New Release: Dekoni X Hifiman Cobalt Baffle
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Oct 28, 2016
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Introducing the Dekoni Cobalt Baffle, a straightforward solution for audiophiles looking to customize their listening experience. This EVA foam baffle, compatible with both Dekoni Cobalt and Drop x Hifiman R7DX headphones, fits right into your earpad to fine-tune the acoustics.
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Let's take a look at measurements and how the baffle affects two earpads included with the Dekoni Cobalt.

The first graph shows the Fenestrated Sheepskin style which comes preinstalled on the headphone. The graph shows an upward trend of bass while rolling down further into a reduction in High-Frequency content.



Elite Velour tells a slightly different story with the mids becoming switched. Mids have less presence while the upper mids become more pronounced. Attenuation of the highs is still present to tone down sharper frequencies.



At Dekoni Audio we are always looking at innovative ways to tell the story about our products and we have included 2 new graphs for users to better see the differences our pads make vs just an overlay of stock vs Dekoni. In the first graph below you can see the deviation graph showing (in 1dB increments) exactly how much deviation occurs and at what frequency. The 2nd bar graph shows the same info but in a 4-band configuration that is easier to read and digest for people who may not be experienced with reading traditional frequency charts.

The first set of graphs is the Cobalt with fenestrated sheepskin pads comparison with baffle and w/out baffle.

Screen Shot 2023-11-15 at 4.16.58 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-11-15 at 11.29.08 AM.png

The set of graphs below is the Elite Velour graphs with and w/out the baffle.

Screen Shot 2023-11-15 at 4.18.45 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-11-15 at 11.29.49 AM.png

With the Dekoni Cobalt Baffle, change up your sound profile without the need for digital EQ configurations. It's an easy, reversible way to experiment with sound - like having four pairs of headphones in one. Simple, effective, and designed for the discerning ear.

Dial in your preferred audio feel with the Dekoni Cobalt Baffle, and experience your favorite tracks in a new light.

With this announcement, we are happy to include that all Dekoni Audio X Hifiman Cobalts will now ship with a free set of baffles.

The Dekoni X Hifiman Cobalt Baffle is now available at for $9.99


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Wow such a coincidence I was just thinking about this tuning element in my EMU like 2,3 days ago, and how it affected the headphones a lot once I had taken it out momentarily. And suddenly this! I think Dekoni read my mind, or I, theirs!

Yeah in case you're wondering, I'd wager it will have improvements. Dekoni's idea of this is quite interesting.

Just subjectively speaking, when I removed this in my EMU teak, there was sloppy low end, muddy. And maybe some rear reflections also muddied the sound. There was quite a noticable loss in dynamics and punch. And I thought the soundstage would improve, none of that really happened.
After a few minutes I just put it back in.

I'd go for it. I was thinking of making some ports around some of my headphones' baffles, around the driver, and then introduce this foam element, but was figuring out how to make it or where to get it from.

And suddenly they have introduced such a thing. I would recommend it!
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@DekoniAudio, Im Baffled!

Testing these out in my cobalt now. IMMENSE improvement. It's like a whole new headphone. The cobalt stock tuning is pretty rough. I could always hear that the technicalities were pretty great, but because of the piercing treble, I couldn't really use them for any ammount of time.

Now with baffle, the the tuning is awesome, comfortable, smooth and engaging. The technicalities really shine through unhindered and I can finally appreciate the detail and spacial elements. And they are fantastic!

The baffle really just rescued the cobalt for me. It was an incomplete headphone without these, but they are DAMN good now. Thanks for the fix!

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