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Jan 28, 2011
I am currently attempting to decide whether I should purchase the AKG k550/545 or the Vsonic Gr07. I know we are comparing two very different devices, however I was wondering if anyone has remarks on what to expect from the two. I am looking for something with good instrument separation, not too much bass, and a wide sound stage. I listen to everything from jazz to rock and indie. I do not listen to EDM, or bass heavy music but when there is bass I like it to be smooth. These would be used almost exclusively for use while studying in a library at school, and because I fear that although the Vsonic GR07  would have a clear and distortion free sound that I would end up having a congested and small feeling sound stage due to it being an IEM. 
Has anyone hear compared their GR07 or similar earphone to a headphone? How does the sound stage compare? Would I have to go to a $300 Westone, or would that also have a smaller sound stage?
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I'm looking for something with a lack of distortion, good instrument separation and clarity, and a wide soundstage. I'm wondering if I'm giving up a wide soundstage if I go with the gr07 over something like a k550 or dt770.
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If you really don't know if you want an IEM or full sized cans, you really shouldn't be asking this question yet.  
With IEMs and cans in your price range, there will be no real comparison in regards to sound stage.  If SS is the most important thing to you, than get a set of cans.
If you are concerned about portability, isolation, sound leak, etc. then IEMs are obviously more up your alley.  
It is literally impossible to just say "so I listen to everything and I want clear sound and blah blah" and have someone recommend you "the" perfect set of phones.  You need to do some listening yourself to figure out what your personal desires and needs are and build upon that knowledge.  We can give you a starting off point but we cannot tell you exactly what will make you happy because, go figure, we aren't you!
With that said, give GR07MKII a shot.  Buy them, listen to them, enjoy them.  If, through your listening, you find that there are some deficiencies, then go from there.  

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