1. KonKossKang

    How much amping can these headphones take without breaking?(mW i believe its called?max voltage for these?)

    xb1000 q40 beats by dre pro m50 pro700mk2 dt770 x10 HD650   How much "mW" voltage things can these take?ive heard that 1500mW is too much for the q40,any amps too powerful for any of these headphones?
  2. FreakMarken

    Would appreciate some suggestions for 300-400 budget, over the ears cans, that are to take out in the world! (clamp/leakage)

    I have been doing a lot of research for the past week, and I realised how much minimal knowledge I have. So I figured maybe some knowledgeful people could assist me in my research for my first pair of cans! ^^   -Have around 300-400$ budget. -Need low leakage -Need decent clamp  -I...
  3. pro1137

    Please help me choose a headphone.

    I've ultimately had no help from the recommendations thread, so, I'm turning to both Supremeus members and the general forums. Copy-paste of my post  I listen to a lot of EDM and other misc electronic genres, such as breakcore, speedcore, noise, and happy hardcore. Sometimes some rock...
  4. Andeby

    DT770 Bass rattle

    Hey there! When listening to music that has deep bass I always get a pretty bad rattling in my DT770's. On The Dark Knight OST - Why So Serious? the bass doesn't even sound like bass but like a rattling effect. Plugging my much cheaper AKG K518DJ headphones into my Xonar Essence STX they...
  5. wakazuki

    A newbie questions

    Hey guys so I'm new to headfi and I wanted to get some advice from you who are quite into headphones :)  So I've owned a v-moda crossfade LP for 2 years and they were fine while I was really into house and those kind of music's but recently I've started to listen more and more to pop and more...
  6. TLoFP

    DT770 Question

    Thanks to the help of many great reviews on this forum and suggestions from members I was about to pull the trigger on the DT770s. Many reviews consider them to be heavy on the bass and they are often suggested for rock/rap an other bass heavy music.  ...
  7. esphorizon039

    Headfiers, need your wisdom, looking for the most analytical cans to use for mixing

    I've been eyeing on the shure SRH940 for quite sometime. Every bit of its info seems to match exactly what I've been always searching for. I was so into this headphone that numerous times I was about to pull the trigger and something would happen in the when I finally want to go...
  8. jessthebest

    Moderator please delete - So sorry - reposted my queries in the recommendations thread now. Newb Error. :(

    Hi everyone, Sorry to return to a familiar topic - I'm completely new to the world of headphones and was wondering if more experienced people could give me some advice? I've been reading reviews of headphones for hours and have come to a very tentative decision that the Beyer Custom One Pro's...
  9. Mr Lulz

    Need Help

    Hey guys! I know that there are many threads based that are alot like mine, but i need some help. I listen to alot of Drum 'n Bass, Hip-Hop, and Rock, but the headphones I am looking for need to focus on the first two genres I listed. I will be using an iPod Touch 4g (unamped), so the headphones...
  10. DiscoBurger

    best UNAMPED portable cans for basshead: Ath-pro700mkII, Ultrasone hifi580, vmoda lp2, DT770 80ohm...or somthing else

    Whats happening,    like the title says I'm in the market for some cheap, durable, and portable overear headphones. I have some ultrasone pro900s at home but those need an amp and I hate the inconvenience of dragging one around with me. I need a pair of headphones that "go to 11" soundwise...
  11. jigglywiggly

    Sealed headphones under 100$, a bit bassy and comfy?

