Could an dac/Amp reduce emi hiss?
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Sep 6, 2014

I recently got a sound blaster Z for my DT770 (and soon DT990). I ran into some issues with hissing, at first it was due to the drivers. I'm now on the latest drivers and the hiss is gone on the lower volumes, but once I go over 40-50% on the volume the hiss comes back. My next step is to try PAX drivers.

So, to cover my steps I would like to know if a Dac/Amp or even just an amp could do better with hiss. It's tax season so I'm going to use this opportunity to grab a DAC/Amp or just an Amp. My budget would be $200, so if anyone has any good recommendations let me know.

Just for reference, my Sound card is next to a wireless card and my gpu. So it's possible the hiss is Emi interference. I hope not, and I hope the Pax drivers can help with the hiss at higher volumes.

Thank you for your time!
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Sep 20, 2004
Hard to say... It could make it better if the second (added) amp stage presents an optimal impedance to the first amp circuit, AND the added amp stage does not have excessive gain for the impedance and sensitivity of your IEMs.  It could also make it worse if the second amp stage gain is too high for the impedance and sensitivity of your IEMs.

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