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    Fuze with RE0
  2. NumLock

    IEM for running Marathons? $100-$200

    Please don't recommend anything under $100 or that I shouldn't run with $200 IEMs. Thanks.  I have been working out with my custom molded TripleFi10s for the past 3 years I think. Love them. But the left one stopped working. Looks like I need to get a new terminal installed. I planned to get...
  3. Tomerco

    Looking for a RE0 upgrade

    Hi there, i have the RE0 and i would like the get something new (i love them tho) i thought about a headphone instead of an iem, i have recently purchased the ath m50 but they where too big too take outside and it made my ears so hot within a few minutes... i will mostly use them outdoors...
  4. koven

    need some advice on $300-$400 universals

    looking at either the heir 4.ai or maybe westone um3x/4r..... prefer a warm rich sound that does well with vocals and bass   im not keen on waiting a month+ for the heir's though... westones look like a good alternative... been out of the audio scene for a while just using my RE0 + TF10 for...
  5. bassophile

    Dynamic driver IEM's with bright treble?

    Is there anything out there that fits this description apart from the Hifiman RE0/RE-Zero/RE-400/whatever it's called nowadays...   Looking for something slightly more high-end than that - though I know it performs very well for its price range.   I don't like the sound of BA drivers...
  6. ksz210

    Budget Classical Music IEM

    I have scoured this forum for advice on a good classical music IEM, however the only general consensus is Ety ER4, is the best. But I dont have that much money to swing on a pair of headphones. I have included a list of other headphones people have talking about in the other forums.   I am a...
  7. Billkwando

    Phone suggestions for a former Bose Tri-port IE user?

    Hi All! I've been lurking here off and on for a few years and am well aware of how the forum in general view Bose products. Before you point & laugh, I got a pair of the original triport IEs (with the Bose billboard-sized plug, and before they had the b&w cable and inline volume) at the local...
  8. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  9. stigmata92

    Looking for IEMs in the $100 range

    Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to posting on these boards, but I'm in desperate need of some guidance on helping me find the ideal set of IEMs. I'm looking for IEMs in the 100 dollar range. My last pair of IEMs were the RE0's, which were quite good but the durability really was a huge...
  10. Dabboo

    Good non-over ear IEMs?

    Hey Head-Fi,   I'll be in the market for some more expensive IEM within the next few months but most of the high quality IEMs seem to be over ear.   I was pretty set on the Shure SE215s but I then realised they were an over the ear design but I really don't like the feel of having cables...
  11. nickmakp

    The Famed RE0

    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on RE0? I've try to search various websites over the past months. Would anyone be kind enough to point me to the right direction. I take both used and new. 
  12. XHale

    Budget Classical Music Headphone/IEM for 100$

    Hey, looking for some portable earphones to compliment my FA-003. The 003 is just way to bulky to travel with (I have... twice) and I'm looking for something relatively cheap. Are the KSC-75 good for classical? They seem like must haves :P   I was also looking at the RE0, RE-ZERO, Image S4...
  13. Baroninkjet

    RE0 quality control

    Last year, I got RE0's and was thrilled with them. Had to boost the bass a bit, but the pristine highs make it worthwhile. Then after 4-5 months (light listening), one ear developed a pronounced buzzing when low tones were played. I got in touch with them and sent them in on warranty. It didn't...
  14. Baroninkjet

    Klipsch S4 >> HiFiMan RE0 >> what next?

    I wonder if anyone might have some advice for me as to what IEMs to consider next. Recent History:   Klipsch S4 -- I liked them OK except for the sibilance which drove me absolutely bonkers.   RE0 -- I really like these a lot, love the clean precise highs. I have to jack up the bass a...
  15. duke11235

    ~50 dollar Neutral Monitor IEMs with Good Isolation/Comfort

    I'm looking for a good set of budget IEMs with a tonally balanced, clear, and neutral sound. I'm planning on using these while doing homework, so I need good isolation and comfort. I've read about the ThinkSound MS01, but they are a little bit more than I want to spend. I'm also not planning...
  16. MSHDigit

    What are comparable IEMs to Sunrise Xcape IEs with similar pricing and sound quality?

    Hello Head-fiers,   I've gone through two pairs of Sunrise Xcape IEs which each only lasted me a few weeks due to their durability issues which are laughable at best.  They always overheated and eventually the wiring came unattached in one side in both pairs, meaning that one ear was...
  17. rudyzhou2

    Upgrade from TF10, RE0?

    It is time to try some different sources/earphones again! I mostly listen to female vocals and recently have gained an interest in classicals cheers XD I am looking for a noticable upgrade from TF10 and RE0 in listening to those genres but I believe that customs are the only way to see...
  18. bcodemz

    New earphones time, I'm sick of expensive earphones.

    My VSonic GR07 just died after sitting on my desk for months and using them for the first time in months. Now I need a new earphone.   I'm tired of expensive IEM's now. I've had 9 pairs of IEMs in the past 6 years or so, and none of them lasted more than a year, and each of them were over $100...
  19. milkyspray

    Which Sennheiser headphones has the extended treble sub 200?

    I'm looking for new headphones that are have extended treble like the iems Re0 ? any suggestion? also good soundstage like AD700
  20. milkyspray

    Which Sennheiser headphones have the sparkly extended treble?

    I'm looking for new headphones that are have extended treble like the iems Re0 ? any suggestion? also good soundstage like AD700
  21. kevms89

    Iphone only, no amp, am I not giving my IEMS justice?

    I have had the RE0, R50, ETY, and now have the XBA-1 and 3, I am now wanting the MDREX1000 which would be the highest class iem I buy, am I not doing them justice using my iPhone 5, should I get an amp? I almost feel bad. I certainly like the sound my XBA3 produces and it blows away my previous...
  22. ljokerl

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Intro: This thread contains my sound quality-focused reviews of In Ear Monitors (IEMs) in my possession. It is meant to be a quick reference for those in need of earphone recommendations or a start-off point for research into IEMs. A more up-to-date, interactive, sortable version of this...
  23. ax0nom

    Advices to buy next cans!

    Hi!   I joined this community just now but I have been reading it since a long time ago.   I own the AKG k271 Mk. II, and the IEM RE0, because I try to produce a bit of music, and now I would like to buy a new headphone to enjoy listening to music.   My musical preferences are very...
  24. RubberDucky451

    Durable IEM's for around $200

    Yesterday my ER23's finally failed me as the left earbud stopped outputting sound. Previous to the ER23's I had a pair of RE0's, which failed in the same way. Don't get me wrong, I take good care of my earbuds. Often I go through the trouble of keeping them safe and sound in a carrying case...
  25. p a t r i c k

    How many do you need?

    As well as listening to music with headphones another pastime I have is cycling. I will mention that I never do these at the same time. A cycling friend of mine told me that he thought you need at least 7 bicycles. You need one for commuting, one for touring, one folding one for holidays etc...