Best choice of IEM under $100 for rock/metal
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Dec 29, 2008
Ok so I know there are already several threads about this but none of them have really answered my question so I'll just start a new one.
So my klipsch S4's recently broke (right side went out) and I am looking around for my next pair but I'm having extreme difficulty deciding.
The Klipsch were my first decent pair of IEMs ive used so I have nothing else to base my decision on.
I listen to pretty much every genre of music but if i had to pick one that predominates it would be metal such as death metal, black metal, prog metal etc (Opeth, nile, cryptopsy etc). I also listen to a good amount of prog rock and occasionally some trance/electronic.
I really love the lower mid/bass impact of the klipsch but it could definitely be more detailed and clear which caused me to consider the etymotic hf5 but from what Ive read they probably wont be bassy enough for me.
Any suggestions? I would really like to keep it under $100. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I get you've already read the other resources, but there is still a medium for asking questions, in particular. Not really to get info off the bat but rather a place to ask for info -
More clarity and detailing than the S4 but with similar impact, under $100 - that is asking for a bit much (the GR07s would do, but that's severely over-budget so disregarding that...) though if one was hard-pressed the FXD80s might be worth a look at the very least, especially since clarity was specified. Also the FXT90s - they'd have a similar tonality but a bit thicker/more substantial in the lower mids, among some other things. 

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