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[ Need help finding new IEMs ] (bass of IE800 and high of mini Darts)

  1. jonyoo
    Greetings head-fi people!
    I recently owned the IE6 until I accidentally destroyed it into pieces which I am embarrassed to explain further.
    I am in desperate need of your help!!!
    I have been listening to a couple of different types of IEMs to find one that matches my taste.
    Recently, I have tried Atomic Floyd mini Darts and was very impressed in it's clear high's but not so much for it's bass.
    For the IE800's the bass got me eargasmic but not so much the highs.
    I am open to any suggestions and I was wondering if there is an IEM out there that might match what I'm looking for.
    What I'm looking for is something similar to the thread title (bass of IE800 and high of mini Darts).
    I loved my IE6 and I have used it happily for the past 3 years or so.
    Within those 3 years I got into the whole IEM scene as I found myself becoming more sensitive with what was coming into my ears. Tried out a range of earphones such as:
    Westone 3
    Triple-Fi 10
    Klispsh Image S4
    CX 300 II, CX 400
    AKG K330
    AudioTechnica CKM33
    At one point I use to own most of these IEMs and some I borrowed. Don't get me wrong all of them had their own unique sound and I enjoyed them a lot. But the reason I stuck with the IE6 was because I never got bored of them. The others were really nice but I eventually got bored and ended up trading or selling them.
    Now I'm looking for something better than the IE6. Something that will satisfy me for another good few years which none of the IEMs mentioned previously could do. I can't really call myself an IEM freak because I still don't know a lot about them. All I know is that I am a sound freak because if I dont like the sound a particular IEM is delivering, I'd rather not listen to anything at all.
    Is there any hope for me?
    I wish there was an IEM out there that had IE800 bass and mini Dart highs. That would be perfect for my style!
    I was part of a band for many years so I listen to a lot of band music of all sorts. Heavy metal, alt. rock, to fusion jazz and funk.
    I also love electronic music e.g. trance, house, dubstep, hip hop, etc...
    I pretty much listen to whatever sounds good. Not helping much is it...
    I will be visiting a store soon where I can pretty much try out any IEM so I am open to all of your suggestions!
    Some of you may say "well then try out all of them."
    I'm trying to narrow down my search. Not camp out in the store for a whole month.
    Anyway's I really appreciate what head-fi has going on here and all the people that contribute to it!
    Thanks! :)
  2. jonyoo
    Any suggestions please?
  3. ej8989
    have you tried burned-in vsonics?
  4. ZARIM
    The JVC FX700 offers deep reverbing bass,crisp clear mids, and clean extended highs with wider soundstage and overall sound warm, rich and very detailed.
  5. jonyoo
    I would really like to try out the GR07. Is this one that you are talking about? Or a different one?
  6. jonyoo
    I would really like to try out the GR07. Is this one that you are talking about? Or a different one?
  7. jonyoo
  8. jonyoo
    Thanks! I will definitely be sure to check this one out.
  9. fuzzyash
    seems like pretty high expectations
    why not look into some customs?
    better bang for the buck vs universal iems in the same price range
  10. jonyoo
    unfortunately...i live in korea...

    i went searching for some iems i would like to try like a couple of jvc's, sony mh1c, gr07 and korea doesn't have any of those...what a crappy country.
  11. jonyoo
    i dont understand why korea has every single dr. dre product and doesnt have a single jvc product.
    i guess i have no choice. i have narrowed it down to two choices.
    CKS1000 from audiotechnicas solidbass seires.
    DBA 02 by Fischer audio
    really disappointed to find no jvc or vsonic in Korea. Now I don't care if North Korea attacks.
  12. fuzzyash
    most people buy online 
    i dont know of many places to try out iems where i live too
    westone, shure, sennheiser, and denon are the usual ones to try out
  13. jonyoo
    yeah i usually buy mine online too in korea after i try them out at a store.
    theres some really nice stores in korea with hundreds and hundreds of headphones and earphones that you can just plug in your player and try out.
    they have all westone, shure, sennheiser, denon models and many others. just no jvc and vsonic.
    i really want to try those after reading a lot of reviews here on headfi.
    guess ill have to have my brother send them to me from the states after i save up some more money.
  14. fuzzyash
    from what ive read, usually the jvcs take a couple months until international selling and the vsonic usually are not in stores
  15. jonyoo
    i see. thanks a lot for the info! i appreciate it :)

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