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The Famed RE0

  1. nickmakp
    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on RE0?
    I've try to search various websites over the past months.
    Would anyone be kind enough to point me to the right direction. I take both used and new. 
  2. nihontoman
    they are discontinued. if you aren't set exactly on RE0, than consider it's successor - RE400. they say it sounds better and built better...
  3. Zelda
    or, check the Sell/Trade forum for the RE0
  4. The Dan of Steel
    Actually contact head direct ...well, direct. I did last week and they have them for 49 +6 for shipping. Got mine yesterday. I'm in the US.
  5. nickmakp
    I've check the trade forum but couldn't find anything. I've also try the re400 but it is just not the same, it lack the energy the re0 had. Looks like my best bet is to email Headdirect. Thank you everyone for the help. :D
  6. Gozzer
    Straight out of DAP such as an ipod, the 400, would be the way to. If you have good source/amp the Re-0 will sound their best. When both are at there best, I wouldn't say one is better than the the other, rather than a preference.

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