1. Canuck57

    Grado PS1000 for sale (Ontario, Canada)

    For your consideration very lightly used Grado PS1000 full-sized headphones These headphones have exceptional clarity and strong authoritative tight bass. Includes original box & Grado extension cord The majority of my Feedback is here...
  2. Uppertaker

    FS: GS1000e

    Selling pristine GS1000e, wood matured in a way in which violins and mid frequencies are very sweet sounding now all original accessories included
  3. Leicachamp

    Grado PS1000E Sold

    Great condition. Pads have been recently been replaced. Postage to overseas not included. Please pm for quote. If you want to ship to US or Europe please note it will take an average of 30days due to Coviod 19 delays.
  4. M

    WTB: Grado RS2e, SR325e or SR225e

    I am looking for a set of Grado headphones. RS2e SR325e SR225e Gently/lightly used, well taken care of. PayPal ready for the right pair. DM me with price and a pic or two. Thanks for taking the time.
  5. Leicachamp

    Grado GS1000i with Black Dragon cable( price Drop!! )

    Up for sale is my GS1000i terminated with 10ft of Black Dragon Cable and Furutech plug. Has got a few blemishes on one of the cups. New pads only a couple of months old. Price includes shipping and PayPal within Australia.
  6. blaked

    Grado Prestige comparison and dealing with hearing loss

    I've been (re)discovering my love of Grado headphones, and headphones in general, and I thought it might be interesting to do the sort of comparison I've read from others so many times here since I have a few pairs from the Prestige Series now, acquired across a couple of decades or so. But...
  7. dleblanc343

    GS3000e Like New

    Headphones are mint. With a quarter inch termination Beautiful matched cocobolo wood :) Thank
  8. B

    SOLD [US-TX] [H] Grado White Headphones WH-1 [W] Paypal

    I have a pair of Grado White headphones for sale. I purchased them recently and they are a magnificently beautiful pair of headphones. They are limited edition and out of stock most place. I rate these 9 of 10 as there are three small areas where the white paint over the maple wood has come...
  9. tevez32

    Grado SR125 Headphones and Mini Adaptor cable $SOLD

    Sold thanks! for both Grado SR125 Headphones and mini adaptor cable. Headphones are in good working condition and sound great. May want to change out the cushions to new ones. I found that the Grado cushions were a bit fatiguing on my ears after long periods. So I used the cushions from...
  10. GradoHF3.jpeg


    Beautiful Grado HF3 from TTVJ HF3 Loaner Tour
  11. DrunkHiFi_OakBourbon_CocoboloCans.jpg


    A typical Friday / Saturday night
  12. Todd

    New Grado Phono Cartridges Part II

    TTVJAudio is still open for business and doing everything to insure our customers satisfaction and safety! We are here every weekday and sometimes on the weekends to answer your questions and provide you with premier audio gear from the finest manufacturers in the world. Most of the items on...
  13. Todd

    New Grado Phono Cartridges @ TTVJAudio!

    Grado Labs announces their new cartridge Lineup! The New Grado Prestige, Timbre and Lineage Series cartridges take a huge leap forward in vinyl sound reproduction. The improvements are immediately recognizable to the listener. Clean, crisp, detailed highs that are in balance with the mids...
  14. Kevin Tam

    FS/FT: Grado The White Headphones GW1

    Purchased as Demo unit of a music store from eBay Germany. Lightly used since beginning of March 2020. Comes with original box, accessories and signed papers. Mint condition. Trade: Hifiman Edition X V2, AKG K812, any ZMF dynamic, mid-tier IEMs Ships from Hong Kong. Shipping at buyer's...
  15. Teaster

    FS: Grado Gs2000e headphone

    I am selling my Gs2000e. In a mint condition. Do have everything originally in the box. Asking for 750 include shipping and pp fee.
  16. pure5152

    [SOLD] Grado HF3

    SOLD Selling my grado hf3 in great condition. Bought this August 2019 and have used for less than 100 hours (probably more like 50 hours), and it's in wonderful condition (see photos). I loved these headphones when I first heard them in can-jam socal 2019, and still love them. Mainly selling...
  17. JoeDoe

    Rare Black Grado 325 Prestige Series Headphones - $OLD

    Selling a REALLY clean pair of vintage black metal Grado 325s. Have never seen a pair in this great of condition! The sound great! A bit smoother than the current 325s to be sure. They'll come in the original box with L and S pads. Price includes fees, shipping on buyer. No trades.
  18. Teaster


  19. Kevin Tam

    Found: Grado The White WH1 Headphones

    Looking to collect a pair. Thanks! Located in Hong Kong and willing to pay full international shipping fee. Best, Kevin
  20. wnmnkh

    [FS] Joseph (Joe) Grado HP1000 (custom body created by Martin Custom Audio)

    I think I held this one for too long time. The sound is amazing but the comfort, even after spending quite a bit for custom frame the old flat pad style just does not work for me it seems. This is Joe Grado's legacy, the drivers were pulled from some of the earliest SR100 which had HP1000...
  21. Earl of Bouillon

    [SOLD] Grado GH1

    Hey, Looking to sell my pair of Grado GH1. They are in mint condition and includes the original packaging. Price would include Paypal fees and shipping to CONUS. If you have any questions or would like additional pictures, let me know! Pictures Below:
  22. JoeDoe

    Grado PS1000 Chrome Professional Series - TRADED

    Selling a nice pair of chrome PS1000's - still one of the best Grados IMHO. Clean condition with new-ish pair of G pads and aftermarket padded headband. No original packaging or other accessories. No trades and pics on request. Fees on me, shipping on buyer.
  23. JoeDoe

    Grado GS3000E w/ Moon Audio Black Dragon - TRADED

    Just like the title says, I'm selling a beautiful pair of cocobolo GS3000e headphones recabled with a 10' 1/4" SE Black Dragon from Moon Audio. Includes original packaging. No trades. Price includes fees, shipping on buyer.
  24. joeq70

    SOLD: Rare Vintage Grado Black SR325

    I have for sale a vintage black Grado SR325. These were originally purchased in the 90s (I'm the 2nd owner) and are rare on their own but this pair is also in IMMACULATE condition and comes with like new bowl pads. Unlike the later SR325 productions and many modern Grados, these have a smoother...