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Looking for IEMs in the $100 range

  1. stigmata92
    Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to posting on these boards, but I'm in desperate need of some guidance on helping me find the ideal set of IEMs. I'm looking for IEMs in the 100 dollar range. My last pair of IEMs were the RE0's, which were quite good but the durability really was a huge problem with them. I listen to a lot of densely layered electronic music, so a pair of IEMS that are well known for handling layers of sound is something I would be looking for. If you guys need any more information just ask. Thanks for checking out my problem and I look forward to hearing about your recommendations. I trust you guys :).
  2. Ivabign
    For the entire $100, the HiFiMan RE400 looks to be the hot ticket - They are my next pair of IEM's.
  3. stigmata92
    I get the notion that HiFiman is able to shell out these headphones for cheap because the actual build quality is abysmal. Has anything changed with the durability of these new IEMs?

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