1. goleg

    Assistance needed in choosing a portable headphone

    Hi everyone, I've been spending the past few months "lurking" on Head-fi trying to pick out some new headphones and decided to make an account so I could actually ask the experts!    I am by no means and audio-phile (yet) and my standards for listening quality aren't the highest due to...
  2. jukebox

    I can't decide.

    I'm looking to buy a closed can, very noise isolating, with good bass.   I'm looking to spend around 200 and i have came up with a few choices but am not sure which is best in terms of overall sound quality.   So far I have been interested in the:   Sony z1000 Pioneer hdj 2000...
  3. blastpast


    These are the options I've come down to and I was wondering if you could tell me what the best option is based on my preferences? BASS( NOT MUDDY BUT I WANT A NICE BODY AND TEXTURE) SOUND OVERALL(SOUND STAGE,CLARITY,MIDS,TREBLE,HIGHS,LOWS I WANT IT ALL TO SOUND GREAT I WANT TO HEAR DETAILS I ...
  4. LeMonarque

    Phiaton MS 400 vs M-Audio Q40 (vs ATH-PRO700MK2)?

    In my search for my first real headphones, I spent a long, long time browsing through Head-Fi reviews and settled on the Audio-Technica ATH-M50.  I wanted good headphones for sound editing.  Now that I'm beginning a new search for headphones, I remember the great reviews and I find myself back...
  5. LeMonarque

    AKG K618 vs Phiaton MS 400?

    Looking for bass-heavy headphones that are also portable.    I'm really leaning toward the MS 400's right now, but I recently saw the K618's on Amazon and haven't been able to find a lot of reviews on it.   Can anybody give me advice?  On-ear vs. over-ear doesn't really matter to me.  I...
  6. WakiDabeast

    Where to buy my ms 400's?

    I want to purchase a pair of ms400's perferabley from amazon and I was wondering if anyone knows somewhere I can get a legit pair for under 150? I found a pair on amazon used for 140 and I was wondering if anything could go wrong by buying used. I have heard that some of the older ms 400s have...
  7. Dan1121

    Phiaton MS 400 vs Audio Technica ES7 ?

    I have finally narrowed it down to these two headphones I dont want to buy a portable amp, I listen to mainly hip-hop and indie/acoustic music, I place a slight emphasis on style, and I like a little tight bass. which to buy ?
  8. SoundFreaq

    Phiaton MS 400 - Unlistenable - Portable Solution Suggestions?

    I'm looking for a good sounding, isolating, durable, portable solution. I pulled the trigger on the MS400.    While I love the headphones for their size, and their tone and SQ are just fine, the soundstage is - as one reviewer put it - congested. I think that's the perfect word for it. For...
  9. Tripshot15

    V-Moda M80 vs Phiaton MS 400

    Hi, I am looking to get a new pair of headphones. I am between the V-Moda M80 and Phiaton MS400. I am between these two because they are in my price range, seem well made, suppose to sound good, portable and look nice. Which one of these two would you choose and why? Please let me know as I...
  10. rockmonkey95

    phiaton ms 400 vs ultrasone hfi 780

    the title says it all.  i am really looking forward to buying new headphones this year but i only have 150 to spend.  Both headphones are currently the same price, but personally I have no idea which one is better. Can anybody help me?
  11. Princesiraj

    Fischer Audio FA-006 vs. Phiaton MS 400? vs FA-011?

    Hey guys,   I've been lurking around for a while, just getting acquainted with all of this audiophile stuff. I'm trying to step up to more serious headphones that I can also use outside, and I was kinda thinking of the Fischer FA-006 after reading LFF's reviews, while stumbling onto the...
  12. mLink

    Ath esw9, Phiaton ms 400, V-moda m80

    I know tons of reviews and opinions are all over this forum about these headphones, but I couldn't find any that are directly comparing these 3 to each other.   I've gathered that they all sound pretty similar & they all look good (to me). Is there a clear winner that stands out from the...
  13. misterbee

    Phiaton MS400 in London

    Hi   Any ideas where I might be able to demo a pair of these in London? They seem to be easy enough to find online but I'd really like to listen first - their site doesn't list any "approved" UK suppliers as such.   Also, I've deduced these are my best bet for a basshead commuter set...
  14. Sakharov

    Fix a Phiaton MS400 ?

