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HD672 is equipped with the 50mm specialized precise composite diaphragm. Its balanced frequency response, high sensitivity and low impedance provides perfect sound quality as well as clarity and details.

Superlux HD672 Composite Material Headphones

  • General Features
    •The high flexibility and softness of the composite material earpads provides best-fit for the ears
    •The composite material earpads significantly reduce sound leakage for the best listening experience with more powerful bass (HD671)
    •High durability compared to the normal earpads
    •Extraordinary noise reduction for excellent ambient noise isolation (HD671)
    •Washable pads for easy cleaning
    •The soft pads enable very long-time wearing
    •Non-toxic design

    •Closed-back, Circumaural
    •Excellent sound quality
    •Semi-open, Circumaural
    •Very suitable for music appreciation and music reproduction



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