AKG K 271 MKII vs Phaiton MS 400
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Apr 25, 2011
Been doing some research of my own. Pretty sure the best bet is the AKGs but I want to make sure I'm not subconsciously sticking to this brand after falling in love with the 701s. Can't afford them or the proper equipment to run them right now so they are out of the running but God do I find those gorgeous and sweet. Looking for opinions. Also if anyone has a DAC that they really like. 
I'm pretty set on closed backs. Need them for quiet areas, I'm in school so study halls aren't keen on open backs. Also looking for easy to drive since I use them mostly out of a laptop, mp3 player(Sansa clip, try to stick with FLAC files), and my Nokia N8(sounds better than you'd think from a phone). Thanks for any help that you can offer. 

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