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Jun 8, 2011
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Caution: Incomplete Sales

  • About

    Headphone Inventory:
    Beyerdynamic Tesla 1 1st gen
    Mitchell & Johnson MJ2 Hybrid Electrostats
    Sony MDR SA 5000
    Sony MDR SA 3000
    Sony MDR SA 1000
    Beyerdynamic dt48
    Beyerdynamic dt48A
    Rose Maysa (daily driver)
    1964 EARS V6 Universal
    Jvc FX700
    MDR XBA Z5
    MDR XBA 3
    MDR XBA 40
    Miles Davis Trumpets
    Hidition NT-6
    Vsonic GR07
    MEElectronics A151p
    MEElectronics M6
    Denon Urban raver
    Brookstone E5
    Bose Soundsport (non mic)

    Once owned:
    Grado Rs2e
    Monster Turbine Pro Gold
    Monster Turbine Copper
    Monster Turbine
    Sony Mdr MA900
    Sony Mdr Ex500
    Sony Mdr EX700
    Sony Mdr EX1000
    BeyerDynamic Tesla T1
    Sony Mdr V6
    Beats 2.0 wireless
    STAX SR507
    JVC FX850
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Dragonfly Red
    Topping NX1
    Fiio E6
    Hifiman HM-101 (Dac)
    Monoprice hybrid tube amp
    Shozy Alien Gold (Dap)

    Once owned
    Peachtree DacitX (Dac)
    Stax Srm 323s
    Cayin c5
    Chord Mojo(Dac)
    Source Inventory:
    First release Sony PlayStation 1994 model
    Sony Vaio Z (2010) has serious low noise straight from headphone out.
    Sony Vaio F (2010)
    Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    Samsung Galaxy S3 international
    Lg V10
    Shozy Alien Gold
    Once Owned
    Samsung Galaxy s5
    Lg g2
    Lg g3
    Lg flex
    Htc EVO
    Cable Inventory:
    Monster THX600 RCA

    Once Owned
    Marrow Audio MA6 Grand Reference RCA with silver upgraded enichmen tips
    SuperNova 7 Toslink
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Anthem MRX 310
    SVS PB-2000
    Ps4 pro
    JVC RS1 Reference Series Projector
    Bravia Z9D
    Optomia uhd51a


    Beyerdynamic T1, MDR SA5000, MDR SA3000, MDR SA1000, Mitchell & Johnson MJ2 hybrid electrostats, Shinola Detroit Canfield Over Ear, Sony Mdr Ex500, Jvc FX700, MDR XBA 3, MDR XBA 40, Monster Turbine Pro Gold, Monster Turbine Copper, Monster Turbine ,Miles Davis Trumpets, BGVP, Clublife Adagio, ,YSP04, 1964 EARS V6, Hidition NT-6, Sony Vaio Z (2010), Galaxy S3 international, Lg V10, Lg V20 ,Lg V30, Resonessence Labs HERUS
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