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Raffle for the 2011 Horn of Africa Drought: Beyer T70, V-Moda M-80, earphones, CDs

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  1. Asr
    11/30 last update: raffle now closed and winners were posted here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/579342/raffle-for-the-2011-horn-of-africa-drought-beyer-t70-v-moda-m-80-earphones-cds/75#post_7932955
    11/30 11 PM update: ticket sales now closed - no further tickets will be sold, and all unpaid tickets at this time have been forfeited - #24, #92-#93, and #166. Stand by for announcement of the 5 winners!
    11/29 update: Ticket selling cut-off time is 11 PM MST on Nov 30. All Head-Fiers who might currently hold an "unpaid" pending ticket have until that time to send payment. All pending ticket numbers will be forfeited if not paid by that time.
    It's been a while since I last ran a raffle on Head-Fi - 4 years ago, in fact. I thought it was time for another one and this time the cause is for the current drought & famine crisis in East Africa.
    12/2/11 UPDATE & DONATION
    190 tickets were given out and 187 of them were paid for, plus 1 person's donation without a ticket purchase, for a sum total of $1,880 collected via Head-Fi.
    $1,120 was added by me for a grand total $3,000 donation amount going towards the cause.
    However, the American Red Cross no longer had their Horn of Africa Drought Fund on their Web site as of this date, so the money was donated to Relief International's Horn of Africa Famine Relief Fund instead.


    100% of all proceeds from this raffle will be donated to the American Red Cross - Horn of Africa Drought Fund, plus an additional to-be-determined amount that I will contribute on top of the raffle proceeds at the end.

    Detailed info on the Horn of Africa drought can be read here:
    - "2011 East Africa drought" @ Wikipedia
    - "USAID Fact Sheet - Horn of Africa Drought" @ allafrica.com


    There are actually 5 prizes, not just the T70!

    1st: Beyerdynamic T70 closed headphones (Audiogon scale rating: 10/10)
    2nd: V-Moda M-80 closed portable headphones (Audiogon scale rating: 10/10)
    3rd: Klipsch IMAGE X10 (Audiogon scale rating: 8/10)
    4th: Ultimate Ears super.fi 4vi earphones (iPhone compatible) (Audiogon scale rating: 9/10)
    5th: up to 5 audiophile CDs of your choice from my personal collection (all discs guaranteed to be in 10/10 NEW, completely scratch-free condition)

    See the next post below (post #2) for photos of the prizes and more info on what's included with them.


    Payment accepted via PayPal only - $10.61 for USA residents, and $10.72 for Canada residents, for 1 ticket. (Other international residents are eligible too, see "Terms & Disclaimers" below.) You can buy as many tickets as you want. An easy formula to calculate costs for multiple tickets: ((x * 10) / 0.97) + 0.3, where 'x' is the number of tickets you want to buy. Change "0.97" to "0.96" for Canada.
    Alternately, this Web-based PayPal Fee Calculator can be used instead to calculate ticket cost: ppcalc.com. Use the "Reverse PayPal Fee Calculator" on the page and put your ticket quantity multiplied by 10 in the "To receive this amount after fees" input field.
    All international residents, please use the above-linked PayPal Fee Calculator to determine exact cost for your country. Figure on approximately $10 USD per ticket; an international currency converter can be found here: http://www.xe.com/ucc/
    My PayPal account accepts all forms of payment so you can use Instant Transfer or charge the amount to an on-file credit card, whichever you prefer. No e-checks though please.

    To buy a ticket, send me a PM stating how many tickets you'd like to buy, and I'll respond with payment info and your ticket number(s). Please include your ticket number(s) and Head-Fi username in the PayPal payment. There is no limit to how many tickets you can buy, but the virtual ticket roll will be limited to 250 total tickets available.

