1. Focal Elex headphones

    Focal Elex headphones

    Drop Focal Elex Reason I’m selling: I guess I’m very much into this hobby and thus I buy (hopefully) better headphones for new experiences. I just bought the Meze Empyrean headphone (used) and oh, so much fun. I also have the Hifiman HE100 v2 which is also fantastic but offers a different...
  2. 20230429202739_IMG_5661.JPG


    KOSS KSC75
  3. C

    7.1 binaural sound setting for Audeze LCD-GX headphones (or similar)

    Hi, I've been fine-tuning a setting for my Audeze LCD-GX headphones for a year and for which I obtained an absolutely stunning result. I had it tested by a few people at work and around me and most find the rendering of the headphones much better with my setting than the sound of the original...
  4. MoonAudio

    HIT or MISS? #AXPONA23 Show Report & Analysis | Moon Audio

    HIT or MISS? #AXPONA23 Show Report & Analysis | Moon Audio
  5. davstev

    Revelation: My Power amp is my dream Headphone amp

    I had an eye and ear opening experience last evening. I should preface by saying that I am mostly a speaker guy, although I do have many different headphones that I listen to sometimes. Although I read reviews like everyone else, it can be confusing, and I don't have the opportunity to try...
  6. jb2unique

    Sony MDR-MV1

    The secret is out, Sony's open back professional monitor headphones just announced in Japan for creators with excellent spatial expression, suitable for production of 3D sound, etc. Releasing 12 May 2023 (JP) * US release date - now available (Subject to change) Along with the launch of 360VME...
  7. TwizzyTonkaa

    Anyone else just a 1 headphone user? (Not a collector)

    I'm the type of person that just uses 1 headphone (My dan clark's) I don't have an interest in collecting because I'd rather save up for something that would be an upgrade as apposed to headphones that would be side grades. Maybe if I got rich I'd become a collector haha
  8. Look downing view of Hda5520mk2

    Look downing view of Hda5520mk2

  9. JM Audio XTC Open

    JM Audio XTC Open

  10. MoonAudio

    Sennheiser HD 660S2 Headphones - Now Available and In Stock

    Sennheiser HD660 S2 Headphones Sennheiser’s HD 660S2 headphone delivers even better sound, comfort, and versatility than the original HD 660. Sennheiser HD 660S is the ideal open, dynamic headphone for the passionate audiophile. Dive Deeper Into your Music! Enjoy your music on a completely new...
  11. imthepope094

    New Member

    I am new here, didn't even know this place existed! Learned about it from a stray comment on /r/avexchange. Love the Headphone world and headphone market. Also love trying new things, been getting really into IEMs. For those who care my gear consists of: IEMs Campfire Setsuna Dunu SA6 Apple...
  12. sides of wearing of t20rp mk3

    sides of wearing of t20rp mk3

  13. Selca of wearing of fostex t20rp mk3

    Selca of wearing of fostex t20rp mk3

  14. look down my daily audio set

    look down my daily audio set

    lg gram (laptop) + bakoon cap1003 (headphone amp) + Fostex t20rp mk3(headphone)
  15. krys42

    Closed Back Over Ear Headphones under 50 dollars.

    Hi, I need help with Over Ear Closed Back Headphones under 50$, I'd use them for listening Metal and Rock music on computer. Which headphones should I buy under 50 bucks? Thank you for any help.
  16. Dèng

    Linsoul $1 Reservation Card (RC) For HarmonicDyne Athena

    Linsoul $1 Reservation Card (RC) For HarmonicDyne Athena Greetings everyone. HarmonicDyne is releasing a new DD headphones soon. :headphones: Secure one HarmonicDyne Athena by buying a $1 Reservation Card before its launch, and get an Early Bird Promotion of $20 OFF! :gift: Expected launch...
  17. MOONDROP VOID Dynamic Driver Headphones

    MOONDROP VOID Dynamic Driver Headphones

    Self-Developed 50mm Dynamic Driver Flexible Suspension Combines With Heterorigidity Composite Diaphragm Excellent Large-Amplitude Nonlinear Distortion Performance Lightweight & Ergonomic Design Versatile Compatibility And Interchangeable Cable Self-Developed 50mm Dynamic Driver VOID is...
  18. P

    Best sounding closed-back headphone $500-$1,000 for a non-audiophile?

    Hello, I'm hoping I can get some help on choosing a nice pair of headphones. First the disclosure: I'm not even close to being an audiophile. I hardly understand some terms as tight, controlled, fast response, muddy, decay, imaging, DAC, etc. without researching online. My best pair of...
  19. pick up the hda5230

    pick up the hda5230

  20. DelayedEnd

    Poll - New Headphones VS New Speakers

    Hello, So I have been thinking for a while that I would like something new. Now, I am trying to decide what I want to do. My current thoughts are either, buy a new pair of headphones (Probably HiFiMAN HE1000 V1), or finally, properly get into the speaker space. Currently have HiFiMAN XS +...
  21. P

    Most responsive bass for ~$100?

    Hi, this is my first post here. After being bashed by a few ppl on Reddit, a few other friendlier Redditor's directed me to join here, and ask you guys as I'd get more mature responses :) or so I'm hoping. Here's my original thread if you want to look at the comments and original discussion...
  22. Apos Audio

    FiiO FH15 Hybrid In-Ear Monitors Now on Apos

    Hi all, We’re thrilled to announce that we now carry the FiiO FH15 Hybrid In-Ear Monitors. This hybrid IEM combines a 10mm dynamic driver and three balanced armature drivers. It’s made of super-strong CNC aluminum alloy for protection against mishaps. Offering bells and whistles galore, it...
  23. Apos Audio

    Apos Caspian Open-Back Headphone Giveaway

    Hi all, Here's our first holiday present for the community. We’re giving away an Apos Caspian Open-Back Headphone. Made with hand-assembled, sustainable materials, the Apos Caspian looks timeless and sounds thrilling. In order to join, Headfiers who comment on this thread will get one entry to...
  24. Waynester

    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, 32, 80 or 250 ohms? Or Sennheiser HD599?

    Hi guys I want to buy some decent headphones, I play keyboards at home and plug these into my Soundcraft mixer… but I also want to use these new headphones to listen Apple Lossless music files on my iPhone 12 Pro Max (soon to be 14 Pro Max) when I upgrade in 4 weeks Do I need the 32, 80 or...
  25. MoonAudio

    Dan Clark Expanse Open-Back Headphones Review & Comparison | Moon Audio

    Dan Clark Expanse Open-Back Headphones Review & Comparison | Moon Audio