1. S

    Beyerdynamic's DT150 vs. DT770 vs. DT770M: I'm looking for noise isolating cans

    Hey fellers,   Summer is rough and I am currently forced to do my quality home listening with an incredibly loud AC unit right in my face. So I am looking for good noise isolating headphones. So far I have my eyes mainly on Beyer's DT150, DT770 or DT770M, but I am open to other suggestion in...
  2. 4

    Over-Ear headphone recommendation

    Hi, I am looking to buy a new set of headphones soon.   Things that are important for me:   over ear closed back detachable cable FiiO X3 2nd Gen should be able to drive them max. 650€ (~740$)   I already looked at a few pairs   - B&O H6 - Sennheisers Momentum 2 - Beyerdynamic DT...
  3. KStreetSounds

    X5 / E12 / O2 Combo for DT770 80-ohm?

    I have a Fiio X5 with Beyer DT770 (80 ohm). Two Questions:   (1) FOR PORTABLE: Is adding an E12 amp total overkill for 80 ohm cans? Or how noticeable will the benefits be?   (2) FOR DESKTOP: If I'm currently using the X5 as an external DAC for my desktop, how would the O2/ODAC combo from...
  4. BusinessMan

    Looking to Upgrade Headphones.

    I've been using my V-Moda LPs as my daily portable headphones since December 2011.  Last year I went on a fruitless journey to create an elaborate PS4 headphones/mic setup for some reason.  I ended up buying the Beyerdynamic MMX 300s and they didn't even work for the purpose I had bought them...
  5. RestlessIP

    Burning in Kef M500?

    Heya everyone,   After long deciding between the ATH M50(X) and the ML Micros 90 and then the DT770 and Beyer COPS. I went in a total different direction and bought the Kef M500! I've listened to them and they sound very nice, the COPS weren't portable enough for me, and the DT770 without...
  6. huxley1

    New here, Looking for closed warm headphones...

    Hey everyone! Long time lurker making his first post here! When I say warm I mean what you normally think of as being warm, but still good all around,  and pretty good detail. Would like it to have not much leakage, or at least not nearly as much as the vmoda m80's or ibuds. Would like to be...
  7. soundisee

    Headphone upgrade $200 budget

    I currently own Panasonic HTF600's with Beyerdynamic valor pads and I feel it's time for an upgrade. I currently have them plugged into a Mbox 2 music interface and I don't think they are bad for the price but I get an annoying rattle buzzing sound with certain sounds especially bass. When I'm...
  8. DiabeticHawtDog

    Need Some Help on Picking Out Some Headphones for Listening to Music and Gaming

    Hello everyone, I am new here (literally just made my account) and I need some help in deciding what headphones to get!   I am a huge newbie when it comes to audio and my recent pair of Turtle Beaches broke, so I decided that I would save up and buy a really nice pair of headphones, but the...
  9. WiL11o6

    I have a budget Denon 1611 receiver - Do I need an amp/dac?

    I want to throw some money at a pair of headphones, and maybe a headphone amp/dac if it will improve the SQ vs the amp/dac from the receiver. I have a 5.1 setup at the moment connected to my Denon via optical into my PC which I use for gaming/music. It consists of Energy RC-10s, Minis, and an...
  10. moop1167

    Headphones for X-Fi Titanium HD (mostly gaming)

    Hey guys... I am in the market for a new set of headphones.  I am using the X-Fi Titanium HD and I mostly play games.  I am looking at the Beyerdynamic DT770's.  I like the headphones to be closed so I can drown out all outside sound and get lost in my games.  I am seeing that there is a 250ohm...
  11. ZooBooBooZoo

    Decent In-Ear earphones for ~10$ ?