    Winners for each raffle prize will be "drawn" by a Random Number Generator - every ticket will be numbered sequentially. The Generator will be spun 3 times to determine the winner for each prize when the deadline (see below) has been met. The winning numbers will be posted in this thread at that time. Winners will then be notified by PM and will be given 24 hours to respond to an info request. Failure to respond to the PM within 24 hours will result in a forfeit of the prize. If necessary, runner-up winners will continue to be "drawn" via the Generator until someone responds to the notification PM on time.
    Post-raffle correction: I ended up using the "Integer Set Generator" on Random.org to determine the winners, not the above-linked "Random Integer Generator", and I also had to "spin" it more than 10 times to get ideal sets for wide-spread distribution patterns, non-repeating numbers, numbers not corresponding to forfeited tickets, and to avoid conflicting issues between runner-up positions.


    The raffle will run starting immediately until 11:30 PM MST on Nov 30, with the Generator drawing to be done shortly thereafter. The ticket selling cut-off time will be 11 PM MST (on Nov 30).


    - Open to all Head-Fi members regardless of country of residence. Regular members only, no MOTs! (Members of the Trade.)
    - Only members with join dates of Oct 2011 or earlier, and a pre-existing post count of at least 5 (as of the time of this thread posting), are eligible to buy tickets.


    If there are any people who'd like to add even more prizes to the raffle pile, please send me a PM.

    Relevant links for newer Head-Fi members:
    - My pre-Huddler seller feedback thread (120 transactions + 4 loaners, 100% positive record): www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/165969/asr
    - Meets & shows that I've attended over the years where I've met countless Head-Fi members who can vouch for me: www.head-fi.org/t/509456/proposed-addition-to-user-profiles#post_6886408
    - 6 loaner programs organized throughout 2007: #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6
    - Giveaways that I've organized (partial listing only, there are many others):
    -- Apr 2011: Phiaton PS500
    -- Dec 2010: ATH-M50, Asgard, 3 audiophile CDs
    -- Dec 2007: Gilmore Lite LE #3, Mini³, portable rig
    -- Apr/May/Jun 2007: Arcam CD73

    Note: the initiative for this raffle thread was approved by Jude (Head-Fi's admin) before being posted.
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  2. Asr
    (Note: any of the below pics can be clicked for a larger version - Head-Fi scaled them all down upon upload.)

    1st Prize: Beyerdynamic T70 closed headphones (Audiogon scale rating: 10/10)

    These headphones were recently acquired from Headphone Solutions via their contest in this thread: "Enter to WIN a FREE T70 Beyerdynamic ($669 retail value!)". The box was opened and the headphones were briefly auditioned but not used for more than 30 minutes before being re-boxed. All original materials are included with the headphones - manual, carrying case, & factory box.

    2nd Prize: V-Moda M-80 closed portable headphones (Audiogon scale rating: 10/10)
    I bought these new at a local retailer recently and don't expect to keep them. Hence, another raffle prize!
    3rd Prize: Klipsch IMAGE X10 earphones (Audiogon scale rating: 8/10)

    I bought these earphones new back in 2007 and don't use them anymore. The soft strain relief on both earpieces has a slight splay at the cable entry now but this is a common issue for the original X10. All original materials are included: zipper-clam case & accessories magnetic box case, airline adapter, 3.5mm-1/4" TRS adapter, 4 pairs of silicone gel tips (all tips will be thoroughly cleaned before shipping), & all factory packaging (including the outer plastic shell).

    4th Prize: Ultimate Ears super.fi 4vi earphones (iPhone compatible) (Audiogon scale rating: 10/10)

    These earphones were acquired years ago via a raffle at one of the Head-Fi National Meets (forgot which one) and have never been used. Included are just the earphones with the Ultimate Ears hard case.

    5th Prize: Up to any 5 audiophile CDs from the selection shown below (all discs guaranteed to be in 10/10 NEW, blemish-free condition)

    All of these discs were purchased by me in new-condition quality from various sources including ElusiveDisc.com, Amazon.com, and Spun.com. For convenience, here's the available selection in a textual-format list in addition to the photos.

