1. XHale

    Budget Classical Music Headphone/IEM for 100$

    Hey, looking for some portable earphones to compliment my FA-003. The 003 is just way to bulky to travel with (I have... twice) and I'm looking for something relatively cheap. Are the KSC-75 good for classical? They seem like must haves :P   I was also looking at the RE0, RE-ZERO, Image S4...
  2. kingdixon

    Nice iem under 200$

    Hello Everybody, Iam new to the forums, my name is mohamed and i just need your advice regarding the subject, sorry for opening a new thread if there was one regarding same subject. I love music so much and i need a good iem under 200$ budget, i love to try alot of earphones but i always try...
  3. dlawton

    HiFiMan Poor Build Quality?

    About a year ago I bought the HiFiMan RE-ZERO IEMs since they came highly recommended here. I loved the sound, but have since really regretted the purchase. The volume in the left earpiece dropped out, and I contacted HiFiMan support. We went back and forth through 21 emails, they sent me 2...
  4. JDoeA

    100 dollar range earphone with detailed precise sound reproduction?

    Hello community,   I am looking for a earphone priced around 100 dollars that has detailed, precise sound reproduction, do you have any suggestions?   I listen to classical music and soft music; I rarely listen to music that has strong bass so I don't have any requirement for it.  ...
  5. MrMonte

    Hello - Advice Sought From the Experts

    Hello to all. I read reviews here regularly and am always impressed with the resident expertise here. I would very, very much appreciate your thoughts on helping me find "just the right" IEM. I own about five pairs - I like the search - and just recently rediscovered my Nu-Force NE-6s. I hadn't...
  6. Girn

    Replacement ear buds for Head-direct RE1?

    I need some replacement ear buds that are comfortable.. I remember hearing a while back, that a certain type of sony ear buds fit the RE1?
  7. M

    Stock Denon Pads - SOLD --- Head-Direct RE-ZERO - SOLD --- Future Sonics Atrio MG7 - SOLD

    Greetings!   Up for sale are two pairs of IEMs and a pair of stock Denon pads.  Prices include shipping to CONUS for USPS First Class - if you prefer Priority Mail with tracking, please include $5; if you are international, I can provide you with a shipping estimate if you provide me with...
  8. ksimm033

    TDK-BA200 EQ'ed with E07K...Does this mean I like a different sound signature?

    I've spent about 100 hours so far with my BA200s. I'm using them with an EVO/iPhone 4s and E07K. my settings that I really enjoy on the E07K are +6db, +6 treble, and +4 bass. I listen to most genres of music ranging from R&B to Country to Hip-Hop and Rock. Sometimes the bass is perfect on the...
  9. proglife

    Broke my Etymotics...didn't care for them anyways. Need new CHEAP IEM's. help!

    I've had these Etymotic ER-4's for something like 7 years now. The little plastic shaft on one of the earpieces snapped. It was my fault, not the headphones. I'm not that bummed out about it, because the sound signature never really appealed to me. They always felt super dry, analytical and...i...
  10. mindstormer

    Best IEM for under $100?

    Hi, I'm having trouble finding the best IEM I can get for under $100. I know this question is very broad and I need to be more specific, but to be honest, I don't have any knowledge/experience with good IEM. My previous IEM was a Sennheiser CX 500 and at the time of purchase ~4 years ago, it...
  11. bhima

    On Second Thought: RE0's More than worth $50

    First, apologies for the wall of text, I didn’t have time to write it short. And also apologies because its not a great review as much as it is a personal head-fi epiphany, so if you find this useless or dull, you have been warned J.   So I wasn't too impressed with the RE-ZEROs that I...
  12. alterndog

    case for RE-ZEROs

    Hey everyone,   I got the RE-ZEROs for christmas and was wondering what is a good case to get for them. I knew they didn't come with one so figured I'd get a third party one? Meelectronic is having their 35% off deal right now, is the sports-fi large clamshell case a good one for the...
  13. banddfl

    jvc fx40 replacement

    Hello, First post on the forum but have been a follower for a while. I bought over the years quite a few iems based on reviews. I listen mainly to country and a little of rock. - Meelectronics m9 : never liked them, weak... - xears nature x3 : loved them, rich sound, great mids, powerful a...
  14. bb62610

    Hifiman RE-ZERO only $59.00!!!

