1. fedebenji

    Grado GS1000i VS Hifiman Arya V2

    Hi everybody, I'm in the middle of my journey in testing, buying, and switching gears and headphones. I own an Hifiman Arya V2 with a Litz balanced cable, a Grado RS2e, and the newly arrived Grado GS1000i which I've read wonders about. The GS1000i is indeed a great headphone, but A/B testing it...
  2. Y

    I need help deciding what Amp/dac to get.

    Hello, I need help deciding between the topping dx7 pro+, Fiio k9 pro, or the topping a90 discrete. I currently have the zen dac v2, but I recently got the Hifiman Arya and I want to maximize the soundstage, separation, imaging etc. I only care about the raw sound quality of the Amp/dac. I don't...
  3. HIFIMAN Arya Organic

    HIFIMAN Arya Organic

  4. L

    Upgrade from Focal Elegia - Clear MG, or Arya Stealth?

    Hi, so I've been loving my Elegia's (upgraded from DT 1990's), for 6 months. But they have some real flaws. I love the soundstage - the "bubble around head" presentation. Great presence, it fires directly towards my head, and I'm surrounded by music. Layering, depth and separation are...
  5. Sproketz

    Looking for Dekoni Pad type recommendation for Arya Stealth

    I'm mostly looking to fix the comfort factor of the Arya Stealth without impacting the sound signature too much. I do use EQ, so a little compensating EQ doesn't bother me. Comfort is the thing I'm most trying to solve. Dakoni has: Sheepskin Fenestrated Sheepskin Hybrid Velour They offer the...
  6. Guinibee

    Keep my Verite Open or sell for Arya SE?

    Hey all! I have a Verite Open that I really like, but I also have a pair of Atriums and prefer those. I just noticed that has the Arya Stealth on sale for $1299 new. I could probably get $1800+ for the VO so I figured maybe sell the VO, grab an Arya, pocket the difference? This...
  7. npalnpal

    Removing Hifiman Ananda or Arya Grills

    Hi, I saw someone who had taken off their Arya grills and painted them or anodized them gold which looked neat. I have a pair of Anandas and love the all black look of the Arya's. Does anyone know how to remove the silver metal grills? Someone said they just pop out but I had no luck wedging a...
  8. A

    <$1000 DAC+Amp combo for Hifiman Arya?

    I just upgraded from my 2013 Hifiman HE-400s to Hifiman Aryas. I'm currently using an old Schiit Modi 2+Magni 2 stack. While my Arya is loud enough on these (with the volume knob turned very high), I understand the headphone benefits from more power. I would have gotten a Schiit...
  9. timwillhack

    Acquiring Hifiman Headband for X V2, Arya, or any HE1000

    So I've acquired a X V1, and the previous owner took the headband assembly off the cups for no reason at all but in doing so I believe they messed up the yoke posts that go into the cup, or the hole in the cup. They don't seem to 'snap' in and are very flimsy feeling, and I've been very...
  10. A

    HD800s vs Arya (Also amp/dac suggestions)

    Hello everyone. I need your inputs and suggestions for both HD800s and Arya's and which one should I keep. I currently have the HD800s paired with the thx 788 desktop amp/dac and I was wondering if the Aryas are better overall for music, gaming and movies? Are there better options for the price...
  11. XGeneX88

    Hifiman Arya vs. Arya "Revision"

    I've wanted to talk about this because it's something that's been really bothering me as of late... I purchased an open-box Arya from Hifiman directly, performed my standard burn-in and immediately fell in love with the sound. The treble and bass both had a characteristic to them which were...
  12. tylerfutrell

    Comparison Review: Arya vs. LCD-3

    This is a detailed comparison review between Hifiman Arya and Audeze LCD-3 (2018/fazor), both of which I own, so I’ve had time to really get to know them. I think it makes sense to review through comparison, since on their own they are both great cans (and also people read reviews to help figure...
  13. bottleHunter

    Advises on Hifiman HE-1000 vs edition X vs Ananda vs Arya

    Hi Guys. I'm looking around to buy full-sized planar from Hifiman. Interested in top models like Hifiman HE-1000 v2, edition X v2, Ananda, Arya. Searching for more or less neutral sound, not too bright, with well-extended lows, punchy but not overwhelming bass. I'm not a bass-head but I prefer...