Samsung Galaxy Buds+ - Reviews
Pros: Small and compact
Impressive sound quality
Very good call quality and connectivity
Stellar battery life
Cons: Slightly more bass can be appreciated
Narrow soundstage
Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review – All Rounder.


Samsung has been making truly wireless earbuds for a while now, Icon X being their first, released back in 2018. They kept on releasing improved versions of earbuds along with their Galaxy S series flagship smartphones every year. Icon X’s successor, just called Buds was successful with its small form factor. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ debuted alongside Samsung S20 series smartphones. Samsung, kept the same design and updated everything that matters internally, adding an additional driver to improve sound quality, added bigger battery and added two more mics for better voice calls. Buds+ is priced at 149$ or 11,999 INR, which is slightly more than last year model.

Design, Fit & Connectivity

Galaxy Buds+ come in a small box, consisting of charging/carrying case along with the earbuds, additional ear tips and wings, USB-C cable and the usual manuals. The charging/carrying case is nicely built, small, compact and made of glossy plastic. It is prone to get smudged very easily though. Earbuds also have the same glossy black finish as the case and are small enough to fit snugly and sit flush in your ears, so much so that one can forget wearing them. Fit is superb, doesn’t protrude too much out of ears. They have a touchpad on their faceplate, which is quite intuitive.
Connectivity is very good. Pairing these with any phone is breeze. It is recommended to download Samsung Galaxy Wearable App in non-Samsung smartphones though. It allows various customizations in sound and touchpad options. As with many TWS, just opening the case itself allows the earbuds to pair with smartphone automatically. Wireless connectivity and range are very good too and I noticed slight disturbances at around 15m distance from my phone.

Call Quality

Call quality is excellent. Voices of both caller and receiver are crystal clear and there’s no haziness whatsoever. Windy conditions may cause some disturbances in caller’s voice though. Other than that call quality is excellent and Samsung did a great job with two additional microphones they have put in Buds+.

Sound Quality

Buds+ has got neutral bass, just the right amount of bass. But it won’t satisfy any bass head. I would have preferred a little more bass though. Bass is there but few may feel a little more would have been better. Mids really shine here with being clean, natural, and sweet. Mids aren’t recessed or pushed forward. Detail retrieval is pretty good. Instrument separation and imaging are pretty good. Soundstage is okay, with decent depth and width. Treble has good extension and good details. Samsung provided few EQ options to alter the sound of Buds+, even though they provide only subtle improvements, opting for Dynamic mode made the Buds+ sound better slightly, with slightly better soundstage and bass. In normal mode it just sounded flat.
Overall sound quality is very neutral across the spectrum and very clean.
Ambient sound allows you to hear outside voices more clearly by recording outside voice and playing back to you and it works good and sometimes it feels quite artificial. Due to its design, Buds+ seal ear and provide decent isolation. Active noise isolation would have been better, but the passive isolation they provide is decent.

Battery Life

Stellar. That’s how I want to describe Buds+ battery life. They last a good 11 hours on a single charge and a fully charged case can fully charge the earbuds thrice.


RHA TrueConnect

Buds+ comes in an even smaller case than the TrueConnect and has a very pocket able design. Battery life is leaps and bounds better than the TrueConnect, with Buds+ surviving a handsome 11 hours on a single charge, whereas TrueConnect could only muster half of it in mixed usage and worse in continuous music playback. Sound-wise these sounds balanced compared to the warm and fun tuned TrueConnect. Buds+ has got cleaner mids, slightly crispier treble than the TrueConnect. But TrueConnect pulls ahead in the bass section with its bass being punchier than Buds+. Buds+ has less bass in quantity. Call quality and connectivity is lot better in Buds+ as i could hear clear voices at the other end and connectivity is better with no latency whatsoever, whereas TrueConnect only managed to give me muffled voices during calls and ordinary connectivity. At the end, choosing between these two just boil down to preferences. Buds+ is for those who are after balanced and clean sound signature, better call quality and connectivity and RHA TrueConnect is for those who prefer warm, fun sound, bass prominent and with good performance all over the spectrum. But it fails in the other prominent aspects of a TWS: calls and stable connectivity.


Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is very good truly wireless earbud to buy. It performs very good in all categories: sound quality, battery life, call quality and wireless connectivity all in a small, compact and pocketable form. What else is needed in truly wireless earbuds at its price range? Though I wish it has more bass or sound stage, I am pretty much impressed with its sound quality. Though it sounds slightly better with Samsung’s than with other smartphones, I recommend it. It is worth its full retail price and a no-brainer at the price Samsung is asking for it during S20 pre-order period. In certain markets it’s free and in others they are providing it for a meager price. Whatever price you pay, they are totally worth it being an all-rounder and serving purpose of a truly wireless earbud spectacularly.


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