1. U

    Tube amps for Grados

    Hello everyone. I would need some tube amp recomendations for grados Grados in question: SR325x currently Tonal balance: balanced/flat/neutral Budget: Im thinking mid range so max 600$ (Would be nice for cheap wordwide shipping) Any help is appreciated. :ksc75smile:
  2. MusicMan5

    Is it worth the $ . . .

    Thinking about a set of Grado SR125x. From what I've heard about them, I think I'd really like the sound signature. However, I noticed Grados don't have removable cables. I'm pretty darn rough on cables. Just how fragile are connectors? Is the fragility of cables and connectors overexagerrated...
  3. fedebenji

    Grado GS1000i VS Hifiman Arya V2

    Hi everybody, I'm in the middle of my journey in testing, buying, and switching gears and headphones. I own an Hifiman Arya V2 with a Litz balanced cable, a Grado RS2e, and the newly arrived Grado GS1000i which I've read wonders about. The GS1000i is indeed a great headphone, but A/B testing it...
  4. bitpawp

    Grado gw100x noise bleed

    Hey so, I've narrowed down my search a bit but I was wondering if the Grado gw100x still have bad noise bleed like the gw100? It's okay if it has some noise bleed but I really was hoping to be able to use these headphones in an environment like a library. Any advice is appreciated!
  5. Grado RS2x

    Grado RS2x

  6. Grado GS3000x Statement Series

    Grado GS3000x Statement Series

    The GS3000x houses Grado's most powerful driver inside a metal chamber surrounded by a single body of cocobolo wood. Featuring its new fourth generation X Drivers, the new 52mm speaker is specifically tuned to embrace the tenacity of cocobolo and precision of metal. This speaker design features...
  7. Grado Labs GS1000x

    Grado Labs GS1000x

  8. R

    Grado SR325X or RS1X

    Hello all, I am seeking advice from members regarding my planned next headphone purchase. I am considering the Grado SR325X and the RS1X. I am a fan of the open Grado sound, having owned a pair of original SR80s for over 20 years. I listen to most music now through Tidal Masters via an...
  9. MoonAudio

    Best Headphones from $500 to $1,000 for Audiophiles 2022 | Moon Audio

    Best Headphones from $500 to $1,000 for Audiophiles 2022 | Moon Audio
  10. MoonAudio

    Best Headphones under $500 for Audiophiles 2022 | Moon Audio

    Best Headphones under $500 for Audiophiles 2022 | Moon Audio
  11. VinMAC

    Closed over-ear headphones Ultrasone Edition 9, Signature Pro and Signature Master - the vintage experts

    It was in 2008 when, after the good test of the Ultrasone Edition 9 in Stereoplay, I received a pair from my trusted dealer together with the headphone amplifier C.E.C. HD53 to test at home. Although I already had a rather warm and sonorous playing CD player with the Trigon Recall I at that...
  12. vanhiel

    New Grado's? Looking for an upgrade!

    Hi all, Been a while since I've been on the forums. I have a pair of Gen1 LCD-2's and a first run Cavalli Liquid Carbon which I love thanks to the advise I got here. But now I'm looking to upgrade my old Grado SR225e's. Since doesn't carry many Grado's and I don't believe any...
  13. Corvin25

    Grado 325i vs 325x, and earpads

    Hello. VERY infrequent poster here. Not really an "expert," but I do love good-sounding music. I found some old headphones that I hadn't worn in years, An old SR80 and SR325i. I was thinking of getting them repaired by a Grado-certified technician, since they both are in dire need of repairs...
  14. Clobes

    RS2e Driver 'Quick Fix'?

    Hi, Head-Fi! First time poster, here. I recently picked up a pair of used RS2e's for a really good price, with the caveat that the left driver is a bit messed up. It really can only reproduce the very upper end of the mids and treble. The lower spectrum is completely absent. I've determined...
  15. Grothmog

    Grado RS1X or Audeze LCD 2 Classic for classic rock / metal?

    Hello, finally got permission for christmas from wife to step into audio world ;) So I went ahead and narrowed down choice of headphones to these two models: Grado RS1X and LCD 2 Classic. Which one of these would suit better genre of classic rock / metal (think for example queen bohemian...
  16. O

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  17. Grado SR325x

    Grado SR325x

    Images and description copied verbatim from Transducer Type: Dynamic Operating Principle: Open Air Frequency Response: 18 - 24,000 hz SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB Nominal Impedance: 38 ohms Driver Matched dB: .05 dB The Sound of Metal...
  18. The Fourth Doctor

    Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphone Connectors and Using Grado Extension Cable

    Hello, I have two related questions: 1. So I just ordered a Sennheiser HD 6XX from Drop. In some instances, I’m going to need to use an extension cable with them, so I’m looking at the one from Grado. However, the Grado cable is meant for a 1/4” connector, meaning I’d have to use the 1/8” to...
  19. Elujans

    Grado lettering wearing off and how to fix

    So I've my SR325x headphones about a week and noticed the paint that indicates left or right ear and also some on the cans themselves was wearing. I messaged them yesterday. And they asked for pics. Got a response back this morning saying they use Sharpie Permanent Silver Markers to touch...
  20. Todd

    New Grado SR-225X loaner program

    Hi All, We are now taking requests for participation in our new Grado SR-225X loaner program. Same rules as always... the SR-225X will ship out by Friday of this week to the first one to sign up. Loaner Program Rules: Send your name and address, telephone number and your Head-Fi user name...
  21. sennheiserhd485

    Any worthy competitors to Grado SR80x in that price range?

    Any worthy competitors to Grado SR80x in that price range? I have the SR60i now and also would like to know if the SR80x is worth upgrading to, or if they'll sound quite similar in terms of raw SQ. The source would be a laptop headphone jack - not sure if a DAC/amp is worth it for something this...
  22. openfly

    Grado SR-325 Custom Build ( w/ freq response change? )

    Finished product detachable cable mod ( pretty much the only stock part left on these is the drivers from the SR-325s. I did some baseline measurements of the original 325 pair using grado style foam pads and a post mod test with the same pads. I noted a distinct shift in frequency response...
  23. hamcha

    Howdie from another new member (Grado fan, tube virgin)

    Hi HFF Started down the rabbit hole of headphone and tube amp exploration. I'm a Grado fan (SR60, SR225e) and looking for my first tube amp that is less than $200 to tame the high-end of my headphones. Funny as I really didn't consider the high-end and sibilance till learning more. Knowledge...
  24. Grado HP2i

    Grado HP2i

    Bought used. This is the first Grado model. Improved by Joseph Grado
  25. Desta1972

    GRADO sr325e + integrated amp: DAC or not?

    Hello, I'm finally the owner of a pair of GRADO sr325e, which I use to drive with my PC, connected to an old Harman/Kardon HK6300. I'm generally happy with the sound, but I'm wondering whether I should buy an external DAC (like a Schiit Modi or iFi ZEN) to gain more detail. I'm not quite sure...