1. TeamHiFiMAN

    Introducing the HIFIMAN Sundara Closed-Back

    We are very excited to introduce our new product Sundara Closed-Back! New Model Adds Stealth Magnet Technology and Beechwood Ear Cups to Audiophile Favorite The Sundara Closed-Back headphone (SRP: $399) is highlighted by elegant, hand-assembled beechwood ear cups that serve to isolate the...
  2. Flexmaster

    Review of the Hifiman HE-R9 JM OCD Extreme Stealth Edition Mod

    Pros: Emphasized bass that is controlled Highly resolving Exceptional soundstage and imaging Inoffensive high frequency range for laid back listening Comfortable for long listening sessions due to being well distributed Cons: Unable to use bluetooth dongle due to modification Weighs 328g...
  3. vormhat

    Hifiman R7DX JM Edition Mod

  4. HIFIMAN EF400


    HD+N (Line out): Between 0.002% and 0.004% Channel Separation: 125+/-3dB Signal to Noise Ratio: 118+/-3dB (A Weighted) Maximum Power Output: 4.4 W per channel Dimensions: 246.5mm(L)×228mm(W)×61mm(H) Weight: 3.08kg
  5. inseconds99

    Battle of the Summit Fi Planars (Suvara, LCD-5, Diana TC and Stealth)

    This is a quick discussion around the Summit Fi Planars (Susvara, LCD-5, Diana TC, Stealth). Let’s keep each post as neat as possible. Score all as a 1 to 5. Headphone •Comfort score •Sound score (highs/mids/lows) •Technical score (imaging/soundstage/distortion etc) •EQability score
  6. tlite

    Sundaras. If you like them, what else do you like?

    Different headphones, DACs, Amps, etc. ? I like the Sundaras and want ideas as to what headphones or gear would either pair well or offer a similar but potentially better experience in the same wheelhouse of sound. Thanks!
  7. HIFIMAN GR8 Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones

    HIFIMAN GR8 Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones

    Bone Conduction Bluetooth 5 IPX4 rated Wireless Headset 7 hours battery life USBC charging Vol Up/Down Next/Last track Wireless Assistant Answer/Make Call functions
  8. Drop + Hifiman R7DX

    Drop + Hifiman R7DX

  9. msing539

    Hifiman R7DX JM Edition Mod

    For anyone unfamiliar with @John Massaria, the refined Kennerton Gjallahorn JM Edition carries his initials, as one of the first owners who modified those headphones. So when John posted this Drop x Hifiman R7DX in classifieds, I jumped on it right away. The following are some shots of the mod...
  10. rev92

    The Battle Of The Flagships 2022 by Ear Fidelity

    Hi folks! After a year of gathering, listening, comparing, shooting photos, writing the actual text...my flagships comparison 2022 is live! I've decided on the name "The Battle Of The Flagships" as a bow before David Mahler, the creator of the legendary thread here on Head-Fi. I've read it so...
  11. HeadAmpTeam

    HIFIMAN Shangri-La Jr. Electrostatic Headphone & Tube Energizer Now Back in Stock! @HeadAmp

    Now back in stock! HIFIMAN’s outstanding Shangri-La Jr. Electrostatic Headphone and Tube Energizer system! This system includes both the HIFIMAN Shangri-La Jr. Electrostatic Headphone and a Dedicated Tube Energizer featuring a 6SN7 output stage for a warm and sumptuous sonic quality. Each amp...
  12. MoonAudio

    ORDER NOW: HIFIMAN Edition XS Stealth Magnets Headphones

    HIFIMAN Edition XS Stealth Magnets Headphones $499.00 Order Now New open back headphone from HIFIMAN. Click the link below to learn more. Learn More
  13. MoonAudio

    ORDER NOW: HIFIMAN HE-R9 Dynamic Closed Back Headphones

    HIFIMAN HE-R9 Dynamic Closed Back Headphones $599.00 Order Now New dynamic closed back headphone from HIFIMAN. Click the link below to learn more. Learn More
  14. oldsoulrevival

    DAC/AMP Recommendations for HifiMan Edition XS?

