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Budget Classical Music Headphone/IEM for 100$

  1. XHale
    Hey, looking for some portable earphones to compliment my FA-003. The 003 is just way to bulky to travel with (I have... twice) and I'm looking for something relatively cheap. Are the KSC-75 good for classical? They seem like must haves :p
    I was also looking at the RE0, RE-ZERO, Image S4 and MS1i (headphones).
    Etymotics aren't available where I live.
    Thoughts? :D
    The RE0, RE-ZERO are very good with classical genres music because locational cues are great on these with good imaging,instruments position within the soundfield and very detailed mids, highs and bass response(highly recommended, they improve further with AMPs help). Others like Sony EX600, JVC FXD80, Klipsch Image X10 and Shure SE215 are good budget IEMs for these genres.
  3. XHale
    Great, thanks for the reply. How's the Thinksound Rain compared to the RE0? (RE-ZERO may not be available for me)
  4. XHale
    So between the RE0, Rain, SE215 and FXD80 what would you recommend?
  5. eastPride
    I have not tried the Rain, so I will refrain from commenting on it. Strictly discussing classical music and the signature that would have the best synergy with this genre would be the RE0. It has a flatter response than any of the above mentioned earphones, neutral and detailed in a manner similar to the signature of your FA-003. I'd highly recommend the RE0 before any other of the above mentioned earphones, but I would also suggest the RE400, which has fantastic control, detail, and balance, with very accurate and neutral mids (has a slightly more emphasized bass, but still quite flat and should not deviate much from your FA-003). While either the both the RE0 and the RE400 would be a good match for the classical music genre, I, myself, would go for the RE400 because it's more available, accurate, and is protected by a warranty when purchased from an authorized seller (unlike the recently discontinued RE0). The SE215 has a warm, mid-focused signature with a profoundly impactful bass and a fair treble emphasis (highs don't extend nearly as well as the RE0 and RE400). The FXD80 has a v-shaped signature which has a powerful low end, recessed midrange, and extensive, emphasized treble range. I will reiterate that I found that the RE400 had the best overall detail and clarity out of all the above mentioned earphones and would be ideal for the classical music genre (plus, it has a similar signature to the FA-003), and stress that it's at least worth considering. By the way, if you happen to find an RE0 on the internet that can ship to the US, would you drop me a PM? I'm planning on buying another.
  6. XHale
    Thanks alot for your reply.
    So now it's a toss-up between the RE-400 (~100$) Beyerdynamic XP3 (~75$) and G2A (~50$).
  7. XHale
  8. eastPride
    Have not tried the xp3 or the g2a (honestly don't even know what this is), but I will just say that you can't go wrong with the RE-400.
  9. audiojun
    I heard great reviews about the sennheiser px-100ii take a look into that.
  10. nonsupremous
    I would second the G2A.  Definitely not the KSC75.  They are just too aggressive.  But there is also another one not mentioned here.  The Yuin PK2 would be an excellent choice.  Not very aggressive bass, but imaging is quite good.  INstrument separation is very good and soundstage is MASSIVE for an earbud.  I still marvel at the soundstage of my PK2s after 4 years of ownership.  Also, if you prefer an on ear as opposed to an earbud/IEM.  I would recommend the PX200ii over the 100ii.  The 100ii has a slight veil and a boosted bass.  The 200ii is more open and much less veiled and delivers a flatter response.  I would take the px100ii over them for rock type genres.   
  11. audiojun
    Actually the px 200 is closed back headphone. the px 100 is open backed. for classical trust me you need the bass it opens up the sound stage and makes it seem realistic. I often attend live classical performances and the thing i notice is the bass! The drums and cellos are very deep. A bass heavy headphone does classical more justice than bass light. though you would want a neutral headphone. i have the hd 600 which is bass light neutral and i love to pair it with bass heavy genres like electronica while my bass heavy hd 518 does classical good since the genre is bass light usually.

    I suggest you to go to a live performance and you'll know why I suggested that headphone.
  12. nonsupremous
    Must be a personal preference thing.  I listen to classical music when I'm studying quite often actually.  After I read your post I decided to plug the px100ii and the px200ii in and sample.  The px100ii just doesn't do classical any justice.  You are right about the cellos delivering that deep bass and a can leaning more toward the heavy bass would do it justice.  But the 100ii is just too veiled IMO to do classical any justice at all.  I will give you the 518, but only after the padding is removed.  They are still bass heavy, but the lack of padding between the earpads and the drivers opens them up more.  The M80 is my favorite for classical currently.  But that can is getting out of the OP's budget. 
    Stangely I like to listen to classical through my skullcrushers.  But that's because I can really hit those bass notes.  Can't listen to more than a handful though because I just don't get the soundstage or the clarity. 
    At the end of the day, I think it's a pick your poison.  More bass to accentuate the percussion and cello's or more clarity and bigger soundstage.  High end cans can give you both, but in this price range, in most cases you are leaning towards one or the other. 
    Might even take a look at the Creative Aurvana Live.  One of the best bang for the bug cans on the market, in my opinion. 
  13. XHale
    Thanks everyone for the replies. I've upped my budget abit, so here are my choices now (from most expensive to least):
    Fischer Audio DBA-02 MKII
    Phonak Audeo PFE 012 + extra gray and black filters
    Phonak Audeo PFE 112 (are the accessories worth the extra 40EU?)
    Etymotic HF5
    Rockit R-50
    Want a good cello sound as well. Forgot to mention that I have Hippo VB's from a bundle - are they any good?
    Thanks :D
  14. BenF
    I think that the Hifimediy DAC for 49$ shipped plus JVC RX-900 with the felt mod will give the best results in this budget.
    But if you want an IEM, go with the Hifimediy DAC plus RE-400.
  15. XHale
    Thanks, I'll look into those.

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