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    Nuggets! But for your head, not your mouth!

    Hey Dekoni Fans, Our friends over at are running a great deal on Dekoni Audio Nuggets. What are Nuggets you say? They are little foam rectangles that you attach to your headband to remove hot spots and give yourself pressure relief. How much is the deal? 50% So grab them while they are...
  2. bryaudioreviews

    The Ultimate Dekoni Earpad Guide for AKG k361/k371 🎧

    The Ultimate Dekoni Earpad Guide for AKG k361/k371 🎧 The only earpad guide you need INTRO: Other than the terrible stock earpad that comes with the AKG k361/k371, I absolutely LOVE the k371. The tuning is perfectly Harman neutral, the build is light and comfortable, the cables are...
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    50% off Sony XM4 Replacement Ear Pads B-Stock

    B-stock Deep and Slim pads for SONY XM4 is now only $29.99!You can now upgrade the ear pads of your Sony XM4 headphones for less with our B-stock and Slim ear pads at special low price of $29.99! These pads provide added benefits of a more comfortable feel and improved passive isolation.This...
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    Dekoni X Grado Giveaway!

    Enter now in our latest giveaway for your chance to win a free pair of Grado Labs headphones! We are pumped to announce that Dekoni is back with its June giveaway! This giveaway is in collaboration with our friends from Grado Labs as we are giving away and our first place winner win a pair of...
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    Dekoni X SKB Headphone Hero - The Heavy Duty Headphone Case You NEED!

    Looking to get the best headphone protection and storage around? Check out for a deal on the Dekoni Audio Headphone Hero. Worry no more when traveling with your precious audio investments.
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    Reviewers Needed! AKG K371 Ear Pads

    Hey there! Do you own an AKG K371 or K361? Well Dekoni Audio is looking for reviewers to review our new ear pads for the AKG K371. You must have previous reviews posted to head-fi to qualify. If you would like to participate, please email
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    NEW! Ear Pads for the AKG K371/K361

    Hey Dekoni Fans, New ear pads for the AKG K371 and K361 are now available. Pick your flavor; Choice Leather, Choice Suede, Elite Sheepskin and Elite Velour. Utilizing our high density memory foam, get a better fit for your headphones every time. Purchase a pair here!
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    Discontinued Alert: Pads for ESP95X

    The Fenestrated Sheepskin ear pads for the Drop x Koss ESP 95X headphone is being discontinued! Our ear pads for the ESP 95X will no longer be in our Dekoni line up. This set of pads was designed to reduce the reflections of the direct sound before entering the ear to produce a cleaner sound...
  9. DekoniAudio

    New Limited Edition Dekoni Ear Pads alert!

    Our new limited edition green flannel pads are here! Just in time for St. Patrick’s day and the start of Spring, you can now enjoy your favorite audio in style! These pads feature the same design as our other Limited Edition flannel pads, focusing on producing better bass content with an...
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    Focal Celestee Giveaway

    Enter now to for your chance to win a pair of Focal Celestee headphones! We are excited to announce that we are back with our first Dekoni giveaway of 2022! This time, our first place winner will be win a pair of Focal Celestee headphone and all 4 of our Elite Series ear pads for Focal! This...
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    New Dekoni Ear Pads for the Hifiman HE5XX and Deva

    Hello Head-Fi! Dekoni is proud to announce our new ear pads for the Drop + HIFIMAN HE5XX. If you are looking for a comfort upgrade or an alternative sound signature, look no further! Product measurements and dimensions are available on the product pages at
  12. DekoniAudio

    Earpads for the Hifiman Arya Now Available!