    I have am currently running a Modi/Magni stack with my Edition XS. Generally, it sounds great. However, my understanding is that this stack is a little bright, and since the XS is also a little bright, I think I might do well with a warmer/darker amp/dac pairing. I am going to be using the...
  15. EQlizer

    New HiFiMAN EF400 and HM800: Amp/DAC and DAC dongle

    HiFiMAN EF400: DAC with headphone amplifier HiFiMAN has presented two new devices at CanJam, a portable audio fair that has been held this weekend in New York. On one hand we have the HiFiMAN EF400, a desktop DAC with headphone amplifierand on the other hand the HiFiMAN HM800, a fully balanced...
  16. MusicTeck

    Complimentary Oriolus Audio Selectors with all Hifiman purchases!

    Order any Hifiman product and receive an Oriolus Audio Selector. We're proud to announce that we're now an authorized dealer for Hifiman! So what exactly is an audio selector and what does it do? Oriolus' audio selector allows its user to compare and contrast DAPS against each other, IEMs...
  17. TeamHiFiMAN

    Introducing the HIFIMAN Fully Balanced HM800 Mini-DAC/Amplifier

    Introducing the HIFIMAN Fully Balanced HM800 Mini-DAC/Amplifier The new HM800 earphone DAC/amplifier relies on R2R architecture, a chip composed of an array of resistors, but with a new algorithm that reduces power handling between the chip and peripheral components. Signal-to-noise ratio...
  18. TeamHiFiMAN

    Introducing the HIFIMAN EF400 Balanced Desktop DAC/Amplifier!

    Introducing the HIFIMAN EF400 Balanced Desktop DAC/Amplifier Designed as both an homage to the acclaimed EF6 and a statement of modern audio technology, the fully balanced EF400 features our new low-energy, high sampling HIMALAYA R2R DAC, which features an array of highly accurate resistors...
  19. npalnpal

    Removing Hifiman Ananda or Arya Grills

    Hi, I saw someone who had taken off their Arya grills and painted them or anodized them gold which looked neat. I have a pair of Anandas and love the all black look of the Arya's. Does anyone know how to remove the silver metal grills? Someone said they just pop out but I had no luck wedging a...
  20. M


    Hey Headfi -- writing in to let you all know we're running a promotion on the HIFIMAN HE5XX PLANAR MAGNETIC HEADPHONES. Normal retail: $220 Promotion price: $199 Until: 02/10/22 11:59pm pst https://drop.com/buy/drop-hifiman-he5xx Thanks!
  21. TeamHiFiMAN

    Introducing the HIFIMAN HE-R9!

    We are very excited to introduce our all-new HE-R9, the Closed-Back Dynamic Driver Headphone! The new HE-R9 features high sensitivity thanks to the use of rare earth magnets and our classic Topology Diaphragm for detailed high-frequency response to 35kHz. By applying nano-scale particles to...
  22. kazaakas

    Which HiFiMAN headbands are the same size?

    So I have to confess a serious sin, over the last few years, which included lots of travelling, I have truly busted up my Fostex TH-x00's. The paint on the headband and hangers had been peeling off for a while, and ultimately the headband snapped at the joint, like so many others. So what does...
  23. HeadAmpTeam

    Hifiman Edition XS Arrives @HeadAmp

    Hifiman's newest open back flagship headphone the Edition XS is here! An exciting new Open-Back Planar-Magnetic headphone from Hifiman that carries on the legacy of the original Edition X while also taking advantage of Hifiman's newest driver tech. Equipped with their Stealth Magnets and NEO...
  24. DekoniAudio

    New Dekoni Ear Pads for the Hifiman HE5XX and Deva

    Hello Head-Fi! Dekoni is proud to announce our new ear pads for the Drop + HIFIMAN HE5XX. If you are looking for a comfort upgrade or an alternative sound signature, look no further! Product measurements and dimensions are available on the product pages at DekoniAudio.com
  25. M


    Hey Headfi community, Mike from Drop here. Wanted to let you know that we released our first closed-back headphone collaboration with HIFIMAN. You can check out the price and more details by following the link to our product page and we already have some reviews from the community with...