1. LuckyAce1974

    Are these headphones iems, earbuds,or something else?

    Looking for similiar headphones with a usbc connector and no volume control. Amazon is showing me every type of headphones and most with volume controls.
  2. jacko5

    Headphones for good bass.. Trance music £200 budget

    Looking for some headphones for Trance music listening (good bass). I have a budget of £200 or so. I don't mind secondhand as can renew the ear muffs. Looking for full over ear type, wireless or wired. Thanks for any help given 😁.
  3. C

    Iem and headphone recommendations for classical music ~1000usd

    Hi all, Currently looking to change up what I’m listening to. I currently have Denon d9200, HD660s and Fiio FD5s but I’m thinking of selling the denons and get something else. I usually listen to classical music (the full gamut from Mahler symphonies to bach violin chaconnes) and want to find...
  4. NKkrisz

    Hello everyone. Yesterday I entered the "midrange" with my "new" HD580, but I have some questions.

    I finally entered the "midrange" with my "new" HD580 for 170$ which is from a guy who apparently used it for 15 years. He almost sold it for 17$ as a mistake (I had to pay for it when it got delivered) but I corrected him later and he got the full asking price after I noticed him about the...
  5. AuneAudio

    [AR5000 Giveaway RESULT] Write a simple review to win AR5000 / Jasper-T / AR3 cable!

    Thanks for everybody's participation! Giveaway result: AR5000 or Jasper-T IEMs @Andoenk @sickmind AR5000 half price or Jasper-T IEMs half price (amazon.com/dp/B0BTD1LXTS) @jose11 @Warsoul @ajibrata AR3 4.4mm balanced cable (amazon.com/dp/B0CQLLR15J) @vrsx @ck1388 Congratulations! Please...
  6. AuneAudio

    [AR5000 Giveaway Result] Write a simple review to win AR5000 / Jasper-T / AR3 cable!

    Thanks for everybody's participation! Giveaway result: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/971451/ AR5000 or Jasper-T IEMs @Andoenk @sickmind AR5000 half price or Jasper-T IEMs half price (amazon.com/dp/B0BTD1LXTS) @jose11 @Warsoul @ajibrata AR3 4.4mm balanced cable (amazon.com/dp/B0CQLLR15J)...
  7. voja

    Camerton Audio Binom-ER: The Full Story by voja

    Chapter 1 | A Dreamer's Dream᠎ ᠎Oleh Lizohub (born 1980, Ternopil, Ukraine) is the founder of Camerton Audio. Though Oleh didn’t recall his youth being marked by anything specific, he did tell me about his heavy interest in aeromodelling. The league that he competed in was the F2A (speed) class...
  8. HiFiWar

    The Drinking Fountain - Full-Size Headphone Discussion

    Welcome to the Drinking Fountain! The Watercooler is a very well known thread for IEM discussion started by @Rockwell75, but there is nothing similar for full-size headphone enthusiasts. Therefor, on this day, the 4th of January, 2024, the Drinking Fountain has been created for just such a...
  9. k273

    Best price range on DAPs/amps/headphones/IEMs

    This question has been on my mind for some time; it's a broad question but I hope we can find some easier and helpful answers for people in the search for their endgame. Is there a best value-for-money/bang-for-buck/Goldilocks-zone price range for: 1) digital audio players 2) digital to audio...
  10. silvermuse

    Exploring options in a $500-1000 system, fairly new to mid-fi

    Hi there! Been reading Head-Fi and following classifieds for a while, but never made an account (well, I had an old one under another email that I never used). I thought I'd test the waters and see if anyone had good advice for me! Thank you SO MUCH in advance if you read this and offer...
  11. MoonAudio

    Super Saver Deal: Sennheiser HD650 Headphones Now - $329.95

    Sennheiser HD650 Headphones $499.95 Now: 329.95 Save $170 Learn More The HD 650 has all of the perks of a high-performance sports car and none of the quirks. This open-back headphone is beloved by audiophiles for its musical, non-fatiguing sound while still offering intimate levels of detail...
  12. MusicMan5

    Is it worth the $ . . .