    [x] Arthur Grumiaux w/ London Symphony & New Philharmonia Orchestras - Mozart Violin Concertos (Complete) [2-disc]
    [x] Herbert von Karajan & Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - Mozart Symphonies Nos. 35-41 [2-disc]
    [x] Krystian Zimerman & Polish Festival Orchestra - Chopin Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 [2-disc]
    [x] Lorin Maazel & Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra - Respighi: Pini di Roma
    [x] Pierre Boulez & The Cleveland Orchestra - Debussy: La Mer / Nocturnes [2-disc]
    [x] Ruggiero Ricci & London Symphony Orchestra - Carmen Fantasie [JVC XRCD]

    - Amanda McBroom - Dreaming [JVC XRCD]
    - Donald Byrd - The Cat Walk [AudioWave/Blue Note XRCD]
    - Freddie Hubbard - Open Sesame [AudioWave/Blue Note XRCD]
    - Horace Silver - Blowin' The Blues Away [2011 Poll Winners] [Import] (remaster)
    - Horace Silver - The Cape Verdean Blues [AudioWave/Blue Note XRCD]
    - Jackie McLean - Bluesnik [AudioWave/Blue Note XRCD]
    - Kenny Drew - Undercurrent [AudioWave/Blue Note XRCD]
    - Lee Morgan - Candy [AudioWave/Blue Note XRCD]
    [x] Nat King Cole - After Midnight [2010 Analogue Productions Hybrid SACD]
    - Nat King Cole - Where Did Everyone Go? [2010 Analogue Productions Hybrid SACD]
    [x] Tina Brooks - True Blue [AudioWave/Blue Note XRCD]

    - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath [2009 2-disc Deluxe Edition]
    - Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell [2009 2-disc Deluxe Edition]
    - Black Sabbath - Paranoid [2009 2-disc Deluxe Edition]
    - David Bowie - Space Oddity [2009 2-disc 40th Anniversary Edition]
    [x] Led Zeppelin - The Definitive Collection [2008 Mini LP Replica box set]
    - Little Feat - Dixie Chicken [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab] [Gold CD]
    [x] Little Feat - Little Feat [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab] [Gold CD]
    - Little Feat - Sailin' Shoes [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab] [Gold CD]
    [x] Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab] [Gold CD]
    [x] Rush - Permanent Waves [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab] [Gold CD]
    - The Cars - Candy-O [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab] [Gold CD]
    - The Cars - Shake It Up [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab] [Gold CD]
    - Yes - The Yes Album [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab] [Gold CD]
  3. alota
    pm sent [​IMG] and up for this this raffle
  4. KimChee
    Very cool idea
  5. mgurvits
    pm sent
  6. rroseperry
    Pm Sent and a bump for a worthwhile cause.
  7. Asr
    Currently at 17 tickets sold so far.
  8. Twinster
    Very nice to see people that care for others in needs. PM Sent!  [​IMG]
  9. Brooko Contributor
    Amazingly generous thing you are doing Asr.   PM sent.
  10. Nick01
    I don't understand the formula...
  11. Asr

    The formula given applies only to USA and Canada actually. You'll have to use the Reverse PayPal Fee Calculator on this page to figure out your cost: http://ppcalc.com/au. Type your desired ticket quantity multiplied by 10 into the "To receive this amount after fees" input field. For example, 1 ticket would be $10.66 or 2 tickets $21.01 (AUD).
  12. Asr
    ^ 27 tickets have now been sold so far.
    I'm adding a challenge: I'll add a 4th prize if we can get to 50 tickets sold by the deadline! [​IMG]
  13. Asr
    Due to an apparent lack of interest in this raffle, I'm setting forth this new term: if 11 more tickets aren't sold by 11:59 PM MST on 11/27 (for a total of 40 sold), I will be canceling the raffle and issuing refunds to everyone who's participated so far.

    I don't think it's necessary for anyone who's already bought tickets to buy more, unless you want to. I was hoping there'd be other people willing to donate money towards this cause (and win something at the same time).
  14. rroseperry
    Do I need to rePM you to buy more tix?
  15. Twinster
    I'll buy some more too.
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