1. FightBrothers

    What's the best IEM under 200?

    i'm looking for a IEM that is under 200 with good soundstage good mids and highs, bass is not my biggest concern but it still have to nice and clear. i'm not an audiophile so i'm hoping for some opinions.
  2. metload2

    Live sound bad for headphones/audio gear.... myth?

    I was told a long time ago that live audio, lets say from a guitar or something else would "ruin" normal audio stuff like headphones or speakers because the equipment wasn't designed for live use. Is this true at all?
  3. Asmodeuss1990

    Newbie to purchasing high quality IEMs - Seeking a pair for 200$ or less that are great for heavy metal

    Basically... I'm a metalhead. I DO listen to just about all genre's of music like rap, classic rock, dubstep, trance, and so many other genres of music its ridiculous. So to give you an example of how much music I enjoy I have 17,000 songs+.  However my most favorite genre of music has always...
  4. danquoc

    Best IEM?

    I have the Shure SE215 and I'm sick of them breaking down on me. Are the high end versions better? (315, 425), in terms of the quality of sound, and in terms of not breaking. Are there any other IEM's that are better than the SE215 in terms of sound quality that hover around 200 dollars?
  5. blueberryjudy

    Comfortable In-Ear

    Hi All.   I had the Klipsch x10 and I was quite happy with it (comfort and sund), however the pair broke. I am looking for a new pair that I can wear straight down (e.g., no over-the-ear). Should I replace it with another Klipsch x10? However they are now $125 on Amazon and they were $85...
  6. swoody

    Deeper seating foam tips for GR07?

    Hello world!   I recently acquired a set of GR07 headphones and have been enjoying them greatly thus far. The only concern I have is with the tips which are included with them. The dual-flange rubber tips and the foam tips are about equal to me in terms of sound quality and isolation, but...
  7. Freddopoops

    Most laughable IEMs

    I was looking for a replacement to my Vsonic GR07s after my dog chewed them up, and my friend recommended me to 'upgrade' to "Bassbuds". I laughed for literally an hour after looking at their website.    http://www.bassbuds.net/australia/home/   Scroll down to the comparisons if you want...
  8. Icytom

    Best In-Ear headphones for under or around $150.00?

    I am looking for some higher end headphones on a budget but I dont know much about what is on the market. Please help.
  9. DavvyJones96

    Best step up from GR07s?

    I've been loving the GR07s (CCE, but don't judge) for over the past year I've had 'em. Sadly, the wiring in the left monitor was doomed from the moment I got them, as it wasn't fitted into the cable sleeve properly, and it didn't occur to me as being an issue, and they still served me well. I...
  10. Strauss95

    Upgrade from GR07 BE

    I'm looking to upgrade from my GR07 BE's. I really like their sound signature, overall a wonderful sounding IEM. What I'm looking for is an IEM under $300 that would be considered an upgrade from what I currently have. Something that sounds similar but with a bit stronger sub bass. I purchased a...
  11. Inks

    Apple ME186LL/A Dual Driver Improved Revision?

    First off, a MUST read.   While the ADDIEM fell under the radar for a while [being vastly underrated?], Apple discretely revised the build of the ADDIEMs , but may have also tuned the sound a bit differently. The ADDIEMs labeled MA850G/A are now ME186LL/A. Certainly the performance of the...
  12. dSmurf

    HELP!!! All rounder IEM under $200

    Hi Guys!!!  I'm just new on head-fi , i'm looking for an IEM that will suit my music style under $200 cause i can't bring my he-400 since its pretty heavy, it must be an all rounder one since i really do appreciate all genre in terms of music but here's my routine:   MORNING: I listen to...
  13. tordfuglstad

    ATH-IM70 vs Shure SE215 vs VSONIC GR07

      So I'm looking into buying myself a new pair of In-ear headphones. I do have a sweet taste for good sound quality and have been reading about these headsets. What I can not do though is deciding which ones to get. I had my eyes set out for the IM70's, but have come across different kind of...
  14. ItsXatu

    I can't make up my mind

    Hello! I have been reading up about good recconendatuons and reviews here on Head First. Currently, I own a Sony Nwz-e384 and a RHA Ma750, and I was thinking of upgrading my portable setup. For the mp3 player, is the current one I have considered "high resolution"? And are there any other...
  15. LostMySelf

    Comfortable headphones for outdoor use

    I am outside 2-3 hours every night when working and I have decided to get a pair of full-size headphones even tho I just got VSONIC GR07. I have 2 hoodies on me with the hoods on the head so I will use the headphones "on" them.   I usually just have one headphone on the ear and the other one...
  16. Sam Powie

    IEM Recommendation

    Yo new to hi fi, and looking for suggestions regarding what iem to buy. Have been using the Shure Se215, an really liked it, however they broke, and i felt a change was needed.   My budget is around $200, and I primarily listen to various sorts of metal and rock music. Any suggestions would...
  17. jcasado94

    New In-ear recommendation.

    Hello! I'm not really inside the in-ear world, and I want to buy a good pair this weekend, as my old ones have broken.   My price range would be between 100€-150€ (150-200)$.   My source is an iPod 160GB classic, and 2/3 or more of my music is in lossless ALAC.   About the type of...
  18. SD787

    Best IEM for Running/Gym use for under $200

    Ive been browsing trying to find a high quality set of IEM's for Gym/Running use for less than $200. I will be using them with my ipod nano worn with an armband. Preferably they would be noise isolating, would have to fit snug and not start to fall out while running, not have any type of touch...
  19. mzangus

    IEM for under $200

    I am currently a user of the Apple Earpods, but I want to upgrade to something much better, while staying under $200 (currently using an iPod Touch 5)   What I am looking for: Great build quality (to last me a couple years) Very low leakage, preferably none at all Comfort Must sound...
  20. sneaglebob

    Need portable IEM

    Hello everyone   I am close to getting the amount of money to get an iem under the 400 dollar range and I would like to know which one will suit me. I am a basshead however i don't mind sacrificing some bass, and i'm looking for something that can outperform my current beats pro headphones...
  21. cornman

    Best choice of IEM under $100 for rock/metal

    Ok so I know there are already several threads about this but none of them have really answered my question so I'll just start a new one.   So my klipsch S4's recently broke (right side went out) and I am looking around for my next pair but I'm having extreme difficulty deciding. The...
  22. Kashin

    $100 ~ $200 IEM Recomendations

    My Bose IE2s died, so I need new earbuds, but it's very hard to figure out what would be the best choice for me. What I'm looking for is nice, clear and balanced sound, as well as a sturdy and comfortable design within or close to the 100-200 price range. I have yet to find a pair as...
  23. aznkid24

    Trying to upgrade my stock Ipod touch earphones

    hey guys as the title states, I was thinking of the GR07 from Vsonic or the RE-400 from hifiman, read reviews that they are on the warm side but I'm not sure which  one to get.
  24. enyls

    New Pair of Earphones

    Hi,    I've been using beats in ear earphones(I'm not sure exactly what model, they don't seem to have it anymore on their website), but they have broken. I didn't even really like them in the first place though. I mostly listen to hip-hop/rap, alternative, rock, and some of the new pop...
  25. werthan

    RBH EP2

    Hello, New to forum - an overwhelming, but great, amount of info. I was reading a review of the RB EP2 and wondered if anyone had experience with them.  I did a search and didn't find anything.  I was just about to pull the trigger on the GR07s, but the review has made me interested...