    Hi,   At first, I'd like to apologize for my english, which could appear to be not so good.   I bought a used Phiaton Ms400 and then traded them for a pair of speakers to a friend... So, here is the problem. After a couple of weeks, one of the two driver doesn't have any low...
  15. Gilly87

    AIAIAI TMA-1 vs. Phiaton MS400

    Has anyone heard both of these enough to compare? I own the MS400 and am considering going over to the TMA-1. I'm looking for something that has better dynamics while retaining the forward mids and darkish signature, and hopefully making a slight improvement on the isolation. I've been reading...
  16. allmusic

    As usual, opinions needed for next set. M50's or V80's or Phiaton MS 400's

    I'm tossed and need some help. I'm in need of a set of portable cans. My first pair of cans were the Superlux 668B and they are great but not portable. So I'm looking for something that will isolate and not leak much. I need something that will handle bass pretty well so I can move on to other...
  17. mkparker-1

    Phiaton MS 400 vs. Audio-Technica ATH-M50

    I have looked for a while at both of these headphones and can not decide between them. I found some place where they are roughly the same price so price is not a factor. I would primarily be using these plugged into a computer, iPad, and most likely a mid-level headphone amp into my receiver...
  18. asdfjkl

    Koss PRODJ100 vs. Phiaton MS400

    Between these two, could anyone give their opinions on differences in sound signature, comfort, portability and build? Which one do you prefer?   I'm trying to decide between these two, and a comparison of their features and sound would be great. 
  19. Doc-holliday

    No current Phiaton MS400 thread?! Really?

    I just got in the Phiaton MS400 portable. I like them so much so far I was looking around for the "MS400 appreciation thread".... I guess I'm the only person to "appreciate" them since mid 2011 when the last review thread fizzled out. I got them in a trade and thought I would just be selling...
  20. Jets

    ATH-M50 vs Phiaton MS400.. HELP!!

    I've been doing some reading I've managed to narrow down the search to these two headphones... But they both seem pretty great! I looked at the price of each and they're both in my range especially with some deals out there so that's not a problem. Basically I will use these headphones to listen...
  21. ilikedonkeys39

    Headpones for my friend girl.

    She has about $130 for some over ear headphones, they should be comfortable, stylish!!! isolate well, and sound good for mainstream pop music, any suggestions?
  22. BriGuy31

    Help me pick my first real headphones...please!

    Ok, I am a newbie that signed up looking for some help. I know these topics have been covered and I appreciate your help. I have been on the other end of answering the "same old questions" often with saltwater fish and I'm sorry for this. I'm looking to buy my first real set of headphones...
  23. shipwreck276

    Trying to decide between some headphones - never bought any quality ones before

    Hi, I haven't ever had any even semi-nice headphones before and am looking to buy some. My cousin got a pair of beats mixr for Christmas and I thought they sounded really good. Then again the nicest headphones I've had probably cost $15. It sounds like those aren't really highly regarded around...
  24. samnoobfalter

    Confused New comer please help!

    Okay so i am new to the world of quality headphones. I am not a DJ or anything like that but I do have a desire for really really nice sounding headphones. My budget is $300 MAX and $200 minimum. Right now im thinking HD 598, mm500-x, tma-1... Also, i am not sure that i want to go with open...
  25. stickersteve

    Need some advise on a high end portable headphones

    I know opinions are like earholes, everyone's got one, but I need some advise. I want a high end portable headphone. I just got the Ultrasone Edition 8 which sound amazing, but kill my ears after a while. The pads are very soft, but not shaped like an ear. I am going to send them back so now I...