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Wondering about basshead earphones

  1. Boosh96
    My dad has been wanting to get my brother a pair of new earphones for his birthday, and that's when I broke it to him that there's a lot of far better brands than Bose and Beats and stuff like that. I told him that I'd email him a list of options. So what are some good earphones that cost, let's say, $100 or less and have some extra low-end? My brother's not picky about his sound quality by any means, but he appreciates good quality and especially good, deep bass. I'm thinking about Logitech's UE350 earphones, but I wanted to see what some other options would be?
  2. warrenpchi Administrator
    I have the Sony XB60EX, and I could easily recommend those.  As you might expect, with any Sony XB series product, there is a very warm and pleasing bass emphasis.  In the case of the XB60EX, the mids are also reasonably present and not recessed to Hades.  And surprisingly, the smooth and easy highs aren't all rolled off or muted.
    BTW, I also have it on good authority from people I trust that the XB90EX is far better, though I haven't heard them myself.  If your dad wants to go extra special and get him those (because they're not available here in the States and would be a Japanese import), those might me an option as well.
  3. torturechambers
    Klipsch Image s4s have good bass and excellent isolation
  4. Boosh96
    My dad got the Beats Tour headphones for around $50 on Ebay for my brother, but he hasn't showed them to him yet. I'm thinking I'll have him sell the Tours for, like, $100 and then he can turn around and buy some good earphones. How would you compare Tour Beats to, say, the UE350's?
  5. Parall3l
    A $50 tour is probably fake. UE350 is pretty low end but gets the job done. Fake Tours I've heard and they're not worth listening to at all.
  6. Longtime Lurker
    shure se 215
    brainwavz r1
    klipsch s4 (reference)
  7. Eddie C
    If youre in the states have a look at the refurb xba3's from bestbuy, they are around $75 i believe, saw the deal on the deals thread. Not sure if they deliver pounding bass, but they are good quality phones. Check out reviews on its bass quality/quantity!
  8. Boosh96
    Frankly I'm not sure if he got them used or what.. I'll have to ask him.
  9. fuzzyash
    they should be priced at around $150 for the authentic one, new
    very likely he got a fake one 
  10. ScaryFatKidGT
    I say S4's also, the 215's are better sounding but have less bass
  11. Gozzer
    The XBA-3 has good bass and is good for a variety of genre's but its not the focus of the presentation. 
    If your focus is on bass, you can't beat the MDR-EB90EX. 
  12. Azsamael
    I used the XBA 3. I would not classify it as a basshead IEM at all.
  13. warrenpchi Administrator
    Haven't tried that yet, though I've got a couple people telling me that it's quite good as an all-arounder, and particularly in terms of the lows.  Would you concur with that?
  14. Eddie C
    Bass buds i just thought of are audio technica cks series and the ckm500 is praised here on a thread by user dsnuts

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