1. Desta1972

    Grado (tri-)Dilemma

    Hi there. Here's my ID: New Member and newbie in the world of audiophilia 90% classical listener (and very demanding in timbrical quality) / 10% everything that's not hip hop. 100% PC (for job reasons) / high quality streaming (Spotify Premium/Idagio) I recently decided to take a survey in...
  2. Brinston

    ATH AD700 or Alessandro MS1

    I own a koss portapro and audio technica ws 55.  I love the sound of the koss. And hate the sound of the ath ws 55. The ath just gives me a headache in a minute. I had shortlisted ath ad700 and alessandro ms1 for my new headphones. I am going to use them with cowon iaudio 10.  I am...
  3. XHale

    Budget Classical Music Headphone/IEM for 100$

    Hey, looking for some portable earphones to compliment my FA-003. The 003 is just way to bulky to travel with (I have... twice) and I'm looking for something relatively cheap. Are the KSC-75 good for classical? They seem like must haves :P   I was also looking at the RE0, RE-ZERO, Image S4...
  4. snip3r77

    Recommend me a headphone ( system )

    Went to my friend's house and was able to sample quite a bit of his collection, about 10 of these.   But these are the 2 that really came out tops which are powered by a tube amp optimized for 32ohm and he was using the Dragonfly DAC.   Tried the Alessandro MS-1 ( Modded ). Fell in love...
  5. chello

    Would anyone like to donate wooden cups for Grados?

    Hello everyone, to start off with a little background; I'm a college freshman studying for engineering and I recently bought a pair of MS1's from a buddy. Although they sounded great, one of the cups was cracked pretty badly. Well last week I dropped them and now the back part of the cup broke...
  6. KJSmith

    Headphones near the $100 range

    Hi!   Definitely someone new to buying a more expensive set of headphones. I'm looking to buy a new set of headphones and have a budget of around $100. (Yes, I know a really good pair could cost a lot more...but when I've only really used what has come with a product I have bought...this is...
  7. Jahn

    Before and after pics - CURSE YOU HEAD FI!

    Before - post count around 100, a modest rig for home and portable: Since then, my MS-1 is now a MS-2, the Cmoy has been given to be friend to be confiscated by the government (Thanks, JFK security) and the Ipod is the only thing left. A few months later... Post count - 1500. Portable...
  8. Tom3121

    Help, £100 ($150) Headphones

    Hi, I'm looking into a new pair of headphones to primarily listen to indie rock and alternative although I listen to all other genres, but rarely. Isolation isn't a problem and neither is sound leakage, I'm looking for over or on ear and a good build quality. Obviously comfort is important but I...
  9. zombie medic

    best headphones for under $100 for a friend

    hey everyone i think iv convinced my friend to step up his "audio set up" (five dollar ear buds) to some decent headphones! i hope that maybe this will introduce him into the audiophile world perhaps. iv been think of recommending him a mdr-v6 (mainly because that was my first decent headphone)...
  10. flargosa

    How bad is sound leakage of Grados?

    I want to get a SR225 for work use, but I'm worried it will leak too much sound and bother everybody in the other cubicles. Anyway, how far away can you hear the music of someone using Grado's at medium to low volumes? And how is sound leakage compared to Senn 580/600. Thanks.
  11. NEO

    How to cure the twisted/ tangled headphone cord?

    My Beyerdynamic (DT831) has a main coiled cord with two straight cords that connected to each earcups. The coiled cord itself is fine while these straight cords have started to twisted and tangled in, no matter how I try to untwist them. I dont want to untwist them by hand either since I doubt...
  12. highball

    Ultrasone alternative recommendation?

    I'm really liking my HFI-680's right now but want to get another pair of closed cans so that I can keep one at home and another at the office.  I'd like to find something that keeps many of the qualities I like about the 680's but also rounds out my collection.  I also own: Alessandro MS-1...
  13. Nemi

    Bose OE vs Grado SR80

    Before I came to this site, I thought Bose was as good as it got. So I bought a pair of Bose OE because they looked snazzy, and damn that in store demo sounded good to my virgin audiophile ears. Now don't get me wrong, I actually do like them a lot because I can bring them to the library and...
  14. teknikal90

    Balanced Full Size for iPhone

    Hi all,   Long time lurker here... But I have a question for you guys... I am a musician and enjoy good music, and good music quality. My musical gear journey went like this:   Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5 Pro (on stage in ears) then I got Shure SRH-840 then I got  Alessandro...
  15. SoundWhore

    Next headphones to try?

    I'm searching for suitable headphones for electronic (dance) music listening and hobby production.  What I am looking for: +big, fun, loud, live "in your face" sound stage. If it sounds small, distant and weak I won't even approach such cans, this is most important for me. +clean, open...

    Do you warm up your headphones?

    I first noticed that my UM-1's were a little dull for the first 15-20 minutes of listening. Then it was the Livewires, no bass really until the warmed up. Now I just got my MS-1's back from being repaired and I noticed they were a little Limp sounding, not like I remembered them. 30 minutes...
  17. beatboxq

    SR-125: General Opinion

    What is your guys' general thoughts on the Grado SR-125's?? Are they the best "lower end" Grado's available? (assuming the "high end" starts w/ the 225's, which seem to be quite a step up) Also, how would you compare them to the MS-1's? You can basically get a used pair for the same price as new...
  18. TastyBeanSprout

    Grado igi's must cause brain damage...

    ...because no one seems to want to share their thoughts (besides the single review i have found on head-fi). Cmon, somebody must have some first hand knowledge about these iems. I dont think i'm the only one who is curious.
  19. b0ol

    Modding the Alessandro ms1

    hi, got my pair of ms1's last friday and i was really suprised about the sound. i was just wondering, how i could just improve that experience due to so many readings through threads about these headphones. is it possible to make them circumaural? what else could i do?
  20. goober-george

    Anyone getting the Alessandro MS-2e?

    I'm highly considering getting the Alessandro MS-2e after auditioning my friend's MS-1e (the drivers are red) and have noticed they actually compare very favorably to my old Grado SR-225. The MS-1e to my ear has a much more 3d presentation to the music, air and separation is much greater for...
  21. music101

    Non-Fatiguing Grado's?

    I'm facing a bit of a dilemma and am hoping my more experienced forum colleagues could help out a bit. I love hearing detail in my music, and I also enjoy 'fun' v shape response headphones. However, I do find headphones with a treble emphasis to be fatiguing and can't listen to these types of...
  22. blacknile

    Grado SR125i vs Alessandro MS1: Grado SR125i sound noticeably better.

    Hi   I would like to report some subjective observations which I think might be of help to some on these boards.   In summary, I am now convinced my Grado SR125i are a noticeable improvement over my pair of Alessandro MS1 (non i). Of course, based on my ears, my music, my equipment.  ...
  23. sragoowanshi

    B&W P3 + Grado / Alessandro - Good combo?

    Hi,  I've been using this site as a guide & has helped me quite a bit!    Currently, I am looking to buy headphones to cover a variety of genres I listen to. I listen to various genres from rock, hip-hop, classical to trance, house etc.    I already own the b&w P3, which I bought due to...
  24. Goit

    Colored sound?

    I'm trying to decide between two headphones, one of them is more "colored". Can someone give me some examples of what a "colored" sound is? The Glossary was too brief.
  25. Chickenman

    Ugly Headphones!

    Post a Picture or list the ugliest headphones you have! At this moment, the KSC-75's are the ugliest pair I have.. But then I only have those and the MS1's.. :P