    Hi all, I've just upgraded my humble home studio and got myself a pair of BeyerDynamic 770.   So I'm low on cash but that didn't stop my iPhone's earphones from dying out on me. I need a new pair of in-ear earphones for on-the-road listening (I have no intention of getting the BD770...
  12. tyler3696

    Head fi rankings

    Why are the ath m50's rated #2 and #30 on head fis over ear category?
  13. moose392

    Possible improvements to equipment? (Sony XB700)

    Because of the comfort level of these headphones, I hesitate when I think about buying new headphones. Anyone who has owned these know what I mean. What I would like to know is if there are any other headphones with similar comfort and better sound quality. :)
  14. Zowzout123

    Considering the Beyer DT770, but I have some questions.

    First off, i'm coming from the AD700's which I like quite a bit.  They are comfortable and they sound great.  Of course my complaint is with the bass.  Its not that I find it terrible, I just would prefer more.  And im not looking for something to rattle my brain, but just more bass than the...
  15. dbsteve85

    Make my decision for me!

    Hello,   I'm ready to make a modest entry into high fidelity audio. I plan to start with a headphone purchase under $250. Upon receiving the headset I will probably play them out of my dedicated sound card (X-fi titanium) until I buy an amplifier, which I am sure to do because I'm a sucker...
  16. biggbenn74

    Numark Red Wave Pads Cracking, New Pad Suggestions

    So, after only 1 year, my Red Wave pads are cracking and pitting. I have headphones 25+ years old with zero cracks, so this is new to me. The pads have always been hard to the touch, not plushy at all. Because of this they have always slid around on my head. I like plushy and comfortable...
  17. Eudis

    Could an dac/Amp reduce emi hiss?

    Hello! I recently got a sound blaster Z for my DT770 (and soon DT990). I ran into some issues with hissing, at first it was due to the drivers. I'm now on the latest drivers and the hiss is gone on the lower volumes, but once I go over 40-50% on the volume the hiss comes back. My next step is...
  18. Wild

    One $400 or Two $200 headphones?

    I've seen contradictory advice on this subject all over the place, so I'm starting a poll. If your budget was say $400, would you rather have one headphone or two?   I care more about whether a couple "cheaper" headphones is better than one "good" one, regardless of budget. Any opinions...
  19. draacor


    So I finally found a place where I could try some headphones out. Tried out the dt770 80s, Shure 840s, and sennheiser hd380. I can say without question the hd380 was the worst, didn't feel comfortable at all and it sounded like a tin can. The biggest surprise came when I tried the dt770s. From...
  20. thevisi0nary

    sennheiser 380 pro is better than dt 770?

    I have the dt 770 but im still looking for others as i feel these are too heavy on the bass, i tried the 380 pro's and wow they seem very balanced. Anyone else share this opinion?
  21. 10DeeQ

    Headphone for a big head that sounded similar to Dynaudio ?

    hi, im new here and i'm ready to "burn my wallet" well, not so much as i'm still new :) anyway i've got some question and need some recommendations, so please guide me here.   i have few audio source , it's not high end just normal audio source, i still don't know which one will give me...
  22. Synthax

    Headphones similar to Rehdeko speakers

    Dear music Fans, it is my great pleasure to join to your community. Actually I'm an owner of rehdeko speakers, Crimson pre (which suits also as a headphone amp) and a modified player CD104 by philips. Due to my family situation I started to use headphones, and now I'm looking for smth that could...
  23. Rewkie

    Does sennheiser make headphones for bass-heads?

    Title pretty much says it all.
  24. Blaalad12

    Dt990 pro or Sony MDR-MA900 or alternative?

    Hey guys. I've been looking for a pair of cans strictly for tv use / movies. Both the dt990s and Sony MDR-MA900 seem to get recommended alot and id love to give the Sony's a go. However, they are almost double the price of the dt990s so i reckon the dt990s are better value given that they are...
  25. Nauglanch

    E17 Firmware download - download page is in chinese - how does one reasonably actually download firmware for Fiio devices?

    I have an E17 . I was trying to get the ASIO andFirmware download from the E17 page.   The link takes one to a download page in chinese. I've tried all the apparent buttons and they spin loading a lot and then do nothing. One of them wants me (seems to) log in but won.t   How does one...