1. Table

    Best IEM for <$200

    I currently use Klipsch Image s4's and I am planning on upgrading soon. I mainly listen to indie/alternative rock. Thank you for helping.
  2. 21rmpark

    I just lost my Klipsch Image s4's.

    Ok, I am no audiophile but I certainly do like my music experience to be pleasant. Could you guys suggest me some headphones, something that is a step forward from the image s4's.
  3. anirbanghosh

    Quick opinion needed on Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers

    I have some coupon from some website with which I am getting this for $35 approx. I am quite novice in headphones.   1. Does it sound better than Klipsch S4? 2. Please comment on sound quality - bass, treble, mids and also sounstage.   Sorry if my questions did not make any sense.
  4. Broese

    in ear vs over ear vs on ear sound quality

    What is the difference in sound quality between the three types of headphones of similar value?
  5. canzz

    Requirements are clear. Please recommend me an IEM.

    I dont want take lot of time of yours. I will just be clear.    THE IEM MUST - suitable for electronic music - have powerfull bass - loud volume - around 100 bucks   I'D BE SO GLAD IF - has iphone control - below 150   Cheers!
  6. jyoder13

    ex Klipsch S4 owner looking for something new!

    I used to own a set of Klipsch s4 headphones. I had them for about 4 years and never had problems with their durability, not until my cat chewed them up recently... I enjoyed them, so I was just going to go with another pair but then I realized I was missing out on ALL kinds of different...
  7. Tom22

    Mod: increasing the depth of the earpads, does it change the sound?

    i was wondering if adding cardboard or plastic tubing inside the earpads to increase the depth of the earpads changes the sound quality?? (this is usually done to full-size to prevent discomfort of when your ear touches the drivers)       credits to lxxl     personally i don't know...
  8. jonyoo

    [ Need help finding new IEMs ] (bass of IE800 and high of mini Darts)

    Greetings head-fi people!   I recently owned the IE6 until I accidentally destroyed it into pieces which I am embarrassed to explain further. I am in desperate need of your help!!!   I have been listening to a couple of different types of IEMs to find one that matches my taste...
  9. bionicman

    Desktop Amp for IEM's

    After spending countless hours researching and a failed experiment with the Fiio E10K, I need some help . . . I'm looking for a desktop amp (or Amp/DAC) that can specifically handle IEM's, in particular the Klipsch S4 and Sony MDR-7550. I tried the Fiio E10K and it sounded muddy and didn't...
  10. Dirtyworks

    Will I like the AKG K142HD's?

    I'm not one to buy super expensive cans - I have modded Sennheiser HD428's, Klipsch Image S4's and the terrible Corsair HS1A's. However, I do like decent sound quality. I love my HD428's, but I wanted to try something new. I ordered the AKG K142's on sale for $99CAD. I already have a decent...
  11. jaykaying

    Great Earbuds under $100?

    Hi,   I'm fairly new to the world of headphones, IEM, and such. Anyways, I recently received a $100 Best Buy Gift Card which I decided to spend on some earbuds. My first thought was the UrBeats but after a bit of research plus my previous experience with my Solo HD's, I decided against it...
  12. gauravhbk

    Ath cks-77 vs Klipsch S4??

    Im new here, and so dont know if this is a stupid one to ask. I am only looking at these two after reading forums here, and want an under $100 iem. My main requirement is a lound, punch, bassiest music. I already have an s4 which I broke, so just need to know whether i should just buy another...
  13. Boosh96

    Wondering about basshead earphones

    My dad has been wanting to get my brother a pair of new earphones for his birthday, and that's when I broke it to him that there's a lot of far better brands than Bose and Beats and stuff like that. I told him that I'd email him a list of options. So what are some good earphones that cost, let's...
  14. The AudioPhile

    Great In Ear Headphone Under $50

    Hello,   After deciding to dump the choice of the ath m50, and instead going to buying a combo of the aurvana live and a $50 or less earphone, i thought this is a better choice since i have a chance to get the best of both worlds, and also, take earphones to the gym.   All I can tell u...
  15. invrlose

    Are there many fake klipsch image s4?

    The klipsch image s4 I bought at future shop came with a cloth case instead of a metal one... They literally hurt to wear too. I can only wear them for 20 minutes.
  16. XHale

    Budget Classical Music Headphone/IEM for 100$

    Hey, looking for some portable earphones to compliment my FA-003. The 003 is just way to bulky to travel with (I have... twice) and I'm looking for something relatively cheap. Are the KSC-75 good for classical? They seem like must haves :P   I was also looking at the RE0, RE-ZERO, Image S4...
  17. W

    Best earphones for ~£50? Good bass and highs

    I'm looking for some new earphones for around £50, preferably cheaper.   I bought the Klipsch Image S4s 2 years ago and I remember those being fantastic, maybe because they were the first premium earphones I bought.  I then bought the SoundMagic E10s which were pretty bad and kept falling...
  18. Baroninkjet

    Klipsch S4 >> HiFiMan RE0 >> what next?

    I wonder if anyone might have some advice for me as to what IEMs to consider next. Recent History:   Klipsch S4 -- I liked them OK except for the sibilance which drove me absolutely bonkers.   RE0 -- I really like these a lot, love the clean precise highs. I have to jack up the bass a...
  19. spindex

    Another budding audiophile seeking expert advice on a pair of cans

    Background:   I am a budding audiophile who recently joined this forum to get some help on a pair of headphones.  I consider my ear to be good and I notice lots of detail when I listen to music from a good pair of speakers or cans.   I've been recording music as a hobby for a number of...
  20. aetain

    Bassiest IEM

    Hello, im looking for a very bassy iem. I have the Audio technica pro700mk2 with a digizoid Z02 amp. It seems to focus more on sub-bass. I want the most midbass an IEM can have. Ive looked at monster turbine pro gold, Hippo VB, IE8 and FC Atiros. If you have any other suggestions for IEM's with...
  21. zain

    need help choosing

    So I need to buy new earphones as my klipsch s4 broke two weeks after I received them due to a loose connection , but anyway I need help to find the right earphone for rap, hip hop and rnb , my budget is around £50-£100 and I listen to music almost half a day , everyday so it will need to be...
  22. cornman

    Best choice of IEM under $100 for rock/metal

    Ok so I know there are already several threads about this but none of them have really answered my question so I'll just start a new one.   So my klipsch S4's recently broke (right side went out) and I am looking around for my next pair but I'm having extreme difficulty deciding. The...
  23. kingdixon

    Nice iem under 200$

    Hello Everybody, Iam new to the forums, my name is mohamed and i just need your advice regarding the subject, sorry for opening a new thread if there was one regarding same subject. I love music so much and i need a good iem under 200$ budget, i love to try alot of earphones but i always try...
  24. xTIRO

    Can't decide on a pair of in-ear headphones.

    I currently own a pair of V-Moda Bass Fréq Metals that I got for $35 and I was looking to get another pair of headphones that aren't so overwhelming on the bass and sound better.   I was thinking of getting the ME Electronics A151, ATH-CKS55BK, Klipsch Image S4 or Phiaton PS 20, or maybe...
  25. Mrx1

    Best value IEM's for 50$ ?

    hi, i recently signed up to the site after a while that I was going through the threads here, great forum. anyway, i'm looking for a pair of an IEM's, i'm going to use it most of the time at the gym but for other places too, so it's important for them to stay in the ear well. i'm listening...