1. Kent0

    Any alternatives to Grado?

    Heya guys, just searching for headphones that are good substitute for grados (coz an sr80i here would cost as high as 200$) I listen mainly on rock, some techno and soft rock and the mid range is very important for me I also prefer Open headphones and my budget is 150$ thanks in advance!
  2. stephanp5

    Parrot Zik vs Wired headphones- appropriate for the genre of music i am into?

    Hey guys,   I'm in the market for bluetooth headphones to pair with my Galaxy Note II. I have searched threads countless but I'm wondering if I spend same $300~ on wired headphones (whatever the brand may be) will I really notice a significant difference? All my Music is streamed online...
  3. XHale

    Budget Classical Music Headphone/IEM for 100$

    Hey, looking for some portable earphones to compliment my FA-003. The 003 is just way to bulky to travel with (I have... twice) and I'm looking for something relatively cheap. Are the KSC-75 good for classical? They seem like must haves :P   I was also looking at the RE0, RE-ZERO, Image S4...
  4. leoncen

    Best headphone for DJ cueing in club environments and electronic music production

    I currently own a pair of Alessandro MS-1i headphones and I love them dearly but they are not suiting my new needs from a headphone currently. I need closed cans that I can cue with in club environments as well as produce music in with as neutral of a sound as possible, as well as a good...
  5. metalsam

    What headphones do you use for travelling?

    Obviously, you can't use bulky and big headphones on the go. What headphones do you prefer when you travel?
  6. tuck4x4

    Full-sized Headphones that have Etymotic sound? alessandro ms1i?

    I've had ATH m50s and loved them, but did not enjoy wearing them.    I've had the Vmoda M80s and they were great, but to my ears there was a bit of distortion in certain blues-ey types of music in the mid bass range.   I tried a pair of Sony 7506s and, to my ears, they sounded better...
  7. Tom3121

    Help, £100 ($150) Headphones

    Hi, I'm looking into a new pair of headphones to primarily listen to indie rock and alternative although I listen to all other genres, but rarely. Isolation isn't a problem and neither is sound leakage, I'm looking for over or on ear and a good build quality. Obviously comfort is important but I...
  8. St0rMl0rD

    Which good headphones to replace Beats Solo HD

    Hi guys,   I'm getting a pair of free Beats Solo HD. I am selling them even before I'm getting them, and I'll probably get around 180 € for them. Instead, I want to buy a pair of audiophile headphones, something the range of Grado SR125i's, I was looking at Alessandro MS-1i. Are there any...
  9. ax0nom

    Advices to buy next cans!

    Hi!   I joined this community just now but I have been reading it since a long time ago.   I own the AKG k271 Mk. II, and the IEM RE0, because I try to produce a bit of music, and now I would like to buy a new headphone to enjoy listening to music.   My musical preferences are very...
  10. marone

    Have TakStar Pro80 and Looking for the Next Step Up...Got Bored

    Exhibiting tremendous restraint and not just leaping to a pair of 800's, I have slowly moved up the value / SQ chain with 20 pairs of cans. What would be the next good step up from the Pro80's? Closed or Open is fine. I listen to rock, jazz, current Asian pop, classical, prog, kraut, very...
  11. blacknile

    Grado SR125i vs Alessandro MS1: Grado SR125i sound noticeably better.

    Hi   I would like to report some subjective observations which I think might be of help to some on these boards.   In summary, I am now convinced my Grado SR125i are a noticeable improvement over my pair of Alessandro MS1 (non i). Of course, based on my ears, my music, my equipment.  ...
  12. hifihead

    Philips Fidelio X1, wow I'm impressed

    I got this headphone for $250 on amazon. I think it is easily worth 2-3 times the price. I like this headphone as much as the Hifiman HE-500 which is $700. The X1 is as beautiful in person as it is in pictures. It has a solid quality feel to it. I’m powering the X1 with the Schiit Magni. I think...
  13. slayerdemon555

    Best upgrade to Alessandro ms1's: HiFiMAN HE300 or Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x?

    Hello again everyone.   I have been looking into some options for new headphones to replace my Alessandro MS1's. I have narrowed my choices down to either:   The HiFiMAN HE300   or   the Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x   Noting that either will be sold to me for the same price (250 US), I...
  14. Gr33nL34f

    Alessandro MS1i ?'s

  15. bster13

    IEM's like my Grado / Alessandro MS-1s

    Hello Everyone,   Being so hard to sample all the IEM choices that are out there, I'm coming here for advice on replicating my experience with my Alessandro MS-1s (  I've been told they are similar to Grado SR80/125s if that helps.  These are my...
  16. W

    Fallen in love with Alessandro MS1i, but are they the cans for me?

    I'm a bit of an audionoob, I do take a serious interest in quality audio, but please judge me as a beginner.   My taste in music is mostly electronic, ranging from dirty house (, to Kelpe...
  17. d4rin

    Looking for desktop amp sub $200 for Grado MS-1

    I decided to purchase the Grado MS-1 after reading so much about it, I just had to try it out.   What I don't understand is, When people say "You don't need an amp to drive these". Well that is correct...You can plug them into anything and they WILL produce sound. But as everyone knows, To...
  18. Abouna

    Next significant upgrade from Alessandro MS-1

    OK, I have some MS-1s that have been my main cans for some years now.  I still think they sound fantastic.   I am wondering though if I might consider something new just for a change.  How much more do I need to spend to beat these significantly.  I'm not too interested unless I;mm going to...
  19. nzhd

    Woody's for a MS1

    Just bought second hand MS1 and would like to mod them , i'm look for some" woody's" finish or unfinished just plain wood. I don't have any tool , and i figure out by the time i buy the tools and wood i better to buy a RS1 !!! any help appreciated . I live in NZ maybe a kiwi did the mod and we...
  20. uglyjoe0124

    Help grado ms1-i

    Hi all I purchased some modded ms1-i headphones. They sound wonderful but I would like to reverse the holes that have been made in the back of the drivers . What would I be able to use. I guess also I would have to cut something to go around the whole of the driver as I guess if not this would...
  21. whoelse

    A simple mod for a comfy Grado (Pix inside)

    Yesterday I was looking at my MS2i and see if there is a way to make them more comfy. I always have some hotspot on top of my eartips and not the usual touching of the driver but more like something hard is pressing on my ear.   I took a look at the bowl and see what happened when I compress...
  22. entralax

    some help with my new headphones?

    Hi, im searching for some headphones within 80-100 dollars, i listen to metal, rock, hard rock, etc...    im not searching a bigh bass, and i dont usually listen to mp3 files.
  23. SpeedBreaker

    Other like Alessandro MS1i

    I really like the phone. I tested it yesterday and my ears want more and more. I want have one but something I don't like from this phone is sound leakage. Really really loud, I can say this phone can be a mini speakers to me. Maybe anyone here would tell to get a close phone, but the sound...
  24. theyshookhands

    A Question about repairing some Alessandro MS1's

    I bought some used Alessandro MS1's off of here about a year and a half ago.  They have worked very well up until a couple weeks ago when (and excuse my lack of knowledge of terminology) the wire from the splitter to the left speaker has caused me some trouble.  The left speaker has no output...
  25. ytisawfulnow

    Are the Alessandro Ms-1 headphones right for me?

    I like headphones that: Have decent noise cancelling abilities great bass response that doesn't make booming sounds over the music and doesn't distort or vibrate, comfortable, and don't have leakage problems? Think the Alessandro Ms1's are a good choice for me? Thanks.