1. SIVGA Phoenix - wooden flagship dynamic driver headphone

    SIVGA Phoenix - wooden flagship dynamic driver headphone

    SIVGA PHOENIX Over-Ear Open-Back Headphone Handcrafted Zebrawood Design The SIVGA PHOENIX headphone features a dynamic driver embedded in a beautiful Zebrawood housing. The soft, padded headband and earpads are designed to deliver maximum comfort for long listening sessions. The wire of the...
  2. djembeplay

    Focal Clear HFs ***SOLD***

    Hear ye, hear ye… up for sale are my (soon to be your) Focal Clear headphones (cue bell rings and crowd gasps). I suppose in our ultra speed society I should limit this ad to something that can be read between blinks, but I want to add a little more info. So, first and foremost -- the...
  3. 5

    Wired Over-Ear headphones recommendation

  4. Audeze LCD-1

    Audeze LCD-1

    OPEN CIRCUMAURAL REFERENCE HEADPHONE The LCD-1 has been meticulously engineered for reference quality sound that will appeal to even the most discerning audiophile ear. Featuring Audeze’s renowned planar magnetic technology within an open-circumaural, foldable and light-weight design, the LCD-1...
  5. Dyplay Urban Traveller 2

    Dyplay Urban Traveller 2

    Wireless Bluetooth Headphones plus with apt-X and apt-X LL. You can enjoy low latency, good fault tolerance, and high sound quality. Put them on, and suddenly everything changes. Your music is deep, powerful and balanced, and so quiet that every note sounds clearer. Even air travel becomes...
  6. mwildebeast

    Best DIY / Aftermarket / Custom Grado Headphone Drivers?

    So, lately I've been delving down the rabbit hole of custom headphones, specifically custom Grados. I've found a number of different driver options that look pretty cool (both in images and on paper), but of course considering this is such a niche area of audiophilia, I figured I'd ask the...
  7. mwildebeast

    Best DIY / Aftermarket / Custom Grado Headphone Drivers?

    So, lately I've been delving down the rabbit hole of custom headphones, specifically custom Grados. I've found a number of different driver options that look pretty cool (both in images and on paper), but of course considering this is such a niche area of audiophilia, I figured I'd ask the...
  8. dogilainen

    Do they exists: Wireless (pref. BT), open-back, over-ear headphones

    Time to get rid of wires. But.. as Bono puts it: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. I have been reasonably satisfied with my Sennheiser HD 598 headphones, and would like something similar, sound wise. Little more *ooomph* at lower end would not hurt, but I love the spacious sound...
  9. Edhunter

    1more Triple Driver Over-ear Brand New

    Ok so here goes, We have a pair of Brand New 1more Triple Driver Over ears for sale! I bought 2 of these and my wife doesn’t seem to like them that much, im keeping mine (they are awesome, i love that piezoelectric thingy ceramic driver) and i decided to sell the other pair. These are the...
  10. Zero Walker

    Buying new headphones, looking for suggestions

    Hi! TLDR: Looking for full size headphones that goes over-ear and have realistic/neutral sound. ----Info---- So i made a topic about this before, but it was more into trying to fix my older one i guess so never got any feedback. So i have given up on repairing the ones i have as it's falling...
  11. SoundMAGIC HP1000

    SoundMAGIC HP1000

  12. plugincitizen

    new member, looking for good value over-ear headphones under £200

    I have VERY little knowledge so far headphone-wise and not much money at the moment so I'm trying to find a pair of good over-ear headphones to use mainly at home for music listening and movie watching. I'm not too fussed about bluetooth or noise cancelling - just that the sound quality is good...
  13. G

    Audio technica M50x exchange suggestion

    Hello everyone, I would need help in choosing my first headphones over-ear. I recently bought the "audio technica m50x" following the wave of the excellent reviews on the internet. Unfortunately, however, I must admit that they did not hit my ears. a bit 'cold and artificial especially on the...
  14. Audio-Technica ATH-AP2000Ti

    Audio-Technica ATH-AP2000Ti

    53 mm TrueMotion driver Detachable cable (finally) Extra Thick Pads Carrying Case More info in Japanese
  15. Prim8NChief

    [FS] Lyxpro HAS-10 Closed Back Headphones - Lowered Price to $20

    I have Lyxpro HAS-10 headphones in very good condition. These headphones have really good reviews on Amazon so you can check them out there. I don't have the box or manuals. You'll be getting just the headphones. I really like these but I can't use it for gaming (no mic) so I'm selling. Price...
  16. Superlux HD672 Composite Material Headphones

    Superlux HD672 Composite Material Headphones

    General Features •The high flexibility and softness of the composite material earpads provides best-fit for the ears •The composite material earpads significantly reduce sound leakage for the best listening experience with more powerful bass (HD671) •High durability compared to the normal...
  17. 1

    [Comparison] Meze 99 Neo // B&O H6 // 1More Triple driver over-ear // soundmagic HP151

    Hi, I've been looking to get some new headphones, and the ones mentioned in the title are the ones that have caught my eyes from an earlier thread. I've had a difficulty choosing however, and would like some comparsions between the four. In terms of sound quality, comfort and isolation. It would...
  18. 1

    Closed, over-ear headphones for music (under 250$)

    Hi! I recently bought a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 (over-ear) which I'm thinking about returning, they were slightly small for my ears which caused them to be unwantingly uncomfortable. I am therefore looking for a better alternative before taking any action. (Bought them at 210 dollars)...
  19. Justin0505

    [SOLD]: Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open

    *********SOLD********** I'm the 2nd owner. 1st owner listened to them a couple times them put them back in the case. I've put maybe 50hrs max on them and can't see any damage or defects. They've always been either hanging on a stand, on my head, or in their case since I've owned them...
  20. wgrish7

    Communication headphones needed for live production - over-ear, closed back, with detachable single cable

    I am in need of comfortable headphones for my camera operators. The headphones must have a detachable 3.5mm cable, that I can swap with V-MODA BoomPro mics. The female in must be 3.5mm, so Bose headphones are out of the question. Bose ear cups are also too small. These headphones must be as...
  21. S

    HD 598 or Meze 99 Neo?

    Hi everyone, So I've been wanting to buy a pair of full-size over-ear headphones for a while, because right now I own the 1More Triple Driver IEM's, and though they're great, I've come to the conclusion I just don't like IEM's. I was looking at the Sennheiser HD 598 since right now they're on...
  22. Ksweene5

    Sennheiser HD-650 ( Senn HD 650 ) - Mint Condition, Packaging etc Included

    Hello - Up for sale is a mint pair of Sennheiser HD-650s - perfect cosmetic and working condition. This will come with all original packaging and accessories, also in perfect cosmetic and working condition. I absolutely love my 650s, these are only for sale bc I was gifted a pair that has some...
  23. cardeli22

    Price drop 120 € AKG K7XX For sale Original Owner

    Selling my Red and black AKG K7xx. I am the original owner and have only used it roughly 40-50 hours without any burn-in. I have a few headphones already and I am trying to keep the stable small. The price is 120 Euros. Shipping to Europe only for now. Shipping and paypal fees on me.
  24. Neksorus

    Wireless 100 euro headphones recommendations?

    Hello headfi members, my earbuds that I used daily (soundmagic e10c) died due to my ipad case :/ (I can only hear the left side). I like to listen to trance and electronic and sometimes gameraps from JT machinima. I can pay only with paypal and iDeal (Dutch creditcard) so I can't buy from...