Dekoni Audio Earpads for the Audeze MM500 and MM100
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Oct 28, 2016
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Have no fear! Audeze MM500 pads are here by dekoni audio...

Dekoni Audio is Happy to announce that we have upgraded earpads for the Audeze MM500 and MM100 Headphones. Audeze has started utilizing smaller earcups, specifically ten-millimeter smaller earcups for their latest headphones. We call them Audeze Compact at the new one-hundred-millimeter earpad size.

With this announcement, we are happy to share some measurements for the three available styles.

~All graphs are attached in the image section at the bottom of the post~

Elite Sheepskin $89.99
Dekoni Audio's rugged sheepskin offers a way to prolong the life of your headphones while enhancing some of the oomph in the sub-bass content. Boosting the sub-bass and reducing some mids, sheepskin earpads create a more linear frequency response into the upper-frequency ranges.

Elite Hybrid $89.99
The Elite Hybrid design is the best of three worlds. It has a rugged sheepskin exterior, a soft velour face, and a fenestrated sheepskin interior. The combined elements of these three material styles reduce the mid hump without increasing the sub-bass.

Elite Velour $59.99
This soft high thread count material offers a cozy fit while allowing heat dissipation for those who might get hot wearing their headphones. This earpad style will reduce upper mids while enhancing more presence and air in the top end of the frequency spectrum.

Elite Suede - Coming soon!

If you are looking to grab a pair, grab them here!



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