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[Comparison] Meze 99 Neo // B&O H6 // 1More Triple driver over-ear // soundmagic HP151

  1. 123Sound321
    Hi, I've been looking to get some new headphones, and the ones mentioned in the title are the ones that have caught my eyes from an earlier thread. I've had a difficulty choosing however, and would like some comparsions between the four. In terms of sound quality, comfort and isolation. It would also be nice if you clarified how big of a difference there is between them.

    Sound quality remarks: Usually listen at a low to medium volume. Mostly EDM and pop, some of my favorite artists are Marina and the diamonds, Shakira, Vigiland, Alan Walker, Selena Gomez, Kygo, coldplay. (Source is laptop pc and phone)

    Isolation remarks: Sound isloation and sound leakage.

    Comfort remarks: How they are for both shorter and longer sessions.

    And generally which would you recommend out of the four?
  2. 123Sound321
    I'm currently mostly leaning towards either Meze 99 neo or 1More triple driver over-ear. It would be nice with at least a comparsion between these. Especially sound quality and comfort.
  3. surfgeorge
    There was a discussion in this forum just recently which compared these cans.
    I have a B&O H6 Gen 2, and liked it a lot for it's open, lean and clear sound. They are light and relatively portable, but not very comfortable or well sealing IMHO.
    I compared them at the time with the Sennheiser Momentum 2, which have a much warmer sound with a very full, comparatively bloated low end and very warm mids and clear but somewhat recessed highs.
    But more comfortable and portable.

    I had the 1More Triple IEMs (not over ears!) and did not like their tuning much, they were a bit too forward, in your face with everything. Impressive at first but I am looking for smoother, warmer, clearer and more open sound.
    Maybe not fair, since my reference is the AudioQuest NightOwls with Chord Mojo, and that is an extremely open, warm and smooth sounding package!

    Meze 99 I have not heard, but they are really well reviewed and look very nice.
  4. bcaulf17
    I like the H6 Gen 2 but haven't heard the others. The above description is pretty much correct; spacious sound with nicely extended and detailed BUT non fatiguing highs which is kind of amazing in the grand scheme of things. The bass goes real low and has great impact. The mids are clean and again, non-fatiguing, however my one criticism of this headphone is that it has a dip in the mid-bass and low mids, and the upper mids/low treble are actually a bit forward too, so on certain recordings they can get a little shouty and vocals can sound a bit thin. I've gotten used to the low mids dip though and I actually like the mids now, though I sometimes find them just a tiny bit hollow sounding.

    Anyway, don't let that critique detract from them, they're still a great headphone and even though they don't get talked about as much as they should a large majority of the people who do comment on them like them. Comfort seems to be hit or miss with most people, I find them comfortable. I don't know how they compare to the other headphones you've listed as I've never heard them and I'm pretty new to the headphone world. The only headphones I've owned before these were the M50x (liked them at the time, a good starter headphone, but after climbing the ladder I realized they're not that great sounding), and the DT 770 Pro. I found their treble too harsh. I like the H6 better than both. And they're a great portable and good looking.

    The Meze 99 Neo are also very well liked, but they have a mid-bass bump that's apparently quite large. It might suit the genres you listed. I don't think you could go wrong with either of those two, and they both cost around the same now :)
  5. Mhog55
    I have the Neo (wish I would have gotten the Classics), I have the 2nd generation H6, and have spent a lot of time with the 1 more triple driver over ear (still on the fence). I chose the H6 over the 1 more, but I'll probably still get it. The above descriptions are pretty spot on for the H6. I find them crazy comfortable. The Neo indeed has a big mid bass hump. It's a little on the dark side. I wouldn't call the mids recessed or forward. Treble is more rolled off than the other two. It has wonderful instrument separation though. The 1 more is a more forward sounding can imo. Slightly V shaped but in a good way. Treble is super clear. I found it a little peaky with certain tracks. For EDM and pop, the Neo is tough to beat. There all good. I don't think I could choose a clear winner, but if I was forced I'd likely go with the H6
    surfgeorge likes this.
  6. buke9
    Goes to show how people like different sound signatures. I dislike the H6 for the same reason the above poster liked them as I found them lean and not to my liking. The Meze 99 Classics (haven’t heard the Neos but heard from others they are fairly similar) are mid bass heavy with the top end rolled off but with forward mids that I do like most of the time.
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  7. bcaulf17
    Absolutely, so many people recommend the DT 770 but I find it to be too bright, amping methods often provide differing opinions too. I like both warm signatures and neutral signatures where I let the recording tell me whether it’s bright or dark sounding. I probably would have liked both the 99 Neo or the H6 but because I got to try the H6 and was impressed by it it made my decision easier. I don’t think the OP could go wrong with either headphone.
  8. 123Sound321
    How big is the cup on the B&O H6? I saw someone say it was more of an on-ear than over-ear headphone (Which I am a bit reluctant towards). How are they for example compared to sennheiser momentum 2 (over-ear) - which are barely too small for my ears.
  9. Mhog55
    I have maybe, just slightly bigger ears than the norm, and the H6 covers them completely. Just barely though. I could see where they would rest on the lower or upper ears on someone who has man ears. They are also just barely deep enough to keep my ears from touching. I don't find them lean sounding, but they also aren't thickish sounding.

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