Headfiers, need your wisdom, looking for the most analytical cans to use for mixing
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Apr 13, 2012
I've been eyeing on the shure SRH940 for quite sometime. Every bit of its info seems to match exactly what I've been always searching for.
I was so into this headphone that numerous times I was about to pull the trigger and something would happen in the way......now when I finally want to go for it and I came across this thread......Guess this is true world scenario, always imperfection here and there, and when it is close to perfect, then the" good thing do last comes in"...

the thread:

Ok so it looks like the problem is a kinda design fault and looks like there's a quite a high chance to encounter such problem, judging from the number of reports.

I wonder is the SRH840 falling in the same zone? Are there any chance that the two happened to adopt different construction design?

If not then it's a really sad thing and I have to literally manually turn my head away with hard force on these shures. So tempted.

I wanted something closed back and with rather a flat ("dry, lifeless, monitoring, cold, analytical,...list goes on whatever you understand in that aspect") for my guitar tracking and probably some mixing. Closed back is a must for me. But I've listened to DT770 and it sounds way colored TO ME with recessed mids, slightly less crisp and clear mid and high mids/treble, and most importantly, a rumbling bass that may be due to other factors(file, source, lots...I just plugged it into my source @jaben, forgot wether I connected any amp in between). Also tried AKG K550, don't quite like it the sound signature, sounds like a strange honky mids like old radios, but hard rolling of in the bass and extension in my impression(may not be right.) Some say beyer t70 sounds almost identical to SRH840 in sound signature with an overall slight edge of quality, but I really can't afford that at the moment.

I currently own HD598 for general listenning and it is the only decent headphone that I can use for slightly more critical listening for mixing and mastering my productions. I have to say despite the phone itself providing much joy in music and entertainments, it might be really leading my mix to the wrong direction. After a year I spent with it I and recently started to record and mix lots of stuff, I found myself eventually able to notice its "colour" since some of my mix consistently translate differently in other refences.

Yeah, I searched for a few pairs of studio monitors but I still need to get my room acoustically treated plus sub woofer plus lots of little expenses like stands, whatsoever and the monitors in pairs are already not really friendly on the price tag.  The most I may be able to afford would be just a pair of monitors, with no stands,(may be I can only use foam pads.) I heard somewhere people say certain models of these monitors are way so sensitive to room acoustic that if yours aren't really treated they may be useless....

Alternatively, I previously considered the shures, SRH940, the 840. But the horrifying stories of it cracking here and there makes me stepping my brakes as hard as possible at this moment.

Anyone can recommend anything? or perhaps tell me about the SRH840? Yeah, I know, in many ways it might be less refined as 940 which is its righteous successor, but as long as its more durable than the new design featured 940, I will still go for it.

If you can recommend me some alternative headphones, then as long as it has that flat frequency and sound signature, I'll research all over the places.

I deal with rock/metal extreme metal mixes where fast dynamic response and tight bass, espectially mid and high bass is critical , since it is actually not really good to have those too impactful and make the record too muddy and destroy all the dynamics and fast tight technical part of the songs. Extension however is required since a deep bass really do make guitar tone and the full mix brutal as a whole, creating that "larger guitar".
As for the rest part, since I m using it for mixing, flat/neutra is always better so to ensure no errors done in mixing.

I have a portal usb DAC/AMP, but when I'm working with the mixes I use my Scarlett 2i2's(USB audio interface+sound card) headphone jack to do all listening and tracking, since I currently own no studio monitors.

Before pressing the submit button I actually went searching around about shure and quality issues and look through the recommendations thread. However I guess my preference may be a bit more minor to the mainstream as I m the opposite and want a sound that is as "true" as possible, unlike many headfiers who would still prefer a bit of "life" in it even going for analytical. So if I violate any rules here then I m sorry since really new here.
Anyway ,really appreciate any help.
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Hey, Acix, thx a lot for the help and reply, looks the deal is pretty good, quite some info to read and it falls in my budget.
But then again, I m really in doubt wether anyone is distributing this in Singapore.
If not resulting to online buying and shipping add to cost again...

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