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    Dekoni Fidelio X2 Choice Pads!

    Dekoni Audio is pumped to present quality earpad replacements for a community-favorite headphone that has gone unserved for too long: the Philips Fidelio X2! Famous for its luxurious build quality, warm big-bass-big-soundstage signature, and affordable price, the X2 and close successor...
  2. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio Midnight Earpadz for the Focal Listen Now Available

    Dekoni Audio produced the Elite series of pads for the Focal Utopia and other summit-fi headphones, to rave reviews and greater price value than the stock pads. Today, Dekoni is pleased to announce a new, more affordable line of pads suitable for the $300 Focal Listen: the Earpadz Midnight...
  3. Dekoni Audio Cablez for Sennheiser HD600 series.

    Dekoni Audio Cablez for Sennheiser HD600 series.

    Keep electrical noise to a minimum with Dekoni Audio’s new Cablez for Sennheisers HD600 series of headphones! Sporting a 4.4mm pentacon connector and 1.2M length, you’ll be able to find comfort in style. The cable is a sleek, braided design for a clean look without the twists and coils caused...
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    Launching the HD 6XX Dekoni Cablez! 🚀

    Do you want a balanced, desk length, high quality cable for your HD 58X Jubilee or HD 600? Does the idea of spending $240 for the Sennheiser branded 4.4mm Pentaconn cable just seem too expensive for your HD 6XX? Are you feeling like overwhelmed by the proprietary jargon and gobbledygook used by...
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    Dekoni LTD Stellia Pads

    Dekoni Audio is pleased to announce new, limited edition pads tailored specifically for the Focal Stellia! There is no denying that Focal includes very premium, high-quality pads with their Focal Stellia… with a premium price tag to match. While Dekoni has offered four Elite pads...
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    Dekoni Audio B-Stock Sale Alert!

    Hey Head-Fiers! Dekoni is selling returned inventory for a fraction of the cost! Check out the deals over at
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    Dekoni Audio is Selling Some Leftover Headphones!

    EDIT: Holidays are coming and we have been very busy with customer service, sorry for the delay! We will continue contacting each and everyone to let you know the status of your request. Thanks for your patience! Edit 2: Still working through PMs and finding relevant buyers! Thanks for your...
  8. Dekoni Audio Elite Hybrid Replacement Ear Pads for Sennheiser HD600 Series

    Dekoni Audio Elite Hybrid Replacement Ear Pads for Sennheiser HD600 Series

    The Sennheiser HD600 series of headphones are the standard in open back headphones. Dekoni’s pads are a little deeper than the stock pads opening up the sound stage, and the slow rebound memory foam helps alleviate clamp force from any user, even when wearing glasses. Frankenstein from the...
  9. DekoniAudio

    Introducing Earplugz - noise attenuation earplugs

    Did you know that your ears tense up when exposed to loud noises, reducing your ability to hear clearly? We have the solution for you! Dekoni Audio, in collaboration with Lucid Audio & Etymotic, is pleased to announce the release of Earplugz hearing protection! Based on the popular Etymotic...
  10. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni is Looking for Reviewers!

    Hey Head-Fiers! Dekoni is looking for users with the following equipment to review some of our products! Owners of the following: Sony MDR-Z1R Focal Utopia/Clear/Elegia or equivalents Sennheiser HD600/HD650/HD660/HD58X/HD6XX Airpods Pro or IEM users who require very large ear tips Bose 700...
  11. Dekoni Audio Elite Ear Pads for Dan Clark Audio AEON

    Dekoni Audio Elite Ear Pads for Dan Clark Audio AEON

    Hey Dekoni fans! Today, we’re proud to present our Elite pads for Dan Clark Audio’s ÆON portable headphones! Dan Clark and his team are wizards when it comes to squeezing high performance out of headphones since their start as Mr Speakers with modified headphones, till now with their...
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    Dekoni ÆON Elite Pads Now Launched

    Hey Dekoni fans! Today, we’re proud to present our Elite pads for Dan Clark Audio’s ÆON portable headphones! Dan Clark and his team are wizards when it comes to squeezing high performance out of headphones since their start as Mr Speakers with modified headphones, till now with their in-house...
  13. DekoniAudio

