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I just lost my Klipsch Image s4's.

  1. 21rmpark
    Ok, I am no audiophile but I certainly do like my music experience to be pleasant. Could you guys suggest me some headphones, something that is a step forward from the image s4's.
  2. Zalithian
    pretty much anything.
    But what's your budget?
  3. 21rmpark
  4. 21rmpark
    I use my Lumia 920 for listening music. I guess it does a pretty decent job, it is not as loud as an iPhone however, so, some headphones with a higher output would be awesome.
  5. oblivioncrisis
    I'm more of a lurker than a contributor but I think I can help a little with this topic. I own the s4 and the higher model x10 and I'm a pretty big fan of klipsch but if you enjoy the sound signature of the s4 and you like the bass I would suggest the Shure SE215 limited edition. In my opinion it's like a clearer, more detailed s4. I'm no expert at describing the sounds it produces but think of it as an all around better s4. 
  6. Zalithian
    Lots of choices, but I doubt you'll find something easier to drive than the S4's. They're already 18 ohms. What kind of music do you like most/sound signature do you prefer? Shure SE215's are cheap and might be a good choice. GR07 is a pretty safe bet. Is isolation important?
  7. 21rmpark
    I listen everything across the board. Hip Hop and Rock are my two main genres. I travel in the subway a lot so ya, isolation matters, At 70-80 % of full volume S4's used to block almost all external noise. Pretty fine, but I definitely want to try something better .
  8. Aaron94
    X10s I would say, perfect amount of sibilance where its needed for rock and metal, also has a kick to the bass without bleeding into the mids. They are 50 Ohm though so your phone will not be able to run them VERY loud, my HTC still does a good job though. With the seal you get with the X10s you shouldnt even have to listen very loud, best seal and isolation Ive ever experience and sound leak is pretty much non-existent once you have them in.
    If you could stretch the budget just slightly you might also look into the UE Triple-Fi 10s
  9. FlatNine
    +1 on the X10's!
  10. 21rmpark
    God Bless You!
    I bought SE215's. great great buy, awesome isolation, awesome clarity
  11. kore
    shure 215 would be nice...

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