    Hey Dekoni Fans, today we are proud to announce our new earpads for the Hifiman Arya. Available in the following styles, Sheepskin, Hybrid, Fenestrated and Elite Velour. Upgrade to a memory foam interior with a premium feel. Not only does it fit the Arya but it also fits the following models...
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    Pad Swapping Beyerdynamic Headphones with DMS

    Ever wonder how our Dekoni Audio ear pads alter the sound signature of Beyerdynamic headphones? Well in our second video from our weekend with DMS, we sat down and really took a long hard listen and received some feedback. Check out the video below! Need a second opinion? Zeos also took an...
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    Dekoni X Shure Aonic 50 Giveaway

    Dekoni X Shure Aonic 50 Giveaway!
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    Can DMS and Dekoni DESTROY an HD600? | Dekoni Audio Headphone Hero

    A spark of inspiration simmered in the Dekoni office when our friend DMS suggested he wanted a vacation to New York City. Now if you don’t know DMS, he is an headphone reviewer based in chilly buffalo with 70k+ subscribers. Typically he is a calm, well explained individual on his channel but I...
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    Sale on Dekoni? That's blasphemy! Dekoni B-Stock on sale now!

    Dekoni Audio B-Stock Heelllooooo Head-Fi! We have been holding back our customer returns all year for our cyber week sale. Get deep discounts on ear pads for your favorite headphones now at! What is B-stock? We categorize B-stock as returns from customers within our thirty day...
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    Holiday Ear pads? Say no more! Limited Edition Holiday Flannel Pads by Dekoni Audio

    Good morning(or afternoon/evening wherever you might be) Dekoni Audio is happy to announce our new Limited Edition Beyerdynamic DT and T series Flannel Holiday ear pads are now in stock! Spruce up your Beyerdynamic headphones(or many others that fit this style, check the listing on our website)...
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    [Giveaway] Dekoni Audio has teamed up with Digital DJ Gear to give away headphones!

    Contest Link Hey Head-Fiers, Dekoni Audio has teamed up with Digital DJ Gear to giveaway a pair of Dekoni Blue. Also included in the prize pool are headphones from manufacturers like Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica and Pioneer. Just sign up with your email address...
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    Giveaway | Samsung Galaxy Pro Buds

    Hey Dekoni fans, I am happy to announce that we will be giving away (3) pairs of Samsung Galaxy Pro buds to coincide with the release of our Bulletz for Galaxy Pro Buds and Jabra 85T. Winners will also receive a sample pack of Bulletz with their prize. First place gets to choose which color...
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    The Dekoni Audio Blog! Content from our website and friends.

    It's time to start a thread with about all things Dekoni. Here we will be cross posting our blog content which includes: - Reviews from across the web - Blogs and information about our products, including opinion pieces - Educational Content - Much more Check back regularly for the latest...
  21. Dekoni Audio Balanced 4 Pin XLR Cable

    Dekoni Audio Balanced 4 Pin XLR Cable

    Description Keep electrical noise to a minimum with Dekoni Audio’s new Cablez for Sennheisers HD800 series of headphones! Sporting a 4-pin balanced connector and 1.2M length, you’ll be able to find comfort in style. The cable is a sleek, braided design for a clean look without the twists and...
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    [Reviewer Request] Dekoni Audio's new HD8XX Balanced 4 Pin XLR Cable

    Hey Head-Fiers, Dekoni is looking for three reviewers to check out our new HD8XX Balanced 4 Pin XLR Cable. The rules for review: 1. You must have previous review content, please provide us with links to these. 2. You must write or record a review in a timely manner (about 1 month Max) Please...
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    Introducing Dekoni University

    Hey Head-Fiers Dekoni Audio is excited to introduce our new Dekoni University video education series. Check back frequently to see our latest videos.
  24. jonno41

    Focal Stellia Ear Pads v Dekoni Ear pads.

    Has anyone tried the Dekoni ear pads on Focal Stellia headphones and if so,how do they comparre with the stock Focal ear pads.
  25. Dekoni Audio x SKB Headphone Hero Travel Case

    Dekoni Audio x SKB Headphone Hero Travel Case

    Waterproof and dust tight design (MIL-STD 810G) Molded-in hinge for added protection Trigger release latch system Snap-down rubber over-molded cushion grip handle Ambient pressure equalization valve (MIL-STD 810G) Resistant to UV, solvents, corrosion, fungus and impact damage (MIL-STD 810G)