    Introducing Dekoni Audio Sheepskin Ear Pads for the Meze 99

    Hey Dekoni Fans, We're happy to announce that we now have ear pads for the Meze 99. Whether you have a Noir, Neo or Classic, you can put on a pair of Dekoni Audio Sheepskin earpads. We understand some may be thinking, “wait, what about the other styles you offer?”. That’s a great question...
  14. DekoniAudio

    Headphone Savior Case

    Your headphones are in material danger. They need a Savior! Developed after using tons of cases to bring our headphones safely to many different trade shows, we created a list of pros and cons, needs and wants. The Problem The existing cases we used looked cool, but they did not fit our...
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    Introducing Dekoni Audio Bulletz for the Apple Airpods Pros

    Dekoni Audio is proud to introduce our new Bulletz for Apple Airpod Pros. Available in the sizes small, medium and large in both single and triple packs. Today our retail partner is hosting launch weekend for the new sku. Dekoni Audio's Bulletz line was a solution to mediocre ear...
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    Dekoni Gives Thanks and a Coupon

    Dear Dekoni Fans, One wonderful tradition this season is to reflect on everything that’s happened this year, and we’re extremely thankful for 2019 and our growing club of Dekoni Fans. We kicked off this year by getting to know our new Audio Precision measurement rig better, and introducing...
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    Winners, Graphs, and Teasers, Oh My!

    Dear Head-Fi community, After some delays due to slow to respond contestants, Dekoni Audio is pleased to (finally) announce our OctoberFrag Gaming Giveaway winners! Grand Prize: Norman K. Second Prize: @ttk_renko from Instagram Third Prize: Brian C. Fourth Prize: Roger R. Some of our winners...
  18. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni’s OctoberFrag Gaming Giveaway

    Dekoni’s OctoberFrag Giveaway! Like us on Facebook and follow the Shortstack link to enter for a chance to win our new Gaming Earpadz, the subterranean Razer Kraken, the elite Sennheiser PC37X, or $500 plus the Dekoni pads of your choice! The Facebook post |...
  19. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio - Expanded “Choice” Selection

    Dear Dekoni fans, did you find our universal Nuggets to have a curiously soft and smooth leather? Have your heard reviews from the thousands of happy Sony WH1000XM2 and WH1000XM3 owners who upgraded to Choice Suede pads? Well, we of Dekoni Audio have heard your praise and preferences, your...
  20. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio Releases True Wireless IEM Tips

    Dekoni Audio is pleased to announce a new version of our ear tip replacements, the TWS Bulletz for True Wireless IEMs! Have you been seeking the perfect everyday earphones that you can always have with you, purchased some fancy True Wireless In Ear Monitors (TW IEMs) with no cable, only to...
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    Dekoni Is Coming To London!

    Dekoni Audio is pleased to join ElectroMod and all Head-Fi’ers at CanJam London 2019! Hate pleather? Love to score a good deal? Come exercise your right to choice at the ElectroMod booth, our authorized United Kingdom distributor and our partner at the show. Owner Sam Roney will be there to...
  22. Dekoni Elite Pads for Sennheiser HD800/HD800S

    Dekoni Elite Pads for Sennheiser HD800/HD800S

    Born out of previous success with other models the Dekoni Audio HD800 pad for the Sennheiser HD800 Line of headphones (available in Sheepskin, Elite Velour, Fenestrated Sheepskin, and Hybrid models) carries on Dekoni’s tradition of excellence and quality in the headphone ear pad space. What sets...
  23. rhyyhm

    Earpad Sale - Fit ATH-M50s & Taction Kannons

    These are pads for ATH-M50s or Taction Kannons. Rarely used. Shipping not included. Dekoni Leather Pads - $30 Wicked Cushions - $8
  24. azeral

    [WTS] Fostex/Massdrop TH-X00 with Dekoni Elite Hybrid TH-900 & J$ Pads

    [Will not separate J$ pads!!!] Hello! For sale is my like-new TH-X00 with two sets of aftermarket pads: the now well-known Dekoni brand Elite Hybrids for the TH-900 (which shares the same pad attachment mechanism as this headphone), as well as the fat J$ (J-Money) pads that were popular for...
  25. FireLion

    LCD-XC + Dekoni Velours

    I wouldn't have made this post unless it was actually worth writing it. Closed back Audeze owners need to read this. Some say the LCD-XC is the worst Audeze, I did note that it had some harshness in the upper mids and highs. I was then reading through a post and a few members had got the Dekoni...