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Headphones similar to Rehdeko speakers

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by synthax, Jan 11, 2013.
  1. Synthax
    image.jpg Dear music Fans, it is my great pleasure to join to your community. Actually I'm an owner of rehdeko speakers, Crimson pre (which suits also as a headphone amp) and a modified player CD104 by philips. Due to my family situation I started to use headphones, and now I'm looking for smth that could satisfy my sound preferences. I'll be very glad to hear you suggestions about headp. which to choose. Mostly i do listen the movie scores
  2. davidsh
    So, for us who don't know the speakers, what is your sound preference, what do you want?
  3. Synthax
    I look for a coherent, balanced sound. Without to much trebles. Rather organic vocals, with a lot of details, and all the ambience with good recorded vocals and orchestra. I look all these nuances, crispy details of acoustic instruments. The emotions in recordings itselves. I do not look for a very deep dominating bass. And perfect mathematical graphs.

    The one more thing is that the headphones has to be closed back
  4. p a t r i c k
    I have been thinking about any headphones that might reproduce sound like the Rehdekos but I cannot.
    The Rehdekos I've heard have had a really a huge dynamic range and I can't think of any headphones that would have that.
  5. davidsh
    I'd dare say the HE-500, but they are certainly not closed back, and they are like strap-on head speakers
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  6. p a t r i c k
    I think Synthax really needs to try and get to listen to music through a selection of headphones. I don't think it is possible to reliably recommend headphones against stated requirements personally.
    There is a difficulty which is that it is very difficult to find places that will have a range of good quality headphones to listen to.
  7. Synthax
    In my neighbourhood I have possibility to test the headphones like: AKG, beyerdynamic (I was seriously thinking about dt770), Koss, Audiotechnica, and probably Sennheiser(but i do not like this kind of sound signature)

    In case of no possibilty to find ' rehdeko flavour' I'm open minded to other headphones that are 'musically' and well build(like beyers)
  8. davidsh
    Maybe the etymotic er4 is a candidate? It does have a bit clinical sound, though.
  9. Synthax
    Dear All,
    Today morning I have made w visitation (with my Crimson C610 pre) at one of the biggest headphone shop in my city (Media Centrum). They have really nice choice. And very good service who let me tested very many models. I have heard Audiotechnica ATH-M50. some Shure, Sennheiser HD600, Beyers DT770 and 990, Ultrasone (I do not remember which one but they are to low and mid ranged to my ears). 
    I was a bit disappointed during the tests, mostly by the DT770, because it was my previous target. Please do not understand me wrong. Of course all the headphones were very nice to hear. Very full of bass in my opinion. Detailed, and very well made. I'd like to inform you that I suggested to the seller to show me the headphones at range of 200-250$. So he did.
    But somehow, with no plan, my hands had take w Beyer T5P.... I didn't now the price, but was just curious to hear them. And that moment was like a blast. They were so bright, so spacious, są liquid in vocals. My and my fiance we were completely paralised by this sound quality. And just few minutes later also by the price of T5P..... Extremely expensive ones. So... I have asked why this construction is so nice to hear, the sound so natural, and addicting. Of course technological details were interesting but still I stayed with a problem what to choose. Because if I decide to buy DT770 i can be sure I will regret this decision in coming year. I was really sure of it. With no fund for T5P we were confused for a little time. None of 12 units I have heard had so magic as T5P, but the seller showed me Beyerdynamic T70. And I have found pretty same ambience that T5P had. I was very happy with this sound, it was so surprising, so clean, the vocals had so many air, the acoustic instruments had so much texture. They were in my opinion only a little worse than T5P(but more that twice cheaper), so my and my fiance decided to take T70, with absolutely no doubt. 
    All this day they are still 'running in', but even now, they are so addicting. And In my opinion very very different to DT770.
    That's the story the live writes.
    I'd like to thank you very much for your help, and response. I have found lot of information on this forum. And hope to stay here to look and learn more and more.
    I will by glad If you agree with my impressions to this Beyerdynamic Tesla Series?
  10. p a t r i c k
    I am very glad that you have found headphones that are suitable for you.
    It is always good to go and listen to things for yourself.
    I am very fortunate in that I live in a city near London and I can easily go there if I wish to listen to different headphones in different shops. In fact if/when I next purchase headphones of any value over, say £300, then that is what I'd do.

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