1. JD1993

    ~$500 close-eared, over-eared headphones that I need to order TONIGHT!

    So I need to place an order on good closed-back over eared headphones tonight so I can get them by friday (With 1 day shipping). I listen to all types of music so a more versatile pair would be better. I don't want any recession in the mids, or too much bass. Also, imaging is very important to...
  2. mab1376

    Beyerdynamic T70 Mod

    Has anyone modded a pair of T70's to basically become the open T90's?   I want to do this on mine since i bought them before the T90 was out and i bought into the Tesla hype.   Any suggestions? Has anyone done similar mods?   Are the drivers basically the same or are there inherent...
  3. Allanmarcus

    Closed Cans, looking...

    Yep, this is another "what should I get" thread, but I now have ether-c headphones. I'm keeping this up as it might help others.             Company Model ohm MSRP Price Weight (g) AKG K553 Pro 32 199 305 Alpha Design Lab H128 68 430 330 Alpha Design Lab H128 68     Audeze EL-8...
  4. esphorizon039

    Headfiers, need your wisdom, looking for the most analytical cans to use for mixing

    I've been eyeing on the shure SRH940 for quite sometime. Every bit of its info seems to match exactly what I've been always searching for. I was so into this headphone that numerous times I was about to pull the trigger and something would happen in the when I finally want to go...
  5. FlatListener

    Full size better at low volumes?

    Hello,   This is my first post in the full size forum. Although I usually try to find existing information before bothering people with general questions, I did not find anything specific for low volumes and deciding between full size or on-ear type HP's. I usually use way too many words to...
  6. Random Guy

    Beyerdynamic: What is the best value for money (in the portable headline line)?

    Hey All,   I am after a full size over the ear portable headphone easy to drive and was wondering about what one of these would be the best value for money?   Beyerdynamic T5p for $1050 or Beyerdynamic T70p for $400?   I have read reviews and know the T5p is better but is the...
  7. astroid

    T70P - will i like it?

    so i have the chance of a cheap T70P , i have the K550 and the bass level is fine for me. I have read that the T70P is bright as well, i enjoy the MF100 , is it brighter than that?
  8. thatonenoob

    [Poor Man Reviews] Beyerdynamic T70P (Portable)

    BEYERDYNAMIC'S T70P (PORTABLE) << Dita Answer                          Quick Navigation Panel       Master And Dynamic MH40 >>   INTRODUCTION Most of you probably know me as an IEM reviewer, and you’d be right!  Lately though, I have been taking a look at portable headphones as...
  9. SoundWhore

    Next headphones to try?

    I'm searching for suitable headphones for electronic (dance) music listening and hobby production.  What I am looking for: +big, fun, loud, live "in your face" sound stage. If it sounds small, distant and weak I won't even approach such cans, this is most important for me. +clean, open...
  10. cmac2010

    Beyerdynamic T70P Source Question

    Yesterday I purchased Beyerdynamic T70P headphones. The only other experience I have with quality headphones are my Alessandro MS2i headphones, but I wanted to get something that I could actually listen to in public. My question, is as I don't currently have a headphone amplifier, would using an...
  11. Krisman

    Cleaning headphone ear pads/headband help?

    Hi everyone,   I recently bought a pair of used Beyerdynamic T70p headphones and have really enjoyed them so far except for one thing....the earpads and headband stink!   When they arrived I think the previous owner had sprayed them with something to mask the smell but that has well and...
  12. YoshiokaKiyoe

    Can you guys help me choose between these headphones?

    Hi.   Well i´m from Peru, and i do not really have a music store where i can try some headphones, so i was reading a lot and i´m still very confused.   The other problem is that the headphones on my country are so damn expensive (like 150-200$ more than us stores), so i can only choose from...

    DT770 Premium 600ohm Vs. T70?