    So I had the dt-770s and they broke. They were very comfy, and they sealed okay.   I currently have the takstar hi-2050s, and they sound nice, but they are open.     I know about the takstar pro 80 headphones, but they will take forever to be delivered.   Any other headphone...
  12. ActualCitizen

    Circumaural for less than $300

    Looking for a $300 pair of closed/semi-closed headphones that sound great without an amplifier. Some features I'm looking for are   Amp-less: I will be driving these out of a laptop/portable media player. I don't plan on purchasing an amp soon so scalability is not an issue for me. I'd just...
  13. ScaryFatKidGT

    Need some smaller/portable great headphones

    So I love my D5000's and I also have some SRH840's (not enough bass) and DT770 Pro's but for on the go cans all I have are my Klipsch Image One's and sense I lost my SE215's theres just my SE535's which I don't feel safe taking every where.   So I'm looking at a "used" but new pair of $250...
  14. metalsam

    What headphones do you use for travelling?

    Obviously, you can't use bulky and big headphones on the go. What headphones do you prefer when you travel?
  15. Ode2Joy

    Headphones for Classical music for person with minor low tone hearing loss

    Hi all,   As you can probably tell, this is my first ever post. I have a conundrum I am hoping to get help with. I love to listen to classical music (not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination) but am tired of listening to it on Bose ie2's. I have some minor low tone hearing loss...
  16. PatriotsFan

    What are great headphones for r&b?

    Hey guys I'm looking to purchase some headphones for r&b. I've been looking at audio technica m50, beyer dynamics dt770, senheiser hd650, and I think it's called "grado 80". But these headphones are kind if old and I was wondering if any better has came out recently. I used to have the beats by...
  17. Lucagt9

    Beyerdynamic custom pro/beyerdynamic dt 770/ audio technica ath-m50x ?

    hi, i want to buy a new pair of headphones for less than 200$, which of them you suggest me? i could buy also a DAC. there are other ones that you think that are better of them? thank you very much
  18. lukEM22

    Best portable headphones under 250

    I posted this in the reccomendations thread and doubt it is going to get any recognition. That subforum is too busy. I just wanted some opinions on my next portables;   I am in the market for some over-ear or on-ear headphones under 250 that meet these qualities (in order of importance)...
  19. Tramtox

    New to high end IEM's, and a little disappointed

    New guy post...Finally :)   Been a long time lurker on here, but finally decided to make an account and rant/inquire about higher end IEM's.   So, I always used a Bose QC15 when out and about because of the noise cancellation and decent sound quality, although as most of you know it's not...
  20. xenocid3r

    headphones - not looking for fashion headphones.

    Hi all Was searching for good headphones. I know that this statement probably sounds noobish here.  What I'm looking is for an advice. I'm listening mostly to classical or electronic music.    I would like to avoid these headphones that are a fashion statement. I don't want beats or they...
  21. davidsh

    Headphones for a friend :D (recommendation)

    I have a friend wanting to spent some 100-150$ (max 200) on a headphone (yay!).   They'll only be used in his home, unamped. I have a feeling he would want a somewhat neutral, leaning towards warm, headphone.   I have suggested him the CAL!'s because he can get them for only 55$, which...
  22. manive

    How good are these headphones?

    My Dad brought me up to audio store today. They had these handcrafted in germany open air headphones German Maestro GMP 240. I was trying to find review but hadnt any luck to find any. Here is some flat review + specs.  ...
  23. justhandguns

    Making a choice between the 3, Sennheiser HD-25, Beyer COP or DT770 32ohm Ann.Ed.

    I am in the process of buying a full size headphone. I have been reading loads of reviews and I am now down to the three choices. 1. Sennheiser HD-25-1 II 2. Beyerdynamic Custom Pro one 3. Beyerdynamic DT770 32ohm Anniversary Edition   I am not a bass head but I do like my music to be...
  24. MajorAudio

    How to get the maximum performance out of headphones?

    I own a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770's.   Currently I have them playing my PC music through an AVR. I love the sound, but was wondering whether there's a better connection method which makes a noticeable difference in audio quality.    Thanks
  25. L

    Having trouble deciding

    I am currently attempting to decide whether I should purchase the AKG k550/545 or the Vsonic Gr07. I know we are comparing two very different devices, however I was wondering if anyone has remarks on what to expect from the two. I am looking for something with good instrument separation, not too...