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Klipsch S4 >> HiFiMan RE0 >> what next?

  1. Baroninkjet
    I wonder if anyone might have some advice for me as to what IEMs to consider next. Recent History:
    Klipsch S4 -- I liked them OK except for the sibilance which drove me absolutely bonkers.
    RE0 -- I really like these a lot, love the clean precise highs. I have to jack up the bass a fair amount though, which I would rather not do. I'm not a bass head at all, but it's not enough. Biggest issue though has been reliability. Today I sent back the second pair for warranty repair in six months.
    So I am thinking I am ready for an upgrade. I'm thinking $100, $150 tops. Looking for clean highs and mids like the REOs, but a little more solid bass. And reliable. Primary source is I-9300  (w/some minor hacks) and PowerAmp or Neutron depending on the day.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks a bunch!!! 
  2. Vendetta
    Brainwavs B2 or a FA DBA02.
    Not sure their price right now but they should fit your needs.
    Bass might not be what you want but should be more than the RE0
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  3. lwien
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  4. FYLegend
    Eartip size and fit are the biggest factors to sound quality on the S4. Have you tried changing the eartips? Bi-flange tips greatly reduce the sibilance, but they are harder to fit well in my ears as they always move off position. For me build quality was the biggest issue - strain reliefs rip off easily (I mean the version that comes in the blue CNET box, not the latest S4 II which is sold more expensive).
    I just lost my S4 so I bought Audio-Technica CKM500 so far so good! A bit bass heavy but the mids and highs are very good though there is a bit of sibilance (have not completely burned in, it's been just a week). Soundstage a bit small, but instrumental separation is very good and detailed.
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