    I just got a "like-mint" pair of DT770 Premium 600 ohm headphones in the mail today. I am loving everything I'm hearing so far, they're pretty balanced as far as I can tell which was not my experience when I owned the DT770 Pro 80 ohm. I'm just curious of how big the difference is between these...
  14. Random Guy

    Sennheiser HD 600 and Beyerdynamic t70p Amp/dac recommendation

    Hey,   The headphones i own are the sennheiser hd 600 (and planning on getting beyerdynamic t70p) what headphone amp/dac would be better for $400 or under? (sorry about another one of these threads i know there is a lot on this but i couldnt see much on the specific amp i was looking at). ...
  15. TJ Max

    Recommended portable headphone amp for Beyerdynamic T70p

    I'm looking for a portable amp that can bring out a little more of the low end on my T70p. I've been looking at the Fiio E11 but I'm not sure what else is out there.
  16. Synthax

    HD-650 | | T70 -> how to fill the sonic gap between these two models.

    After buy of T70 I was very surprised by their brightness, airy timbre, number of details. And overall organic nature (as organic as Beyers can be). Still love to hear female vocals, jazz, and most acoustic genres (orchestra also). But.. Sometimes I feel they are not as forgiving as HD650. And...
  17. mindflayz

    Buying a new cans, need help! ~400 euro max

    Hello I'm going to buy a new pair of headphones. Currently I have Sennheiser PC360 but I want to upgrade.   The headphones will be connected to my Asus Xonar Essence  ST which has a headphone amp build-in.   I listen to Hip Hop, Dubstep and Trance.  Also a little bit of pop/rock.  ...
  18. Jason36

    Headphone Advice

    Having recently sold my Beyerdynamic T70p I am looking for advice and suggestions for a new headphone for use at home in my office. These will predominantly be used with my Laptop and O2/ODAC as well as potentially directly out of my iBasso DX50. I am open to suggestions for closed and open...
  19. Random Guy

    Headphones with Good Isolation

    Hey,   I was wondering which of these headphones isolate outside noise (such as on buses or in crouds) the best (please rate /10 of how well they isolate if you have heard them)? Note: I would not like on ear or IEM because i wish to use them over 8 hours and find they will get...
  20. mmcgill829

    Help finding versatile cans with good performance on laptops, portables, and hifi

    Hello!   I've read a lot of direct comparison forum topics, but haven't been able to track down any good suggestions/information for versatile headphones that perform well both on laptop listening and when connected to my hifi system. So here I go.   I've been looking for some decent...
  21. Anewills

    Looking for a decent closed headphone for around 200 bucks

    I've been doing some research for a while and have barely narrowed it down.  I'm looking to buy a decent over ear closed headphone to upgrade from my sennheiser hd428.  I enjoy the 428's a lot but I'm looking for something that jumps out at me a little more and because I'm getting into the hobby...
  22. bdusa

    beyerdynamic T 70 and T 70 p - Tesla quality in a new price range!

      The new T 70 and T 70 p headphones continue the story of success started by Beyerdynamic with the Tesla technology. Rugged in design with phenomenal audio quality, the elaborate three-layer paint and the skin-friendly headband and ear pads made of micro velours emphasize the precious...
  23. MfiveM

    Beyerdynamic T70 and T7P - Now Available for order

        The new Beyerdynamic T7 and T7P headphones are now available for pre-order @ We should be receiving our inventory by the end of this month. Click here for T70 information  Click here for T70P information  
  24. lkhllhm

    I need a help on choosing a portable amp for Beyerdynamic T70

    I recently purchased Beyerdynamic T70 250 ohms without knowing there is T70p. Which portable headphone amp would be perfect match for T70? I don't know much about amps. PLEASE help me here.....
  25. Asr

    Raffle for the 2011 Horn of Africa Drought: Beyer T70, V-Moda M-80, earphones, CDs

    11/30 last update: raffle now closed and winners were posted here:   11/30 11 PM update: ticket sales now closed - no further tickets will be sold, and all unpaid...