    Just checked amazon.com and the RE-ZERO's are priced at only $59.00 compared the MSRP of $99.00.  Maybe Black Friday sale?
  15. Fr0z3nbear

    IEM's for electronic/house music under $100

    As stated in the title, I'm looking for a pair of iem's for under $100 preferably ~80. I generally listen to progressive house, electro, dubstep and would like some suggestions for iems that have more punchy or tight bass with crisp highs as well. Also, I live in Australia, so prices may be a...
  16. LordSnail123

    Durable IEM for Classical Under 100

    Hello fellow Head-fiers,  Can you please point me in a direction for listening to classical music with IEMs? I'd prefer to keep the price between $50 and $100. The most important factor for me is durability, because I don't want to be buying new IEMs every month  I'm considering Hifiman...
  17. Wittgenstein

    Best Portable Headphones for Sansa Clip+

    Dear all   I have one of those unassuming little widgets by the bame of a Sansa Clip + and wondered what, if any, are the 'best' portable headphones that listeners have synergistically found?   I recently bought the V-Jays with the 40mm driver but find them extremely tizzy far too...
  18. blargman

    Replacement eartips suggestions (3flange?)

    I want to find a nice assortment of eartips to try for my Sony XBA-3IP's. I don't like the tips it came with, they keep coming out of my ear canal. Anyone have any suggestions? I seem to remember years ago my Etymotic 3flange tips were really secure. Although I think I remember them being kind...
  19. kxanthop

    Yet another "best IEM for ~€120 ($150)" thread

    I am in the market for a new pair of IEMs. I listen mostly to Jazz (Apple lossless files) and will be using an iPhone 3GS as a source (and amp?). I have never owned IEMs, but I guess I am more on the analytical side (and if some coloration is necessary, I would opt for the warm+sweet) and plan...
  20. bhima

    My wallet is tired of return fees. Please help advise me on an IEM under $100

    Hey everyone,   First, if this post doesn't belong in this portion of the forum, please let me know and move it to where it belongs and, my apologies in advance. Second, thanks to anyone who reads this and double thanks to anyone who actually responds.   So I'm looking for an IEM under...
  21. mimafogeus

    Looking for a portable, sturdy pair of headphones

    Hey,   Hopefully, this is the right place to post such requests.   I'm looking for a pair of on-the-go headphones. I'd consider over-the-ear or in-ear, although the second category usually (from what I've seen) comes with a thin, thin, not-so-sturdy cable. here's what I'm looking for in...
  22. I

    Advice on upgrading from RE-ZERO

    Hey guys, this long time lurker and first time poster needs your help! Thanks to this wonderful forum, especially joker's IEM review thread, I bought myself a pair of Hifiman RE-ZERO IEMs in 2010 and have enjoyed them thoroughly for the past couple years. It's time now to add a second pair of...
  23. Mattie101

    Looking for new IEM, need suggestions (~$100)

    Hey Guys, So as the title explains I'm looking to purchase a new IEM, I've had to make do with a bunch of ****ty earphones for awhile now and I'm looking to upgrade. I'm not an expert when it comes to IEM's but I do love my music and it's something that's becoming a bigger part of my life now...
  24. jwusoccer

    Hifiman rezeros have almost no bass.

    Hey everyone! I just got around to listening to my hifiman rezeros today, and after doing some listening, I can say that these have almost no bass. I am by no means a bass head, but it seriously sounds like there is NO bass. I'm wondering if I got a defective pair or if they are just really bass...
  25. NujaBlessed

    An short review of the Hifiman RE-ZERO

    I am relatively new to head-fi and am even more new to iems, but i hope this will provide some at least useful information on the re-zero. Now that i find myself on the go more, i've immersed myself into the world of iems and have decided to upgrade to the re-262, in memory of the re-zeros i...