Grado GS1000i VS Hifiman Arya V2
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Sep 25, 2022
Hi everybody,

I'm in the middle of my journey in testing, buying, and switching gears and headphones. I own an Hifiman Arya V2 with a Litz balanced cable, a Grado RS2e, and the newly arrived Grado GS1000i which I've read wonders about. The GS1000i is indeed a great headphone, but A/B testing it with the Arya, I haven't found anything that the Grado does better than the Arya (maybe fuller mid frequencies).

Let's begin by saying that the GS1000i is very good, but in my A/B testing against the Arya, I find it lacking in layering, imaging, and depth. With the Arya, I can almost "touch" the instruments and feel the layers in space, while the Grado has a much flatter presentation. I'm not finding the wonders that I've read about regarding the GS1000i. Even dynamics-wise, I don't miss anything in the Arya that I can find in the GS1000i. The Arya sounds deeper, wider, fuller, much more layered, and defined.

Am I missing something? Has anyone experienced this type of comparison?

Maybe I'm testing/evaluating the GS1000i in a wrong way.

I'm thinking of selling the GS1000i and pile up some cash for a new DAC (Qutest?) or a HE1000.

My actual stack is Mojo 2 -> Topping A90

Thanks for your opinions!


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