701 and M50s, but then...
  17. pogodrummer

    URGENT!!! AKG k702 vs k701

    Hello there! I'm really in the urge of buying a new pair of headphones for my father's birthday. Now, i have only time until the 7th of may, so please answer quickly :) So it seems that google is not my friend anymore, and i haven't found any decent comparisons between the k702s and 701s. ...
  18. brycee

    Need HELP finding over ear headphones!

    Hey guys, I'm a musician looking for a pair of over ear headphones. My budget is $200-$250. Instrument separation has to be good when the music is simple and also when it gets complex so it makes it a little easier to pick out the parts when practicing. headphones iv'e had in the past were not...
  19. gtortorella

    Which AKG: K701, K702, or Q701?

    I currently use Sennheiser HD650s with a custom Enigma Audio cable.  I like these headphones very much, but for the last couple of years I have been wanting to try something of the 701 variety.  My amp is a Marantz PM8004 integrated.  The headphone section in this unit is among the best I have...
  20. hth715

    Pop-Punk, Electronic, Indie, Acoustic Headphones

    Hello Head-fi, first post.    I am in the market for a really nice set of cans and while I have been doing as much research as possible I am still unsure as to what kind of headphones to get. I listen to mostly pop-punk, post-punk, electronica/dubstep, indie, and some acoustic stuff. I know...
  21. enyls

    a-Jays 5

    Seems like the new a-jay 5s are out.... Has anyone tried them out yet?   http://www.jays.se/a-jays-five
  22. JAG07

    AKG K 271 MKII vs Phaiton MS 400

    Been doing some research of my own. Pretty sure the best bet is the AKGs but I want to make sure I'm not subconsciously sticking to this brand after falling in love with the 701s. Can't afford them or the proper equipment to run them right now so they are out of the running but God do I find...
  23. eMotion3287

    Cans for Acoustic/Vocal music?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some cans for leisure listening. I have some DT770 32Ohms and RE0s for my Cowon on the go but I want some phones for my computer. I've been told that Audio technica is to acoustic like grado is to rock but I've never used any. I want phones for acoustic/banjo/orchestra...
  24. AuralRelations

    Deciding on cable for K702: Double Helix or Moon Audio?

    I've been looking at both cables and the both have a large following. The prices are pretty much the same with the exception that Double Helix 6ft costs the same as the 5ft Moon Audio Black Dragon. I emailed Drew and asked if the Blue or Black Dragon would be better and he recommended the Black...