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Dynamic driver IEM's with bright treble?

  1. bassophile
    Is there anything out there that fits this description apart from the Hifiman RE0/RE-Zero/RE-400/whatever it's called nowadays...
    Looking for something slightly more high-end than that - though I know it performs very well for its price range.
    I don't like the sound of BA drivers much, but most dynamic driver IEM's sound a little bassy and dull in the treble - is there any dynamic driver IEM with essentially the opposite signature - bright, cold and bass-light? That's what I'm after.
    Thanks in advance!!
  2. bhima
  3. kova4a
    Well, to be honest I don't think you'll find that. For me both the re-262 and re-272's highs roll off way too quickly and aside from the RE0 you won't get any special treble presentation from a single dynamic driver. Btw, what is your issue with BA - you want treble, you don't mind a bright, cold and even bass-light sound, so what's the problem. An ety er4s will give you high end and the best treble there is.
  4. bhima
    Interesting that you feel that about the 272... I agree with the 262 though. OP, if you really want good treble and decent bass you are going to want to keep your options open to BA systems like the R-50 and the TDK BA200. I haven't heard the TDK, but the R-50 is leagues better than the RE0 or RE-ZERO in treble, midrange and bass. I think the TDK is a bit warmer than the R-50 which sounds pretty neutral to my ears without sounding too thin like the RE-ZEROs did for me.
  5. tinyman392
    HiFiMan models have been talked about, so I won't repeat...  Actually, I will: HiFiMan models.  Outside that, the Etymotic EtyKids use a small dynamic driver that is treble-heavy.  
  6. djvkool
    TDK IE800

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