1. huxley1

    New here, Looking for closed warm headphones...

    Hey everyone! Long time lurker making his first post here! When I say warm I mean what you normally think of as being warm, but still good all around,  and pretty good detail. Would like it to have not much leakage, or at least not nearly as much as the vmoda m80's or ibuds. Would like to be...
  2. richardallen08

    Are Cans Even That Good

    Ok, so I've been wanting to listen to something better than my iPod earbuds for a while now. I've done a ridiculous amount of reading on this website and a few others. I'm a college student so I just wanted to get the best bang for my buck for now, and one day when I have real money go all out...
  3. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  4. sleek2000

    Grado SR125 VS Fisher FA-003

    Hi everybody,     I use a Grado SR125. I got a chance to compare them with my brother's headphones FA-003. I am using them with the same player as I do with Grado.  I've tried jazz with vocals such as Billie Holiday, Jeanne Lee etc. The vocals are amazing and better than in Grado.    ...
  5. Bbugs

    Fischer Audio FA-003 VS ATH M50

    Hey everyone :D   I'm looking for an over the ear headphone, mainly for music, and will be used on buses a lot. I have been thinking of maybe getting the Fischer Audio FA-003, or the ATH M50. Are they good choices?  If so, which is better? ​ Thanks!
  6. MiyuuKun

    Help Me Decide !

    Hi folks. I'm trying to pick a new set of headphone for me. I did some research and found Audio Technica ATH M50. But I want to be an open minded person and wanna ask for your expert skill and help me determine one. This is characteristics for the headphone that I want :-   ~  Must be a...
  7. Poet

    Headphone Advice

    I'm looking for headphones that will sound better than the pair I'm replacing, which are audio technica A700. It'd be nice if they could be used for running and were portable too, while meeting a $200 price range. If I can't find anything that's comparable to the fischer fa-003 then I'll just go...
  8. XHale

    Budget Classical Music Headphone/IEM for 100$

    Hey, looking for some portable earphones to compliment my FA-003. The 003 is just way to bulky to travel with (I have... twice) and I'm looking for something relatively cheap. Are the KSC-75 good for classical? They seem like must haves :P   I was also looking at the RE0, RE-ZERO, Image S4...
  9. mojosephwu

    HM5 or some other choices

    So im looking for a headphone under $150 in US. I'm a noob in the audio field and i really dont know anything about what makes a good headphone and what is best for what i need. That's why i am asking for help here. My main use of this headphone would be for monitoring,listening to hip-hop/R&B...
  10. laughs

    Need help deciding on a good set of closed-back phones below $300

    Hi there! First post and happy to be joining the community (my poor wallet though, I don't think it will ever forgive me for the decision).  I was wondering if I could get some help on deciding on a good set of closed headphones under $300.  I would love to get some open ones to fully enjoy the...
  11. Poet

    Buying Second Pair of Headphones - Advice Sought

    Hello all! I tried posting in different areas and inside the sticky thread but received no advice. So I'm just posting a new thread. These will be the second pair of headphones I've ever bought, never been an audiophile really. First pair were a700's, which are 'alright'.    Most...
  12. Fuzaken

    Fischer Audio FA-003Ti(W) vs FA-003 vs FA-002W HE?

    Hi all, Can't seem to find what I'm looking for in previous threads so going to post here: I just got my hands on some FA-002W HE's and was wondering how they sound in comparison to the newer FA-003TiW's. I read that the FA-002W's were basically FA-003 with wooden cups and an audio...
  13. cubdog

    Fischer FA-011 vs. FA-003

    I can't find any direct comparisons of these two. I'm surprised that the 011 cost less than the 003 based on the physical appearence. Can anyone tell me how they differ SQ wise. Is either a better deal cost vs performance? Thanks.   cubdog
  14. apav

    DT 990 Pro 250ohm vs K702 65th Anniversary vs Fischer Audio FA-003Ti

    Hi all,   I have a DT 990 Pro, looking to finally get a second pair of headphones and can't decide between the AKG and the Fischer Audio. (I'm only a budding audiophile so I don't fully understand comparisons using sound terminology quite yet, but I do get the understanding of what they are...
  15. tan1415

    FA003/HM5 vs UE 6000

    Hi All,   Need some quick advice here. I received a european coupon for 30% discount for the logitech store,Valid for just 1 day. Alot of headsets have been already discounted by 50%. So quite an attractive deal.   The one i am looking at is the UE 6000. From 199€ tot 60€ including...
  16. jenriquenunez

    where can i find this beasts?

    Is there any website that still sells the fischer audio fa 003 or the brainwavz hm5 ? please any help il appreciate it
  17. abablitz

    Hi, Could Someone Please Clarify This...

    So, I've been lurking for almost a year now. I'm a beginner audiophile.   My Set up Includes: -Fiio E11 -Creative Titanium HD -Maddogg T50RPS -Miles Davis Tributes IEM   I've been looking for a new pair of cans lately. My genre is mostly rock, classical, jazz, and kpop etc. So...
  18. astroid

    Lindy Premium Hifi Headphone's - one of lifes rare bargains.

    I have been lucky enough to be sent the Lindy Premium Hifi headphones for review (Thank you Lindy) , you may know them as the Brainwavz HM5 or the Fischer FA-003.   I am not sure if the Lindy’s are exactly the same, I know the accessories differ between the models but whether they share...
  19. jsilbert95

    Oh no! Not another Momentum vs. Amperior thread!

    Okay disclaimer, I have read a ton about the comparisons between the two and I am trying to figure out something a bit more with my decision, so bear with me. I am fairly new to audiophilia, having gotten my first serious headphones (senn hd600s) 3-4 years ago, but my current set up is Fischer...
  20. ballard3

    Fischer Audio FA-003 Ti

    Very little information can be found about this headphone. It would be interesting to know the impressions of those who have been able to try them
  21. bowei006

    Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Gjallarhorn, Rögnir, Thridi, Wodan, Thekk, and Thror Discussion.

    Hey guys, I just got news and word from a release by my friend at Fischer that Kennerton Audio, a new brand by Fischer Audio will be premiering products at IFA Consumer Electronics - this year in Berlin - with some nice choice lots.
  22. hitman47

    FA-003 balance problem

    Hi everyone, I've owned my pair of Fischer Audio FA-003s (they're actually FA-002Ws but I mounted the plastic cups a while ago as the wooden ones were a bit too bulky for my taste) for a few years now and they've always worked great whenever I used them with my Millett Mosfet-MAX. I only used...
  23. pmwoodward

    Amp or Amp/DAC?

    I am looking for a portable amp and the Fiio E12 looks like it will fit the bill nicely. I am wondering, what would be the advantage (if any) of a amp/DAC  such as the Fiio E17? My intended use will be with an iPhone or iPod. It is my understanding the a the DAC feature of say an Fiio E17 would...
  24. xzifi

    Best headphones under 100$

    Hello, I have a Superlux HD668B headphone but it stopped working properly aprox. an hour ago. Was fine and suddenly when I tried to use it again after 30 mins, it sounded horrible. I'm sure its the headphone since i connected it to my phone and sounds exactly the same. So I am looking for a new...
  25. NU62

    Fischer FA-003Ti

    The Fischer Audio website now has these cans for sale, along with the matching wooden cups.  If  anyone has purchased them (with or without the wooden cups) would appreciate your comments.  Comparisons to the FA-002W would also be appreciated.