    Thinking about a set of Grado SR125x. From what I've heard about them, I think I'd really like the sound signature. However, I noticed Grados don't have removable cables. I'm pretty darn rough on cables. Just how fragile are connectors? Is the fragility of cables and connectors overexagerrated...
  13. FiiO FT5

    FiiO FT5

    FiiO FT5 is a planar magnetic headphone with the following specifications: * **Driver Size:** 90mm planar magnetic * **Diaphragm Thickness:** 6um * **Impedance:** 36Ω * **Sensitivity:** 110dB/rms (@1kHz), 96dB/mW (@1kHz) * **Frequency Response:** 7Hz-40k
  14. MezeTeam

    Meze Audio Black Friday Specials

    Hey Head-Fi Community, Our Black Friday Specials event is officially ON! Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or a special present for a loved one, we got you covered with exclusive deals on all the Meze Audio favorites. Offers are available until November 27, but stocks are limited, so make...
  15. koshertattoo392

    Any great Alternatives for ATH-R70x other than Sundara and HD 600?

    Hello guys, So I'm almost decided to go for ATH-r70x due to its comfort (light-weight), since I personally find Sundara a bit too heavy for my taste, HD 600 got fairly strong clamping force which give uncomfortable feeling to my jaw. All these 3 headphones are seen quite often, and they are...
  16. C

    Trying to figure out what these are. Fitear headphones.

    As the title suggests, I’m trying to figure out what kind of headphones these are. I know they are FitEar but i can’t seem to find the model number or even the company to contact. The model number is 084127, they are semi transparent black with a ALO audio cable.
  17. FocalOfficial

    Focal Headphones 2023 US Holiday Promotion

    Focal Headphones Holiday Promotion November 9-30 20%* off All Focal Headphones Celestee - $639 sale price Clear Mg - $1,199 sale price Stellia - $2,399 sale price Utopia 2022 - $3,999 sale price *10% off Bathys - $629 sale price Purchase at headphones.com...
  18. TaronL

    Focal Clear - Now Shipping to USA and Canada

    After 4 long months, the Focal Clear is finally shipping again in USA and Canada! Buy the Focal Clear in the US Buy the Focal Clear in Canada For everyone who placed pre-orders with us, we hope you've been getting our pre-order updates. If you haven't, we received enough inventory to...
  19. JM Audio XTC2 Open Back Dynamic Headphone

    JM Audio XTC2 Open Back Dynamic Headphone

    JM Audio XTC2™ OPEN Custom Tuned 50mm Dynamic Headphone Larger cup than the original 100mm The XTC2-open is 110mm with a wedge horn like edge around the wood rim- the larger size provides a larger soundscape with all the goodnesses of the XTC and then some more - Other new changes are a front...
  20. S

    DAC+AMP combo ~1000GBP

    Hello, I am looking for DAC/AMP combo to setup with my laptop + headphones. I am currently using Ibasso DX220 MAX as an external DAC and results are preety good especially with HIFIMAN HE1000v2, but I would rather have something that don't need charging from time to time. To sum up, I am...
  21. MoonAudio

    Best Headphones for Podcast & Video Creators | Moon Audio

    Best Headphones for Podcast & Video Creators | Moon Audio
  22. U

    What to Headphones to get for under 600USD

    Been trying to choose what to buy for my next headphone and as always i have become rather torn between the options. I had been hoping that the mm-100 was going to be a well made Edition XS but it looks like it will be another few months before they will be in store in Australia and the QC does...
  23. OnlySoMany

    Bad tube socket?

    Viva egoista 845. Bought this used from another headfi user and I'm having issues with it once hooked up. I tried switching the tubes from socket to socket, I've also tried switching the inputs from XLR to Rca. I am only getting audio out of one side. I have tried both 6.5 and xlr outputs...
  24. Diederik1986

    travel and hotel headphones

    as I am travelling a lot and decided that my 10h train drive to the factory for engineering is my better way to travel. Dear fellow audio nuts. I am searching for a headphone closed back, perhaps wireless perhaps not ( have a fiio btr7, btr1, moonriver 2 and 220-powered headphone amp I can plug...
  25. AetherDrive

    Where Do You See The Future of HiFi?

    I’m just sitting here drinking my morning cup and browsing the internet, just thinking about the possibilities that could present themselves in the near future… Technology is advancing globally across all fields at breakneck speeds and it’s not slowing down. In the last couple years we’ve seen...